Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 605
„The person who yes, that sold my information at that time with me ensure, only then ten, he also tells me to pass today, can find that most precious object.” Robust man very earnest saying. You know that what thing the most precious object is?” Xia Tian asked again. Does not know, but I listened to the person saying that was company these company half Earth Grade Expert greedy treasure.” The robust men said in a low voice. Good!” Xia Tian helpless nod, he has hit a rental car directly, is leading such a big fellow, he cannot go to run directly. Actually is who does? Sells my family's address, then also told these people to go to my family to find that most precious object today.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows that definitely was Gu Shengta spreads the news to say in Shennongjia captures the person of crystal jade bone is he, moreover let out the news, said him in Jiang Hai City, therefore Jiang Hai City will come these many people. But he does not do clearly, is the person who this sells his family address who? Gu Shengta will also care about this money? Even if sells 1000 also 1 million. Has blamed, was really blames.” Xia Tian has not known that who really this fellow is. What blamed?” That robust man asked. „, What I said was sells the news the person who is really has blamed, this information should sell a point to be right.” Xia Tian shirks to say hurriedly. Does not manage, knew the address in any case on the past.” That robust man is also a warm-blooded fellow. When Xia Tian their car(riage)s arrive at the Xia Tian surrounding, the Xia Tian whole person was shocked. Outside of his family has encircled person with huge crowds of people. How can these many people.” That robust man surprised saying.

Fool, you had been deceived by that person, that person has at least sold several hundred your such information.” Xia Tian and robust man got out directly, after they got out, walks toward front directly, pushes arrives at the front time, Xia Tian discovered that the original this time Operations Office person all sent out specially, Little Fei they also came, Witchcraft Sect that also mixed to the Senior Brother younger sister in specially the Operations Office team. This imposing manner, a little looks like six big factions to besiege Guangmingding.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Why you do not make us look for the treasure.” Outside person shouts. Right, why?” I, no matter you are, where no matter I also you come, I last time warned you, if you did not walk, we must get rid, we were specially the Operations Office people, had the right to cut to kill the rebellion crowd.” What speech is Lin Bingbing, this time is she leads personally. Morning time she heard some people in trading the information, moreover information unexpectedly that traded was said that this afternoon went to the Xia Tian home to find the treasure. Snort, hits hits, who feared who?” In the crowd hid many Expert. Small girl, we do not want to feel embarrassed you, or you make that Xia Tian come out, so long as he hands over the crystal jade bone, we walk immediately.” -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert walked, he walks, the imposing manner becomes is different immediately. His within the body has flowed out a formidable imposing manner, this imposing manner pressed directly to Lin Bingbing and the others. Half Earth Grade Expert had own imposing manner, this imposing manner is not big regarding the Profound Grade above Expert function, but regarding the Profound Grade following person, that seems a hill presses to be the same. Special Operations Office most people are only the Yellow Grade strengths, was pressed by this imposing manner on the body, face whitens.

! At this moment, a clear palm of the hand sound reached in the ears of all people. Saw when that hits the person of person, on Lin Bingbing and other faces had a joy, this person Xia Tian, a moment ago he noticed that this old fogy unexpectedly dares to be so wild, therefore he directly got rid to teach, here was his domain, but these fellow unexpectedly dare to come to his domain to show off one's power. You. Is you!” That half Earth Grade Expert saw that the Xia Tian time whole person stares slightly. He has experienced fierce of Xia Tian, similarly is half Earth Grade Expert, cannot catch including his one move, after his had been hit a moment ago, immediately wants to get angry, but sees Xia Tian time, he has suppressed stiffly. Is my? I thought you a moment ago probably am very fierce appearance!” Xia Tian ponders looked that said to that half Earth Grade Expert. No, I have represented everybody's meaning.” That half Earth Grade Expert said hurriedly that he said tied up him and all people in one. A moment ago that robust man was inconceivable of face, he has not thought that is so fierce to person unexpectedly that he guided. I know that you are want the crystal jade bone, I also know the person who this time comes may not only be your several, many Expert, if after I do not hand over the crystal jade bone, troubles also must have.” Xia Tian looked that said to these people: Therefore I plan to hand over the crystal jade bone, but the place cannot in Jiang Hai City, otherwise here turned into the battlefield.” Which junction do you plan in?” In the crowd some people asked. Time is tomorrow afternoon, the place is Jiang Hai City outside spring riverside, obsolete does not wait, turns over to anyone as for when the time comes the crystal jade bone, that did not turn over to me to manage, the time arrived, I placed the ground the jade bone.” Xia Tian light saying. These people all nodded.

Walks, but also wants me to deliver you a regulation? If I deliver you a regulation, that may be a disability lowly.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, everybody does not suspect his words, because he a palm of the hand had been perplexed -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert a moment ago, that half Earth Grade Expert does not even dare to hit back. Therefore the Xia Tian strength has shaken completely them. Hears the Xia Tian words, they all left, after these people leave, Xia Tian turned head to look at people: Today thanked everybody, everybody also went back to rest.” The Jiang Hai City Operations Office person also removed specially, Lin Bingbing looked at Xia Tian one also to leave. Master, do you plan to hand over that thing really?” Although Little Fei does not know that is any thing, but in his opinion no matter any thing cannot give in vain these people. Relax, my innate discretion, you also first walk, I was a little tired.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he is not tired, but is felt that has a strange feeling, therefore he wants to make Little Fei they leave first. The people all were 11 farewells Xia Tian, afterward left the Xia Tian old dwelling. Ah! Xia Tian felt that own head transmits a severe pain. The X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, his vision took a fast look around around the house: Hateful, these are any things, my head suddenly so will be why painful.”