Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 608

What relations robs the gate congress to have with me?” Others this is must accompany others, will rob in the gate congress to go to many swindlers, the thief, the thieves and thousand technique Expert, these people will be very famous.” Good, when?” This weekend, place in Hong Kong.” Good.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, has made directly a phone call, this telephone hits to Lin Bingbing, he to Lin Bingbing wanted Tomb General that several stones, Lin Bingbing to give Xia Tian to deliver personally. However Xia Tian makes her send for delivering. The Maoshan Faction is a very mysterious big faction, they are different from Hidden Sect these people, Maoshan sends is the thinking oneself infallible world has been authentic, they have not even paid attention to the Hidden Sect person. The people in Maoshan usually little appear outside, they descend the mountain generally also hits is eliminating the pretence that the demon defends traditional moral principles. Therefore the people in Maoshan outside reputation are good. Xia Tian sends the most profound impression to Maoshan is, the previous time that two people, they use the soul the method also to have skilled compared with Witchcraft Sect . Moreover the person strength that Maoshan sends specially is strong. Maoshan sends the biggest skill uses the soul, their methods virtually impossible to guard against, therefore is the Hidden Sect person does not dare to provoke the person who Maoshan sends, because they did not determine when one suddenly die in Maoshan sends in the hand of disciple. Boss!” Han Zifeng and his Junior Sister arrived at the back side of the mountain of Xia Tian. „Is the person who Maoshan sends where at?” Xia Tian asked. They pursued, led them to circle a great-circle a moment ago intentionally.” Han Zifeng said.

How many people came?” Xia Tian asked again. This Maoshan sent three Expert, they were pursue the soul technique Expert, since they had discovered that our existed, we had no place to go.” Han Zifeng helpless saying. „Are these three people fiercer than the previous time that monster?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, the previous that monster can the hand rip Earth Grade Expert fully, such everybody died here, did that Maoshan send this time to send out compared with that monster also fierce person? Does Maoshan send these many Expert that which comes? But if they send to come compared with previous that fellow strength bad person, that did not have any significance, clearly was brings death. What their this time sends pursues the soul master, they follow a time that monster to be different, the methods of these fellows are to control the soul, they are our Witchcraft Sect nemesis, in the past Maoshan sent among the war with Witchcraft Sect is because had to pursue existence of soul, therefore our Witchcraft Sect will lose that miserably.” Han Zifeng mentioned that pursued on the time face of soul to present panic-stricken. Pursues the soul master? What are their forms of defensive action? What is the weakness?” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, he first time hears to pursue the soul master to call like this. Their forms of defensive action can contact our body that flash, can screen out the souls of our within the body directly directly, turns into the deceased person.” After Han Zifeng stopped one next , to continue saying: In the past the war of Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan, altogether 100 pursued the soul master, after the war ended, but also remaining 100 pursue the soul master.” You meant that has not died, don't they have the weakness? If they bump into my body, I will directly also die?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Han Zifeng, he does not believe that these will pursue the soul master not to have the weakness, otherwise unmatched in the world. Is one has not died, their weakness nobody knows, but you and we are different, we practice the soul to leave the hole, when pursues the soul master bumps into our bodies, the soul directly is towed, then by their seal.” Han Zifeng answered. interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he pursued the soul master to be interested to this more and more, he does not believe absolutely some people were invincible. Otherwise has such 100 people in words, that Maoshan sent already is the first under Heaven important goods. Boss, they arrived immediately, my treasure all ran away, once they bump into my treasure, my treasure will directly be taken away by them.” Han Zifeng anxious saying.

Follows me!” Xia Tian said that walks toward the Tomb General position directly. When Xia Tian opens Tomb General with that several stones, Han Zifeng and the others were shocked. Also is gawking doing, quickly goes in me.” Xia Tian said that entered in Tomb General directly, mechanism in Tomb General has used, therefore this time anything did not have besides these barriers. Xia Tian led them to go into the Tomb General innermost directly. Do not bump that coffin.” Xia Tian saw that Zhong Chuhong must touch coffin, stops to say hurriedly. Xia Tian such shouted that has frightened Zhong Chuhong one, has drawn back hurriedly. Whiz! Whiz whiz! At this moment, three forms appeared in Xia Tian and the others the front, their three wear neat western-style clothing. Xia Tian does not understand person who Maoshan sends why likes wearing the western-style clothing. Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie, this you could not be inescapable.” Person who that three Maoshan sends appears in Xia Tian and the others directly the front. Sees these three people time, the Han Zifeng control all was the sweat, Zhong Chuhong hid Xia Tian directly went, thus it can be seen they had feared person who these three Maoshan sent. Actually common Maoshan Expert, they can cope, but regarding pursuing soul master, they do not have any stratagem which ensures success. In their eyes, pursues the soul master is the perfection.

At least in the previous that war, pursues the soul master not dead any person. Hey, I have an issue.” Xia Tian looked that pursues the soul master to shout to that three. You are not the Witchcraft Sect person, why wants this turbid water?” Person eyes that three Maoshan sends saw Xia Tian are not the Witchcraft Sect person. They are my little brother, I naturally must raise one's head for them, what I am most curious is why you likes wearing the western-style clothes?” Xia Tian asked finally own question, his unexpectedly in such intense situation asked such question. Snort, is disinclined rubbish with you, today these two Witchcraft Sect people must die, moreover how we must investigate thoroughly the Hushan god beast person dead, if you dare to block, we together killed you.” That three pursued soul Master coldly snort to say. I most said was the loyalty, what match regardless of ran into, I will not throw down the brother not to manage, you have not needed to look up, that person was I kills.” Xia Tian coldly looked that pursues the soul master to opposite that three, the X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. unexpectedly is you do! It seems like you are not simple, but you can kill the Hushan god beast person, you are not our matches.” That three pursue soul master self-confident saying. Bang! At this moment, the cover of that coffin moves.