Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 603

Hears this second news time, Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing complexion was poor. Then situation I asked you, you did not say, but I guessed to obtain probably, among you definitely had any war, now Lin Xiaotian has been missing, his status after all was Dragon Group vice- Leader, moreover did not have what evidence is he injures you, therefore country vigorous retrieved him, our Operations Office also sent for seeking for him specially.” Ye Wan sits on the chair of Xia Tian bedside clearly said. This fellow is very dangerous, I estimated that he should not appear temporarily, otherwise on his face injures him not to have the means to explain that said again the country is not silly, he wants to kill our movements to be so obvious, now the country definitely is investigating him.” Xia Tian was not worried actually he came out recently, because Xia Tian is very clear, own that fist has multiple, moreover uses that high-speed blood to escape, is impossible not to have the side effect. Em, I also such guess.” Ye Wan nodded clearly. These I did not care that what I most care was how present Jiang Hai City now!” Xia Tian serious looked that is clear to Ye Wan, Jiang Hai City regarding him is he most cares. Jiang Hai City is very interesting, some people emitted the wind to say in Jianghu that in your hand had the most precious object, but you in Jiang Hai City, therefore Jiang Hai City came the bewildered person recently, had Wealthy businessman, had the investor, some strange people.” Ye Wan said clearly here has smiled unrestrainedly: Was right, in pants the businessman of Tibetan's knife, but in person by place taking.” In pants the businessman of Tibetan's knife!!!” Xia Tian stares slightly, this was also too ridiculous, these people were want the belt weapon to enter Jiang Hai City should not hide in the leg directly, walked black market not to be good directly. This obviously is the behavior of idiot. Afterward I heard that person disappeared.” Ye Wan said clearly. Vanished? Vanishes?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is the detained place vanishes, how the monitoring video recording has not patted to him runs away.” Ye Wan answered clearly. Then was Expert, how did the person in that place catch his?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Ye Wan clearly.

He, when the roadside eats the chaos, happen to and we locate the person to sit one table to eat, finally in he locates the person to inquire that with us your name, in we locate the person to think that he has felt strange, afterward after he finished eating, the time walking fools who stands can look, then in we locate the person to shout that I am police, raises hand, then he raised hand.” Ye Wan answered clearly. I collect, such Top Grade.” Xia Tian was also shocked, actually this person from where comes. Other person also not too big movements, but they in looking for you, before had not found you, they will not act rashly, present Jiang Hai City truly was too chaotic.” Ye Wan answered clearly. It seems like I must go back to teach that fellows.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. When you go back the issue not to be big, what is main was Bingbing went back first, she must control a next present Jiang Hai City aspect, these people came Jiang Hai City all are not the misdemeanors, at least they need a status, this status was an investor.” Ye Wan clear light saying. Some people invest that to have very big advantage to the development of Jiang Hai City. Good, the police spent elder sister you now are the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head, first went back busily, here was all right.” Although Xia Tian does not abandon, but he also knows that this status is very important regarding Lin Bingbing. Em, I first walked, you recover to go back again.” Lin Bingbing nodded. Was good, you healing from a wound well, we first walked here.” Ye Wan said to stand up clearly, bringing Lin Bingbing to leave the hospital ward, in this time hospital ward only remaining Xia Tian people. In this time Jiang Hai City. Your idiot, unexpectedly will be grasped.” Wears the man of western-style clothing to say.

He said that he is police, making me raise hand.” That man innocent saying. Good, you said that I forgave you, who made you be afraid the police inborn.” That wears man depressed saying of western-style clothing: Was right, your blade can hide secret?” Can.” That man directly back after behind. shit, my sufficed you, my in any case is also the first under Heaven smart person, how to team up with your this idiot.” That wears the man of western-style clothing to say. You are the first under Heaven smart person, I am the first under Heaven blade guest, our two match just right.” That male excited saying. You, since is first under Heaven blade guest, you can hide the blade in the place that others cannot see? You carry a blade to walk your Tiantian like this on the avenue must be grasped.” That wears male very serious saying of western-style clothing. Naturally can.” A that male right hand racket, was inserted the blade in the ground directly. Volume!” That wore the male whole person of western-style clothing to be shocked: „Do you insert the meaning the blade here are you do not bring?” Em, does not bring.” That male very earnest saying. You is a blade guest, then you did not bring the blade, accidentally what to do have that I encountered the danger?” That wears the man of western-style clothing to ask. Who said that the blade guest does want to use the blade?” That man asked.

On your Tiantian also brings it to do!!!” That wears man angry shouting of western-style clothing. Plays the commander-in-chief, you did not think that I am very graceful at the back of it? Moreover like this others can also know that I am a blade guest.” That man proud saying of: Was right, that is Yu He that Zhuge Wanglang, you said so really fierce? Is he more intelligent than me?” Can compare?” Male named Zhuge Wanglang who wears the western-style clothes. I said am also, this radically having no way ratio, I acknowledged that the wisdom of my Hongwu was worse than you on is so little, but that anything Yu He truly had no way to compare with me, I was more intelligent than 100 times him.” Saying of Hongwu face smiling face. Do not misunderstand, what I said is you have no way to compare with him, he used the toe also to lose compared with you with you.” Zhuge Wanglang soon arrived at the brink of collapse. Whiz whiz whiz! Three black-clothed person appeared in Zhuge Wanglang front. Zhuge Wanglang, this time I thought that which you also toward run away, our masters asked you to pass, that thinks highly of you? You being concerned about face.” And black-clothed person opens the mouth to say. Hongwu, but also looks to do? Leads me to run away.” Zhuge Wanglang lazily saying. „!” Hongwu nodded, carried Zhuge Wanglang then to start to run directly fast.