Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 614

This female was a moment ago with the perfection goddess that Xia Tian plays chess. She has played three months of Chinese chess, 99 won, this left hundred winning streaks to miss one game, this game should be can win very much with ease, but these people did not make her win intentionally, therefore she has hung a morning, nobody met. With great difficulty quickly to noon time had a head to hang the people of ten winning streaks to come , the people of ten winning streaks she won were too many, therefore she did not have what excited place, moreover she felt that the name of opposite party simply was rustic, unexpectedly called any handsome man. However was good because of being this fool comes to deliver final that victory field to her. During all these were planning, she is also very has the self-confidence to her Chinese chess technology, therefore she prepared to start to play chess, came up she to feel that own luck was very good, unexpectedly was offensive. She has gotten down a board game piece directly. But at this time made one that he shocks appear, opposite party unexpectedly must make war with her directly, saw that such action she scolded ` SB ` directly, in her opinion the opposite person absolutely is novice in a novice, therefore she more under more is suitable, she felt own encirclement ring almost does not prevent the strength under wanted, but when her Zhengxing exerted. Her unexpectedly discovered that own road was all blocked, the opposite party that seems like the scattered board game piece, unexpectedly has formed a sign of the dragon all of a sudden. Sees here time, on her forehead has flowed off the sweat, she does not have to think own unexpectedly is so negligent, was formed the sign of the dragon not to discover, but she knows that she was impossible to win, therefore she has selected the surrender. She thought more natural, therefore added the good friend of opposite party, said a modesty, later compares notes again, but opposite party unexpectedly has replied her one, you are not my match, this lit her anger. Extremely arrogant, she first time sees such extremely arrogant person. Since childhood her Chinese chess technology obtained grandfather's true line, therefore she is almost invincible in the contemporaries. Afterward had grown up, she saw various Chinese chess national champions, however in the contemporaries, her strength was also the middle and upper level, the person who even if these were so fiercer than her did not have one saying that can 100% win her. But her unexpectedly in the network has bumped into a such person, how this can make her not be angry.

When she wants to shout abuse, the opposite party unexpectedly direct winding, this made her anger thorough nowhere send, smashing that therefore she pounded the keyboard directly. Handsome man, you are waiting to me, my day 24 hours are hanging, if you make me discover that you have gotten online, I want you to be attractive.” Perfection female student angry shouting. Sobs! Xia Tian has sneezed. Some people are thinking me.” Sobs! Xia Tian has sneezed. Some two are thinking me.” „The skill that brother-in-law, you are not concerned about face whom did not have, thinks that two did scold three to mumble you not to hear?” Han tinkling soon was given the thunder by the Xia Tian words but actually. No, a sneeze is a person thinks that two sneezes are two people think, three sneezes are three people think.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Good, lost to you.” Han tinkling entered by a company hot fragrant pot shop directly, this is the right in company, is not left side, the left side is the mental hospital. After they entered in the shop, the service person found a seat to them, here noon is very irritable, the majority of places were filled. Brother-in-law, you can eat spicily, I select spicily, I very much have been able to eat spicily.” Han tinkling flipped the menu, has ordered wrap pots and several vegetables directly.

So long as you can eat, I definitely can also eat.” Xia Tian sits on the chair very optional saying. Good, the service person, I want the affectionate couple trough, half are hot, half are abnormal.” Han tinkling shouts directly, she sees Xia Tian this appearance each time, she is not feeling well , the Xia Tian appearance probably was saying that I was very fierce, your optional appearance. Therefore this plan must lesson Xia Tian well. She wanted half to be abnormal, half were hot, must make Xia Tian make a boner first, then ate hot, truly speaking, she has not eaten abnormally spicy, but she guessed that she should not have the issue. Quick their meal vegetable and hot fragrant pot have come up, the meal has two bowls of rice and two bowls of soup. How is it? Does the brother-in-law, you dare to eat abnormally spicy?” Han tinkling saying of provocation. You dare, I dare.” Xia Tian said. Sees Xia Tian is this expression, Han tinkling specially is not feeling well at heart, she has taken up two spatial bowls directly, then clamps two bowls with the chopsticks directly fully, is burning in that pot to clamp abnormally. Dares to compare?” Han tinkling has given Xia Tian a bowl in hand. How ratio?” Xia Tian asked. Looks at the rapidness that who eats, the one breath this bowl all eats, remember, must be the one breath.” Specially Han tinkling said one breath these three characters very obvious. I feared that you cannot bear.” Xia Tian has inspected, this anomaly spicily is one chemical drug, little eats does not have anything, will eat burns the intestinal tract and stomach badly. What's wrong? Did you fear?” Saying that Han tinkling disdains.

Xia Tian saw own unexpectedly was despised by this small girl, the anger has come up immediately, he has Inner Strength to protect the body, eats this thing absolutely not to have the pressure. Starts!” Xia Tian said directly that afterward they start to lower the head to eat, eating in gulps. Han tinkling seems is afraid Xia Tian compared with the rapidness that she eats, she has not even chewed to swallow, first getting down time, she felt that manic spicy, but for the face, she has eaten fast. When she eats half, she felt that own whole person must be burnt, flowing that the tears do not make every effort to succeed, she looked up to Xia Tian, discovered Xia Tian unexpectedly all finished eating, moreover a face smiling face visits her. Hum! Han tinkling has cried directly in a low voice, at this time she knows that actually this anomaly is spicy spicily, her entire body, can feel that spicy from inside to outside. She felt that she wants not to be good. Brother-in-law, a bit faster sends me to the hospital, I must hang.” Han tinkling keeps is weeping bitterly. Yeah, I said that I feared that you cannot bear.” Xia Tian sighed helpless saying, afterward three silver needle separately to Han tinkling throat, on chest and stomach: Drank it.” Xia Tian put out a thumb to cover the size the porcelain insulator to throw to Han tinkling. Han tinkling felt own unexpectedly was really better, she saw Xia Tian a moment ago with the silver acupuncture she, she also knows reason that own present was much better, definitely was busy that Xia Tian helped, therefore her without hesitation has had the drink in that porcelain insulator directly. Pretty acupuncture.” At this moment, the female of neighboring table patted has clapped to say.