Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 606

The black strength in crystal jade bone seemed towed to be the same by any thing. Hateful, is the surrounding these things, certainly was a moment ago these people mixed, in that had certainly Gu Shengta the person.” Xia Tian has criticized one, he felt that his head is very painful, the crystal jade bone uploads the continuous black strength. Good, since this, I directly built up to melt him.” Xia Tian throws the crystal jade bone directly in the midair, above the left hand presented flame, roasts directly to the crystal jade bone, bunch of black air/Qi of jump out from the crystal jade bone. Was right, happen to imitates one to come out while the present.” Xia Tian will prepare the good material to take directly beforehand, he prepares is not true crystal, but is one type the thing that is similar to the fine corundum, he all threw all things directly to the control of left hand. Afterward his right hand has gripped that strange time, continuous Spiritual Force flows in his mind. He was also starts refinement with total concentration the crystal jade bone of imitation. After a half hour, the crystal jade bone of imitation built up, but the one who made Xia Tian most surprised was, these were built up was mad unexpectedly to enter in that imitated crystal jade bone black, but passed through to depute the later crystal jade bone appears glittering and translucent carving. Quite bright, is this true crystal jade bone? What former is corroded by the demon air/Qi.” Xia Tian thinks that on here time face suddenly one happy, was at this time, crystal jade bone unexpectedly changes into a white line to vanish in the Xia Tian control directly. Xia Tian extinguishes the flame hurriedly. Was bad, won't be given to fire the ash by me? It is not right, that white line was sneaked in my control a moment ago probably.” Xia Tian has inspected carefully, but has not discovered any incorrect place. In his hand does not have any wound. „Did the crystal jade bone superpose with my hand?” Thinks that here Xia Tian starts to inspect own left hand hurriedly. After having inspected, Xia Tian does not have any discovery. „It is not right, can be the interior fuses?” The Xia Tian direct luck double has referred to the direct point approaching the front.

Bang! A sound of hit air reached in the ear of Xia Tian. What?” Xia Tian inconceivable looked to own double refers, he confirmed very that had not used Finger of Consonance Second Layer a moment ago absolutely, but is ordinary one finger, but unexpectedly can send out the fulmination in the air. „.” Thinks on the face of here Xia Tian suddenly one happy. Afterward he went into nearby the back side of the mountain, had found a stone. Looks at front stone. The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to selecting directly forward. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Bang! Formidable impulse instantaneously stone left half hits crushes. shit, what might is this? unexpectedly can achieve this might, was really too terrifying.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at own left hand, afterward he extended his right hand once more. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Bang!

A giant finger empty shade appears, hit directly on the stone, in the stone presented one small pit. It seems like I guess right, my left hand fused some energies of that crystal jade bone, although was unable to display the compensation of crystal jade bone now, but has made my left hand have the tremendous changes, starting today, this was my card in a hand.” Xia Tian innermost feelings excited saying. His time is turns misfortune into a blessing, he wants to build up the crystal jade bone, has not thought that unexpectedly deputed inside demon air/Qi, then the crystal jade bone automatic fused with his left hand. This time really picked treasure, Gu Shengta the person had a dream cannot think that I will depute inside demon air/Qi, happen to these demon air/Qi are absorbed by the replica that I refined, tomorrow will deliver the replica, when the time comes nobody can see the genuine and fake, Gu Shengta the person definitely also thinks had the demon air/Qi real.” Xia Tian thinks that here was also happier. In this case, these Expert all were directed by him, avoid these people to afterward Jiang Hai City disturb his normal life. After Xia Tian goes home , to continue cultivation, until the evening, he calm and steady resting has thought that next morning, he will get up will be very early, after he will exercise has met, to Jiang Hai City outside spring riverside hurries. When Xia Tian arrives at Jiang Hai City outside spring riverside, he discovered with amazement here unexpectedly gathered over ten thousand people, moreover in this most people cannot Martial Arts. Was hired to rob the crystal jade bone. Moreover at this time has continuous person to catch up to here. Sees the arrival of Xia Tian, they resigned a channel automatically. I am punctual, I said afternoon, that will wait till afternoon.” Xia Tian said that sits on a chair directly, this chair does not know that is who puts, in any case Xia Tian not polite. To Sun soon sets, Xia Tian stands, at this time here gathered close 20,000 people. All people paid attention, I must place here the crystal jade bone, but do not blame me not to remind you, this inside has strong demon air/Qi, once were controlled after by the demon air/Qi, that will turn into a monster, you put best into it, after I left, hits again, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite.” Xia Tian has placed on the crystal jade bone the chair directly, afterward he walks toward outside.

These people resigned a channel to him, when Xia Tian just went out of that channel, he hears behind slaughters the sound to be unceasing. Yeah!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: Treasure, although is good, even if snatched, but lost the life finally, can be what kind of?” Xia Tian has not kept the meaning that here sees a play, but is walks toward the Jiang Hai City direction directly. At this time here gathered many Expert, half Earth Grade Expert also 34, moreover there are many to be hired by others to fight specially, although these people do not have what strength, but their people are many. At this time in the crowd has several special people, meaning that they have not gone to rob, but scattered some powdery things on the ground. Goes back to inform the master, this is the real crystal jade bone, this above demon air/Qi was getting more and more abundant.” Yes, Sir.” Afterward that several forms left directly. Snort, cannot think that his unexpectedly has handed over the crystal jade bone directly, calculates that his luck was good, has saved a life.” This time Xia Tian has not paid attention to this group of people, but was uses Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to get in own home, when he arrived in the old dwelling, he discovered that two stood in their courtyard. These two person wear a western-style clothing face smiling face, another stands in his side, probably is protecting him to be the same.