Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 617

Sees this chess time, the grandfather of perfection goddess was shocked thoroughly, afterward his helpless shaking the head of: This brat, he must by my Tu Dragon Shu killing immediately, but has not thought that his unexpectedly came such one.” Grandfather, how?” The perfection goddess asked. Lost chess game or chess piece, not most possible lost chess game or chess piece unexpectedly appeared, how regardless of I, will form a circulation with him, in other words, this chess, I next, eat his board game piece, he next, eats my board game piece, will never finish, this is Ping Qi.” Grandfather helpless shaking the head of perfection goddess. Whistling, narrow squeak.” Xia Tian long aspirated, he has not thought that this match unexpectedly is so formidable, his first time bumps into such Chinese chess Expert, how regardless of under he goes, the opposite party can explain, when he forms the sign of the dragon immediately, opposite party unexpectedly presented an axe, wants to cut off his sign of the dragon directly. Is good under he carefully observes, finally has discovered this living witness. Therefore under him there. Ping Qi, this type of chess in usually cannot see. Well! My Spiritual Force unexpectedly rose.” The Xia Tian surprised discovery, his Spiritual Force unexpectedly promoted. Certainly was I a moment ago maintains the computation of high degree of concentration, therefore Spiritual Force will promote.” Xia Tian excited saying, this time plays chess truly has been calculating, this chess has gotten down for one hour. Ping Qi! On the screen presented the even chess two characters. Saw that on this time spectator seat has seethed with excitement thoroughly, this chess was really too splendid. I have not seen such splendid competition, I must preserve the video recording, goes back to study well.” Is the national champion showdown is impossible to be so splendid.” Was too fierce, was too fierce, these two people were too fierce.” With their here different, perfection goddess there is also very surprised, her first time saw grandfather unexpectedly and others even chess, although she has listened to the grandfather to say in the world crouching tiger , hidden dragon, what Expert had, but she first time noticed that the grandfather has not won.

Before the grandfather played chess with whom, that certainly will win, was today her grandfather unexpectedly and under others the even chess. Young fellow, you are very good.” The grandfather of perfection goddess types saying that the speed that although he types is not fast, the words that but hits have actually exposed his status. I said that you were not a moment ago that person, that fool absolutely does not have your like this excellent chess skill.” The Xia Tian typing response said. Sees the fool two characters, the perfection goddess was at that time hot. Has snatched the keyboard typing directly: You said that whose fool, you is a fool, your family is a fool.” Volume, this chapter should be I.” Xia Tian types to say once more. You dare to scold me, come, which you told me you to be, looked that I have not dug up your skin while still alive.” The perfection goddess response said. Vixen, definitely does not marry.” Xia Tian fires off the character direct winding. After seeing these words, the perfection goddess and her grandfather were all shocked, afterward the grandfather of perfection goddess has laughed. Grandfather, your unexpectedly also smiles.” Perfection goddess discontented saying. First time saw that my granddaughter unexpectedly also has the enemy, Ha Ha.” The grandfather of perfection goddess said that went out of her room directly. Irritated me.” Perfection goddess extremely angry saying, she picked up the phone to make a phone call to her good friend afterward: Asked a matter, helping me look up IP.” After Xia Tian winding, sat there has rested, that high centralism, consumed a moment ago for him is not small, therefore he must restore, but played chess regarding him can also promote Spiritual Force, this was one relaxed and good means of entertainment. Xia Tian has maintained mental tranquility on this eyes closed. Quick, getting off work point.

Brother-in-law, do not rest, we wanted.” Han tinkling has changed a long skirt. „.” Xia Tian has opened both eyes. shit, you have not rested, that attire anything cool, however, the brother-in-law, your work is quite idle, you usually do not come to the company, coming anything not to do to sit sleeps here.” Saying that Han tinkling envies. Envies? Envies well works.” Xia Tian stands up saying that the world may not have the free lunch. Envies the envy to hate, quickly walks, my has the work, their several eat meal by the face.” Han tinkling draws Xia Tian to walk toward outside hurriedly. Where goes?” Xia Tian asked. Goes to personal party of her family.” Han tinkling said. I go, in the family can open party, this is a second generation of rich.” Xia Tian said. Wrong, is white, rich, and beautiful.” Han tinkling took the lead directly, exited, the company walked few people, the person who did not have saw Xia Tian time greeted Tafusa to say goodbye.” Bye.” Xia Tian 11 nod responses. Brother-in-law, they very much respects you probably, but I asked that they related to your matter, how they did not say.” Han tinkling asking of doubts. Because the company is place that works, forbids 38.” Xia Tian said. Fuck! Han tinkling has raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian, despises to say. Afterward they took taxi Han Ling Lin Guimi family, arrived here time, Xia Tian discovered that nearby parking lot has been full of the good car(riage), nearby this rode the rental car to come on their one, therefore Han tinkling made the car(riage) stop intentionally in the front crossroad. Moreover Han tinkling boudoir honey unexpectedly is a big villa.

A bit faster gets out, one if will bump into the acquaintance to be awkward.” Han tinkling said. But the matter is such skillful, exceed will be afraid anything to present anything on exceed. . A BMW stopped in Han tinkling the side. Tinkling, this is your boyfriend.” Opens the female of BMW to open the mouth to say. Em.” Han tinkling awkward nod. I went advanced, in meets sees right in front of one.” The female acceleration of Kaibao carriage, has arrived at the car(riage) front. Blames you, rubs gently.” Han tinkling discontented saying. Volume, good.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Afterward they walk toward the villa directly, some villa entrance people guard the door, but that security sees Han tinkling the time, opened the door directly, they walk toward inside, in the courtyard had many people, they divided the gang to chat there, the majority of people were the women, moreover putting on magnificence of. Here is very big.” Xia Tian says with emotion, in Jiang Hai City the rich person also was really too many. Tinkling! How do you come?” Wore the white formal clothes female to move toward Xia Tian and Han tinkling.