Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 604

The speed that Hongwu escaped was fast. Hey, Hongwu, I knew that you were also quick for one week, didn't you have what other skills besides escaping?” Lay asks Hongwu back Zhuge Wanglang. I fiercest skill is blade skill, second is my wisdom, third is escaping Kungfu.” Hongwu very earnest saying. We did not discuss your intelligent issue first, since your blade skill were so fierce, why you didn't fight with them directly?” Zhuge Wanglang depressed saying. Because you have not called me to hit, you are call me to run.” Hongwu suffering from injustice saying. Good, you stop to me now, turn head to kill their several.” Zhuge Wanglang shouts loudly. Heard Zhuge Wanglang words, Hongwu has stopped the footsteps directly, then that several black-clothed person of surface also pursued. This time looked that which you toward do run away?” Is head saying of black-clothed person coldly. Hongwu has not spoken, but is right hand chops directly. Puff! Puff! Puff! Three black-clothed person cut off directly around the middle. Is so fierce.” Zhuge Wanglang dumbfounded looks at Hongwu. Solved!” Hongwu has patted clapping, turned head to look that said to Zhuge Wanglang. Your unexpectedly is so fierce.” Zhuge Wanglang discovered one picked a treasure. I had already said that I biggest skill is blade skill, next is the wisdom, finally escapes.” Hongwu serious saying.

We did not chat your wisdom first, your blade skill learned from whom?” Zhuge Wanglang cannot believe that simply his eye, he was known as Zhuge Wanglang of first under Heaven smart person, any Expert has not seen, but he first time sees such terrifying blade skill, with blade skill that the hand can use. My grandfather, my grandfather said that I the intelligence on Martial Arts this road was too dull-witted, said that my wisdom is very high, therefore makes me come out to look for the wisdom high person to be the friend, I asked around that they said you are the first under Heaven smart person, I think that you are certainly more intelligent than me, therefore I looked for you.” Hongwu said. You determined what your grandfather said is your wisdom is very high?” Zhuge Wanglang brow low curious asking. Em, I felt that my grandfather is very insightful, I also thought so that therefore I, when first time sees you, I thought that you can be a I strong match in the future.” Hongwu nodded serious saying. I force to go, which your comes self-confident.” Zhuge Wanglang must collapse thoroughly. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, do you think how is it?” Yu He shook the feather fan in oneself hand to ask gently. Is very good, Hu Fangye there how?” Jiang Tianshu nodded. He also really very much goes all out, but he should unable to live.” Yu He light saying. Now situation how?” Jiang Tianshu asked again. All prepare was similar, when outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time, Jiang Shao you can kill two birds with one stone, when the time comes Wen Ya will take a violently poisonous incomparable sharp knife blade to jab into the body of Xia Tian, then violently poisonous backlash Wen Ya, they perish together.” Saying of Yu He face smiling face. Good, this was I most satisfactory result, worthily was Yu He, does not know in really this world any talented person can win you.” Saying of Jiang Tianshu admiration. Person I had not fought.” Yu He spoke of here time visual distant place. What person?” Jiang Tianshu also came the interest, he has thought before, only then the God can win Yu He.

Zhuge Wanglang, after I help Jiang Shao solved these was troublesome, I must go to be able this person.” Yu He mentioned Zhuge Wanglang this name time, in the look filled has fought intent. Jiang Tianshu has not spoken, but continuously static looks at Yu He, he first time noticed that Yu He within the body will send out such strong war intent. After Lin Bingbing returns to Jiang Hai City, quick has taken over here work, because the Ye Wan clear secretary has helped her process the matter, only if some important matters needs Lin Bingbing to make the resolution, otherwise generally, the secretary can process very appropriate. How did not know the Xia Tian wound, by he that abnormal system, should good similar.” Lin Bingbing innermost feelings secretly thought. Thump! Department head!” Is the Lin Bingbing secretary , before is, Ye Wan clear that secretary. What matter?” Lin Bingbing asked. This arrived at the Jiang Hai City all suspicious figure lists recently, their present residences.” The secretary has given Lin Bingbing a folder. unexpectedly has these many, close attention these people, all send to me all people, if these person of which dare to act unreasonably, grasps directly to me, resisting arrest directly kills.” Lin Bingbing does not want just to take over Jiang Hai City, was held by these people a big basket. At this time in a Jiang Hai City noodle restaurant. „The Jiang Hai City thing is delicious.” Xia Tian eats while said. After he had just alit from the airplane, rushed to a noodle restaurant to eat the thing. Boss, comes one bowl again.” At this moment, that person of Xia Tian neighboring table shouts, Xia Tian shifted the vision to that person, at this time that person has eaten eight bowls of noddles, but his unexpectedly wanted one bowl. Sir, you such do not eat good, meets you, once drank water, will explode the stomach.” Boss goes forward to urge.

Relax, I will not have the matter, comes one bowl again.” That People sound shouts. Nearby all people all are dumbfounded looked to him. Xia Tian looked at his one eyes, shook the head, afterward continues to eat own. When Xia Tian finished eating the surface in oneself bowl, that person also finished eating: Hey, Brother, inquired an address with you.” Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, looks to this person, this person of body is very strong, one meter nine head, probably about 190 jin (0.5 kg), in his hand are taking a paper. When Xia Tian received the paper stares slightly, this is not own family. „Do you want to go to this to find person?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Em, do you know.” Robust man impatient saying. Knows that happen to I must pass, that together walks.” Xia Tian nodded to say. „Do you also want to go? Did you also buy this super information?” The robust men have doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. What super information?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to the robust man. Is that super information that black market sells, takes 1000, moreover said that is only then ten, what this asked in the report to record was that obtained the residence of person of super most precious object.” The robust men said in a low voice that probably is afraid others to hear to be the same. You determined that such secret super information only does need 1000 dollars?” Xia Tian had defeated by his naive.