Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 613
The face of Xia Tian is very clean, fair and clear, but the Xia Tian pocket is cleaner than the face at this time. Sees Xia Tian that completely empty pants pocket, Han Lingling is really felt one want to cry but have no tears, she also thought black Xia Tian one, but looked like she at noon must ask Xia Tian to eat meal now. Who makes her have the matter to ask Xia Tian, moreover in the Xia Tian pocket the unexpectedly one cent does not have. Ok, ok, at noon I invited you.” Han tinkling helpless saying. She does not understand, Xia Tian puts on also suffices the dignity, although she did not know what on Xia Tian puts on is any sign, but understood at a glance that is not the ordinary goods, because Xia Tian puts on to be specially energetic. That watch on Xia Tian. Although in her opinion is tall Fang, but very throws a bluff on. Generally speaking she to Xia Tian today's wear is very satisfied. Sits bored in the office, Xia Tian played the computer in that opened a game platform, has registered a game account number above directly, gave a game name handsome man then to start to play the Chinese chess. His Chinese chess technology that was not the lid, has played ten, finally has won ten, and has not arrived at 50 board game pieces he to win each time. People of ten winning streaks, the head of game account number will be hanging a sign. At this time in the Xia Tian game account number has hung one ten, although he is only a trumpet, but after obtaining ten winning streaks, he can enter the Advanced field. Well, showed that I can enter the Advanced field, happen , are here this group of fools radically my match.” Xia Tian has selected entry on screen directly. After entering the Advanced field, Xia Tian has selected one table directly, entered the competition. When he enters this room, he discovered that some unexpectedly people watch, moreover watches the population to be many, the place above of screen showed that watches population unexpectedly to have more than 8000 people: Plays game these many people to watch.” Although Xia Tian is very puzzled, but he has selected start.

At this time watched in the area it can be said that to explode the pot. You looked quickly that some unexpectedly people met the perfection goddess the gathering place.” She has hung for day, the people but who dares to play with her do not have, it is said is almost finally insane with the person who she played.” „Was she now quickly to 100 repeatedly? Well, probably was 99 has won streak, so long as she won one game to achieve 100 again to win streak, was really too fierce.” Commentary area these people were discussing, the method that 100 winning streak highest honors, once some people want through cheating brushed 100 winning streaks, but was deleted the number by the system directly directly. This platform system grasps very strict, once discovered that brushes the winning percentage, that is relentless absolutely. After starting, guesses the board game piece, guessing right first under. Xia Tian has guessed casually, guessed finally mistakenly, by the opposite party first , the opposite party was the white, he was the black. White direct under four positions. But Xia Tian directly has placed the white side the black. What? Was he insane? His unexpectedly comes up to make war, this is courts death simply . Moreover the distance is so near, he is a subsequent party, this will be killed directly.” Idiot, he simply is an idiot, this person will play how possibly weiqi, the ten winning streaks of his head are brush certainly.” Right, definitely is brushes, the system, seals him to be good, we reported him.” Commented these people in area, because Xia Tian the chess has blasted out the pot directly, they are all scolding Xia Tian not to play. Truly so, said in the normal playing chess method that this courts death, because plays chess normally, everybody likes cultivating own sign of the dragon, and interrupts the sign of the dragon of opposite party, this can form a giant encirclement ring.

But Xia Tian like this comes up to make war, simply and courts death anything not to distinguish. Opposite that perfection goddess was done obviously also to be shocked by Xia Tian, he has gawked for more than ten seconds, under the second board game piece, but she has not planned to make war with Xia Tian directly, but is the plan forms an encirclement ring, if Xia Tian dares to continue to attack, his board game piece will thoroughly be swallowed by this encirclement ring, regardless of his earlier period eats several board game pieces, does not have any use, the board game piece that puts are more, on losing is more miserable. He he, this fellow is not simple.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, calculates the ability by his brain, naturally has seen through the scheme of opposite party all of a sudden, therefore he has placed the middle position a board game piece directly. This board game piece puts probably is a waste child is the same, because this board game piece also in encirclement ring, moreover its position does not have any use simply. This perfection goddess not hesitant, but continued to get down the board game piece. The speed that they play chess is getting more and more fast, the encirclement ring of perfection goddess must form immediately, but Xia Tian board game piece probably not any use. Until under they distinguish to the 30 th time, the perfection goddess has anchored, this time she stopped for a half minute, when all people are anticipated that she overall eats Xia Tian directly. The red candle on screen has shone. This is the lock bolt of admitting defeat. Admitted defeat, the perfection goddess admitted defeat, perfection goddess unexpectedly of 99 winning streaks admitted defeat, head of her account number 99 vanished directly. Returned to the pre-liberation all of a sudden. Entire watched the area to blast out the pot all of a sudden. Why? Why does the perfection goddess admit defeat? Was she point mistakenly.” 99 winning streaks, she has played three months of success, but unexpectedly enulled today all of a sudden, moreover is less than 100 winning streaks, absolutely does not have the title.” You carefully look at this match, the perfection goddess, although in the surface had the superiority, but she absolutely did not have the place to get down, regardless of under her board game piece where by the opposite party blocking, this handsome man certainly was super Chinese chess Expert.”

Sees this person's commentary, all people all careful observes that checkerboard, they discovered with amazement that is really this. Perfection goddess unexpectedly lost. Drops the drop! The right bottom of Xia Tian screen sprang a dialog box. I am the perfection goddess, you are very fierce, I added your good friend, anticipation next time with your showdown.” You could not win me.” After Xia Tian returned, on winding. Brother-in-law, ate meal.” Han tinkling came to the Xia Tian office to say. „, Eats what?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Hot fragrant pot!” Han tinkling excited saying, this was her most loved, she liked that type of hemp spicier thing, ate to be specially happy. Volume, I am not big to the hot thing feeling.” Xia Tian awkward saying. „Aren't you will be afraid spicily?” Asking that Han tinkling a face badly smiles. Meanwhile a female in Kyoto soon by the exploding with rage lung, she directly gave to smash the keyboard and mouse.