Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 616

The perfection goddess just thinks that the knot scolded Xia Tian, but her vision has placed on the checkerboard suddenly, at this time on the checkerboard has formed a giant encirclement ring, this was her the method of previous use. She does not have to think own unexpectedly is so negligent, she ate Xia Tian that several board game pieces a moment ago time, Xia Tian already quietly has formed an encirclement ring outside, at this time her these board game pieces were stranded in inside completely, she is considering the innumerable methods, finally finally by his PASS. She knows that she lost, moreover this time compared with miserable of previous losing, oneself unexpectedly dies in the most commonly used technique. You looked first, I went out to play.” Xia Tian after the screen has screwed on these characters he withdrew from the room directly, entered a new competition room. Perfection goddess whole face inconceivable looks the board game piece on own screen, her unexpectedly lost, her unexpectedly loses to a person continuously two, is dozens board game piece quick solution fights. This is her oppressive vegetable time method that most is willing to use. But now her unexpectedly works as the vegetable to be oppressive. My good granddaughter, how? I hear you sadly.” The grandfather of perfection goddess arrived at her room. Grandfather, I lost.” Perfection goddess suffering from injustice saying. Loses loses, victory or defeat is the military commander routine matter.” The grandfather of perfection goddess urged. But. My unexpectedly loses to one person two continuously, moreover less than 50 board game pieces.” Perfection goddess depressed saying. „? Such fierce, my granddaughters less than 50 chess lost, is this national champion who where comes?” Grandfather puzzled asking of perfection goddess. Grandfather, his name looks like very weak, your also national champion generally is over 30 over years old, but his unexpectedly called any handsome man, such person looked that was not old.” If the perfection goddess loses to these big ages figure, for example the national champion or grandfather's such Expert she has also recognized, but that person looked that from the name probably is smaller than her. This is he is unable to endure. „, Shows under you me the chess.” The grandfather of perfection goddess has also had an interest.

The perfection goddess replays two videos. After having looked at the video, the grandfather of perfection goddess shows a faint smile: You lose is not injust, his below law is 20 years ago the three battle laws of most being in vogue, understood the person who this plants the law are not many, therefore he possibly is some old fogy here installs tenderly.” Right? Grandfather.” After the perfection goddess hears grandfather's words, on face one happy. Come, the grandfather helps you teach him.” The grandfather of perfection goddess said. The perfection goddess saw that her grandfather is willing to help, on face immediately one happy, but her grandfather extraordinary figure, in China the most famous these national champions generally have received the direction of his grandfather now. Tu Dragon Shu is her grandfather strongest skill, it is said her grandfather's young time once used this Tu Dragon Shuying completely world Expert. The perfection goddess saw that Xia Tian is being battled, therefore she directly leaves a message: Brat, a bit faster finished up, my this time must maliciously is oppressive your one time.” Afterward she opens the room directly, is waiting for Xia Tian. Xia Tian is playing chess, saw the dialog box that right bottom the screen springs, his helpless shaking the head, he has not thought this perfection goddess also is really rigid, therefore he had finished this fast. When Xia Tian enters the perfection goddess that room inside, the watching population of that room promoted more than 10,000 people once more. Human spirit is good.” The grandfather of perfection goddess said. Also is not because I lost reason, I just started am 99 victories, misses one to achieve the titles of hundred winning streaks, but I lost finally, the people who therefore these watch the fun were attracted by him.” The perfection goddess said. Your this time could not win me.” Xia Tian has typed these characters on the screen. Snort, you wait.” The perfection goddess has made several cut-throat expressions.

Afterward guesses the chess, this perfection goddess there unexpectedly gave up guessing that has given Xia Tian on own initiative first under. interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, under the chess in the checkerboards, saw Xia Tian this chess directly, in the commentary area that watches started to analyze greatly, various suspicions had. A person is called the theory to be invincible. At this time here these people start to discuss that in that the issue of theory came. This boy, unexpectedly comes this with me, came up to open up own sign of the dragon offensive, what a pity he has bumped into my Tu Dragon Shu.” Saying that the grandfather of perfection goddess thought aloud. They start to fight directly. After Xia Tian has gotten down several, is everywhere blossoms simply, on the entire checkerboard everywhere is his board game piece. However opposite party not careless, is continuously with him , after he plays chess each time, the opposite party in being away from he four outside positions starts to play chess. They frequented each other, have gotten down more than 50. Well, is not right, that person should not have this chess strength a moment ago is right.” Xia Tian satisfied nod. Xia Tian screwed on several characters you to change players in the screen directly.’ The opposite party had not answered, but continues to play chess, Xia Tian had not asked again, under them the powerful and unconstrained style, all looked at all people blurry, but was quick they to discover under these two people the child use. These two person unexpectedly after walking several steps showdowns. Quite fierce, these two people are Expert of national champion rank, their below laws simply were bright blind my eye.”

My first time saw after some people can see through several steps the chess incur.” Was too fierce, these two people were really too fierce, I can see such competition really am too lucky.” These people in spectator seat all by their below laws being shocked, the technique of this playing chess is they have never looked. Actually is this match who?” Perfection goddess grandfather under heart startled, his first time sees such match, to be honest, under him is very tired, he has not seen the match who such has been able to calculate, forcing him also to calculate. Perfection goddess is surprised, she has not thought of this handsome man unexpectedly to be able with her grandfather next for a long time, moreover her grandfather so is also serious, she first time sees the grandfather to get down such anxiously. Fierce, is really fierce.” The grandfather of perfection goddess said. Grandfather, how?” Perfection goddess anxious asking. This match is very strong, besides old fogy who that several I know, I first time see such fierce person, moreover his is not quite definitely old, the skill that because he calculates was too high, how regardless of I transform, after he has the means intercept I 13 the positions.” The grandfather of perfection goddess said. Is so fierce.” Perfection goddess surprised saying. At this moment, under a Xia Tian board game piece in the upper left position, saw Xia Tian has gotten down this board game piece the time, the grandfather of perfection goddess was shocked.