Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 609

Hears this sound time, all people all look at the vision to that sarcophagus. That three time that pursues the soul master just to start, has not noted this sarcophagus, they will focus on the body of Xia Tian continuously, at this time hears this strange sound, they will focus in the coffin. Coffin, and is the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is used for the feigning death person, but sarcophagus unexpectedly moves now. Maoshan sends is seizes the ghost school, at this time saw that sarcophagus unexpectedly open, their first idea is the corpse, in such big tomb unexpectedly is hiding a corpse. Senior Brother, is the corpse, coffin inside has the corpse air/Qi.” And pursues soul master face pleasantly surprised saying. This place unexpectedly will have the corpse, that was really good, our three positive governing corpses killed them to be good.” Another pursues the soul master is also excited saying. You court death, unexpectedly hid this place to come, did you forget us to pursue the soul master biggest skill? We can draw the soul, similarly can also pour the soul.” A pursuing soul master face that the third Maoshan sends pondered to look to Xia Tian their several. Han Zifeng and on Zhong Chuhong's face presented the desperate look, Han Zifeng secretly thought were negligent, unexpectedly forgot to remind Xia Tian this matter. Pursues the biggest skill of soul to draw the soul in human body, similarly they can also not having the corpse of spirit wisdom inject the soul. Right?” Corners of the mouth of Xia Tian slightly one slanting. Boss, this time blamed me, has also implicated you, I forgot that told you them to have the skill of note soul, past years's that war, they have killed our many same side using the corpse.” Han Zifeng goes forward saying that he did not report any hopes. Boss, they pour the soul are to require the time, our two shield you, you walk first.” Zhong Chuhong clenched teeth saying that Xia Tian has rescued their one time, they can also look, Xia Tian regarded the person on one's own side to come to see them. Xia Tian nodded to Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong: You knew that my time is not short, when did you see me to abandon your brother?” Boss, we just trades, can become friends with you are our gaining arrived, now the transaction ended.” Han Zifeng shouts hurriedly, although they knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but these people of Xia Tian and his side, making them feel this world solely not to have the benefit. Initially they intentionally designed to frame their several Senior Brother.

Afterward they looked for Xia Tian just to also preserve their life intentionally, to put it bluntly, is the benefit. However they after Xia Tian contacted some time, they discovered that Xia Tian here, they had found the security sense, had found the home to return, they did not need to rush about to flee the horizon. Moreover they do not need to worry that was planned. Because these people of Xia Tian and his side only understood that two characters, that is the loyalty. Bang! Bang! Sarcophagus little was shoved open, on three faces that Maoshan sends appeared excitedly. Very strong corpse air/Qi, perhaps is a Advanced corpse, our three this times were to gain, has not thought that unexpectedly picked this kind of treasure.” Both hands of Xia Tian patted on Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong's shoulder: You are my little brother, when Boss how possibly to abandon the little brother.” Bang! The coffin covers drops directly on the ground. Good, good, has not thought that tidies up several trash unexpectedly also to bump into the treasure.” That three pursue soul master excited saying. Bang! The strong form appears in the front of all people together. Well! He occurred to change probably.” Xia Tian sees this corpse doubts of time face. In our three same places, positive governing it.” That three pursued the soul master to fire into the big corpse directly, they three bodies looked like change into empty shades to be the same, has encircled the big corpse directly.

Puff! Big corpse direct both hands rip, pursues the body of soul to tear in half directly. Anything!” Sees such scene, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong stares, their eyes pursuing soul master unexpectedly this in that perfection easily tore in half. Meanwhile, another two pursue the soul master, hurried fast retreat: Hateful, he is not a corpse, why will have own soul.” Naturally, you have thought that I am a fool? clear(ly) knows that you play the soul, but also gave in vain your big corpse in vain!” Xia Tian opens the mouth saying that he must murder with a borrowed knife, at this time sees Great General such Might, he naturally was very excited. Incites! When Xia Tian is excited, ground that corpse moved suddenly. That broken became the body unexpectedly fusion of two halves slowly in one. Hateful, unexpectedly was given to plan by you.” That fuses in the together pursuing soul master to look angrily to Xia Tian. Lying trough! What situation is this?” The Xia Tian whole person has been shocked, this too did not conform to the natural phenomenon, this pursued soul master unexpectedly dead and be reborn. Boss, pursues existence that soul Shi Wanquan is goes against heaven's will, they not only can gather the souls of our person, but also they can also inject the soul to the deceased person, controls the dead with this, but also they did not have the body of dying, I have also heard, I have thought before this is boasting, but now looked like this is.” Han Zifeng said here time shook the head, he knows that this time ended. Originally that is not the legend, pursues the body of soul master really not dying. Does not cope with the body of dying, how this possibly wins. Senior Brother, are you all right?” Behind that two pursue soul master to shout hurriedly. I am all right, first blows away the opposite that several fellows, then gets rid to cope with this big corpse.” That pursues soul master Senior Brother angry saying.

That two pursue the soul master to get rid instantaneously, their turned on a jar. Anxiously anxiously like law! Roar! Roar! Two giant roars transmit. Xia Tian X-Ray Vision saw that the ghosts of two wild animals threw to oneself. My goodness.” Xia Tian saw that these two colossi clash to oneself, will get rid. Bang! At this moment, that big corpse unexpectedly has gotten rid, his double refers to hits directly to the ghost of that two wild animal. Hateful, his unexpectedly can also see the ghost, I constrain him, you circle, kills their three to me.” That pursued big Senior Brother of soul to fire into the big corpse directly. But remaining that two pursue the soul master directly to fire into Xia Tian, in their eyes, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong do not have any revolt ability, because this is the inborn restraint, therefore they planned to solve Xia Tian first. Finger of Consonance Second Layer.