Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 615

Xia Tian turns the head to look that saw the neighboring table has a man and a woman, a moment ago spoke that man. Han tinkling vial after thing drinks next: Well, brother-in-law, but also there are, is very tasty.” Has your younger sister, that vial 10,000 that you drank a moment ago did not have.” The Xia Tian right hand extends, has all pulled out three silver needles, he waves, the silver needle vanished without a trace. Hides the acupuncture.” Neighboring table that female opens the mouth to say once more. Xia Tian this time has not paid attention to her, but looked that tinkling said to Han: Do not show off power, eats that side that hot.” „!” Han tinkling nodded: Knew.” The neighboring table female stands up directly, their here walks to Xia Tian, with her sits together that male also directly walked, the female very polite start to talk said: Hello, can we sit this?” Ok, but you pay.” Xia Tian said. Snort!” That man light snort, despises looked at Xia Tian one, but sat in the Xia Tian side: A moment ago service person, we wanted adds to this table to me, gives me to add several your here characteristics again.” Good gentleman.” The service people start to order food. That female sat in Han tinkling the side, a face vigilant looks at this woman, she thinks that the female notified others on own initiative, that was non- deceitful is the robber, Xia Tian is her brother-in-law, she had the right to protect her brother-in-law not to be ganged up by others. „Are you also a doctor?” Saying that female comes straight to the point. Slightly understands.” Xia Tian nodded to say. I visited you to use acupuncture a moment ago the accuracy and storehouse acupuncture, should you be a very extraordinary acupuncture master?” That female asked again. Hey, you asked that many to do, he had the girlfriend.” Han tinkling impolite start to talk said. He he, Little Sister, you have considered thoroughly, I just want to discuss the matter in medicine with him, has not snatched the meaning of your boyfriend, does not need to be jealous.” The females show a faint smile, answered.

He is not my boyfriend, he is my brother-in-law.” Han tinkling discontented saying. Brother-in-law and Young Aunt child comes out to eat meal alone.” A female such saying, afterward corners of the mouth have shown the smiling face. Heard a female such saying, Han tinkling the face direct red. Tinkling, some people treat, you casually eat, has a look also to eat anything on the point.” Xia Tian has given Han the menu directly tinkling. Saw that Xia Tian is so natural, Han Lingling also knows that any meaning, snatched the menu to start to turn directly. That female and men stare, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so impolite, but also took up the menu to order food, but they, since said that they invited, the nature rejected embarrassed. Oh, these many vegetables, this, the service person, your here is most expensive, the liquor, the vegetable, gives on me, till we finished eating.” Han tinkling very saying of atmosphere. Good.” The waitresses run to order food hurriedly, this is the big list. Sits down side Xia Tian that man, the complexion is not a little good. How the face also changed color, if you are not willing to spend, that we please also good.” Xia Tian looks to that male saying. Snort, I invited, this money was also nothing.” That man has put out his wallet, he turned on the wallet intentionally, inside cash has close 10,000, the card has several. This food, Han Lingling eats, middle that female has also asked Xia Tian several questions, but Xia Tian was also perfunctory. Interesting, has not thought that Jiang Hai City can also bump into such interesting person.” That female looks the form that Xia Tian goes far away said. Snort, two poor devils.” That man discontented saying. Walks, we go to Jianghai University to have a look first.” That female disappointed shaking the head of.

After Xia Tian and Han Lingling leave the hot fragrant pot shop, returned to the company. Brother-in-law, you are really fierce, no wonder you go out do not have money, goes out unexpectedly also to rub the food with you.” Han tinkling excited saying. Em, normal.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Brother-in-law, after me, mixed with you.” Han tinkling worships own brother-in-law more and more, a moment ago she spicily became such, unexpectedly also by her brother-in-law simple gave to cure. Afterward her brother-in-law made others ask them to have western-style food aggressively, that food has spent 3000 dollars. After returning to office inside, Xia Tian turns on the computer once more, landed his platform account number, the handsome man. When he, as soon as gets online, twinkle that the right bottom keeps. Handsome man, I must challenge you, this time I will not lose absolutely.” Has the skill you a bit faster to get online to me, the old lady certainly scared shitless that you win.” . Ha Ha, you have gotten online finally, accepts my challenge.” The Xia Tian right bottom had to present a stature strip, accepted the challenge. Xia Tian selected one directly is. These many watch.” After Xia Tian enters to the room of that competition, he saw the watching population of above the screen demonstrating has more than 5000, moreover this speed after he comes in rises suddenly all of a sudden, one minute was less than broke ten thousand. You look quickly, this is on that Expert.”

I looked in the morning, his less than dozens board game pieces the 99 winning streaks of perfection goddess being defeated.” This perfection goddess spends with the entire net challenge, certainly must win the face in the morning losing.” On the male screen of watching place letter is rolling, but Xia Tian cannot see, they in competition room. Snort, you dare to accept my challenge finally, this time I must make you lose very ugly.” The perfection goddess has made into these characters. I will not lose.” Xia Tian has also typed these characters. Saw that Xia Tian is so extremely arrogant, a piece scolded the sound to transmit, but also some said that he was really too graceful, had the Expert style. The perfection goddess has gotten down a board game piece directly. Xia Tian followed to come up, followed that exactly the same, this perfection goddess grew the memory, she planned to make war with Xia Tian directly, because she was offensive, therefore she had the absolute superiority. If Xia Tian continues with her dogfight, that Xia Tian board game piece must die without doubt. But Xia Tian unexpectedly really fought with her. Idiot, this time I thought how you die.” They have such gotten down, Xia Tian plays chess very strangely, he got down unexpectedly to drop inside board game piece, the perfection goddess saw such scene, came a pack circle directly, ate among that five board game pieces Xia Tian. You lost.” At this moment Xia Tian has withheld these characters on the male screen.