Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 611

Pursues the soul broken, Maoshan extinguishes. This is just the nonsense that Witchcraft Sect that old ghost spoke at the point of death, this you can also believe that stupid.” The vision 11 glances of Maoshan old ancestor all people on the scene, continued to say afterward: Said what's the matter!” Old ancestor, the matter is this, the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure must open, the Witchcraft Sect evils in all directions were recently rampant, therefore Junior Brother he sent for descending the mountain actually to process the Witchcraft Sect person, was.” But what? Do not be afraid to say a word.” Saying of founder coldly Maoshan sends. But Junior Brother unexpectedly sent the Hushan god beast person.” Bang! Nonsense!” The old ancestor who Maoshan sends pats hand angry shouting of his side: What descending the mountain is who?” Giant ape, was Junior Brother received the advantage of giant ape, therefore agreed.” Giant ape?” The Maoshan founders asked. Giant ape, the giant ape he died.” Bang! What? Collects to me his blood fog, takes away to feed the dog.” Maoshan old ancestor angry shouting, hears this news time, his whole person all entered the violent anger condition, he does not have to think these days unexpectedly that one close up will have these many matters. Old ancestor appeases anger, old ancestor appeases anger.” Continued.” Maoshan old ancestor angry saying. Giant ape died, Junior Brother yi knows that brought the big trouble, therefore he bribed three to pursue the soul master, making them descend the mountain to revenge for the giant ape, but has not thought that they also died finally.”

Hasn't brought to fight the corpse? The fools, haven't one group of fools, what led the pursuing soul master who fights the corpse to have to affect? You think that was the Witchcraft Sect person has killed the giant ape? Do they have that skill? Pursues person who the ordinary skill of soul can only cope with Witchcraft Sect that cultivation soul, bumps into ordinary cultivation, their a person of skill might as well Profound Grade intermediate stage is fierce, wants them to frighten team with the ability that oneself do not die?” The Maoshan old ancestors wish one could to kill front these fools at this time. Old ancestor, fights the corpse to close in the treasure house, besides you only then about protector to have the key, Junior Brother he is the suspicious conduct, wants to redeem oneself through good works, he how possible to alarm you and two protector.” „, Looks up to me, is hand that who moves, but anyone of you cannot act rashly to me, that three pursued the soul master dead, this also showed that killed their people to grasp the restraint to pursue the secret of soul, cannot make this secret divulge a secret absolutely, therefore you must look up to me carefully, after looking up the news, came back to tell me, I had the arrangement.” Maoshan Lao Zu said that stands up directly, walks toward behind. Sees off the old ancestor.” In Tomb General. You walk first, after going back, rests well, although your skills are very special, is very fierce, but bumped into this type of thing also is really your nemesis, after going back, thinks well accidentally I not in situation, what to do you bumped into these people, running away constantly, not thinking the means own weakness eliminating.” Xia Tian looks that Zhong Chuhong and Han Zifeng said. Yes, the Boss, we will certainly not disappoint you.” Han Zifeng said. „Doesn't Boss, you walk?” Zhong Chuhong has doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. You walk first, I and corpse have an appointment.” Xia Tian said directly. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong hear the Xia Tian words, the whole body tremble, Xia Tian has that special hobby, but they do not dare to stay, this corpse some were actually fierce they to see with one's own eyes a moment ago. Pursues the soul master also all of a sudden to be ripped open from the middle. However they are also very curious, why this corpse does not attack them, according to the normal condition, the corpse is will not divide the enemy and ourselves absolutely, even if you are he do not know why presented a soul, but this is impossible the natural disposition that makes him erase itself to murder to kill. However all these did not turn over to them to manage.

After Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong left, Xia Tian took a look at this big corpse king carefully. That corpse Wang stands in Xia Tian opposite not any movement. „Does big fellow, you still remember that your previous time almost gave to kill me.” Xia Tian moved toward big corpse king directly. This big corpse king also wants existence of terrifying compared with Earth Grade Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly this moved toward him directly, if neighbor has the person at this time, certainly thinks that he was insane. You are very strange, my first time heard that the corpse also has own soul, moreover your soul is growing rapidly, your human body day by day is also strong, more and more likely was a normal person.” Xia Tian arrives at the front of big corpse king, has patted his body with the hand, is hardness as always. Considers as finished you unable to understand my words probably, does not know really after you, can grow to any appearance, I was really more and more curious.” Xia Tian gathered round big corpse Wang Rao, he has determined now, this big corpse Wang Nenggou felt on him [gold/metal] Dao the aura, therefore the big corpse king does not dare to get rid to him. Is inferior to this, does the big fellow, I help you be what kind of?” Xia Tian looked that said to big corpse Wang. At this time big corpse king unexpectedly has made very user-friendly movement. Follows me.” Xia Tian beckons to the big corpse king. Afterward, big corpse king unexpectedly moved, like this went out of big Tomb General with Xia Tian. Moonlight.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. When the moonlight shines on the body of big corpse king, the body of big corpse king had some marvelous changes, his body unexpectedly started shed, although the speed was very slow, but Xia Tian saw clearly, he truly in shed. If after corpse king has drunk my blood, will be what kind of? Does the corpse add Vampire?” Xia Tian thinks of here time specially excited.

At this moment he as if this big corpse Wang Kancheng raise, therefore he wants to look that actually this big corpse Wang will have anything to change. Big corpse king at this time ten shares by this moon/month light bath. Do not wander about aimlessly, I look for a bowl, if you dare to wander about aimlessly, I one well will repair you.” Xia Tian warned, but he discovered that his turn around must walk, this big corpse king on has run back in Tomb General hurriedly. shit, good, you go back first also good, I hurry back immediately.” Xia Tian knows one were has considered thoroughly, this big corpse Wang not only will not run, but also the courage was very probably small. About 40 minutes, Xia Tian has brought a bowl, the big corpse king saw Xia Tian to come back, came out from big Tomb General. Xia Tian has put in the blood the bowl, he has put the most bowl, has stopped own wound. Has drunk it!” Xia Tian takes the bowl to look to the big corpse king. Big corpse king is but motionless. Ok, I come.” Xia Tian takes up the bowl directly, is filling to the mouth of big corpse king.