Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 618

Sees this female time, Han tinkling walked directly: Anna, you are quite attractive today.” Tinkling, you are also quite attractive, this is your boyfriend?” Anna has sized up Xia Tian, discovered that Xia Tian is a young handsome fellow, therefore looked at several. Em, this is my boyfriend Tashita.” Han tinkling said. Young handsome fellow, hello.” Anna extended the right hand in a friendly way. Hello.” Xia Tian also extended the right hand. When their hands grasp in the same place, Anna almost does not have the envy dead, this Tashita's skin unexpectedly compared with her, is fortunately softer than her. Hey, did you grasp enough?” Han tinkling discontented saying. Hears Han tinkling the words, Anna has taken back her hand: Also was jealous.” I warned you, he was my, cannot snatch.” Han tinkling looks at Anna to say vigilantly that she knows Anna's individuality, Anna is the boyfriend who likes snatching the good friend, moreover her also reputation it is said each time was good for the good friend, said such boyfriend was absolutely useless. Then does vigilantly, today is my birthday, or you packed the pack to give to me to be good him.” Anna has thrown a coquettish look to Xia Tian. Your small wave hoof, plays at the same time to shit.” Han tinkling has shoved open Anna directly, walks toward inside. Tinkling, you gather well with inside sisters.” Anna said that walks toward outside , to continue to entertain other people. Han tinkling obviously was not in the family that first time came Anna, was very familiar with here.

Tinkling!! We in this.” Before that person of greeting, ran into the female of that Kaibao horse outside. Han tinkling brought Xia Tian to walk. When they walk, that several females looked to Xia Tian. Good? Tinkling, unexpectedly looked for a young handsome fellow.” Saying that the female of that Kaibao horse envied. Snort, has any extraordinary, is not a handsome boy.” Another saying that puts on magnificent female to disdain, she listened to the Kaibao horse the female to say a moment ago, Han tinkling and her boyfriend rides the rental car. Saw that Han tinkling found a such graceful boyfriend, they naturally envied, therefore they directly start to mention from the Xia Tian shortcoming. This can balance the heart of own envy. The dark war between women is this, although they always said on the mouth, how you do not look for a good point.’ If you found well, they will envy, then looks for the shortcoming from this person. I like the handsome boy, how is it? You bite me.” Saying that Han tinkling is not convinced. Was good, was good, you, met quarrel.” The female of that Kaibao horse started to disguise the good person, before was also she that female told that Han tinkling looked for a boyfriend, rode the rental car. Although she said is very optional, but she knows that an own such saying definitely will listen to by the person with high aspirations. Therefore this also played the role of promotion, but her unexpectedly comes out to install the good person now.

Xia Tian a few words had not said that he has seen through all these, in his eyes that initiative provocative Han tinkling the person is just an impulsive fellow, caused not to know the family belongings (spear|gun) that but the female of that Kaibao horse in secret stirred up trouble, now comes out to install the good person. Handsome boy, will come out to remember that next time looks for a friend taking advantage of the car(riage), is really not good rents a car also well, avoid does not have the face.” That wore the magnificent female to throw a coquettish look to say to Xia Tian. „, Thanks is you experienced.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Although Xia Tian said very optional, his words that however hears, that female complexion actually changed, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that is she is experienced, resembles her to do has been same: You so have been dry.” Volume, I right anything, I was praising you probably a moment ago.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Snort, poor devil.” That female is mad stamped the feet to speak such a few words. I poorly? I cannot put together the father, cannot put together mother, eats meal by own both hands, I did not think that I obstructed your anything matter, you thought the talented person, only then supported by the parents had the qualifications to come to here!” The Xia Tian direct response said. Hears the Xia Tian words, Han tinkling has raised up the thumb directly, she has not thought that her brother-in-law language unexpectedly is so sharp. Although their most people support by parents, but they have not been willing by others to be said one gnaw old, therefore she opens mouth directly said: You talked nonsense, I did not have that meaning.” Which meaning? You more said that I was more muddled, does not understand that you actually want to say anything.” Xia Tian doubts looked that said to that female. Yo yo yo, is who bullied my young Qi younger sister?” At this moment in a hand took the man of red wine cup to walk, he has stood a moment ago in the one side actually sees a play, now comes such a saying hero to rescue the beautiful meaning, he opens the mouth to make that female innermost feelings thank him now. Here nobody bullies her, moreover you did not stand a moment ago, you should see, that also has something to ask.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly that the person in his enterprise, every action and every movement cannot escape from his eye.

Hears the Xia Tian words, these people stare, Xia Tian said was too direct, that man is on the face one red. After a Xia Tian saying, that man said a moment ago the words that appears special was fake, stood obviously, walks actually to play very saying that such, this was hitting own face simply. I a moment ago radically not in side.” That man argued vigorously. You had a look at your red wine to scatter to the sleeve on, on that small table that but also sprinkled all was.” Xia Tian has referred to a nearby small table, everybody looked at the vision to that small table, exactly the same that really and Xia Tian said that thus it can be seen that man truly stood there a moment ago. But there distance here less than two meters far, how he may not have seen here situation. Snort, false!” Surrounding several female discontented saying. Afterward they moved toward inside room directly, although Han tinkling and that young Qi has fought several mouths, but in the surface will not have the too big change, is everyone pays no attention at most. Hateful, I will not let off your.” That man looks that the Xia Tian back clenched teeth to say. Inside this room is a small living room, the living room, although is not big, but the thing is very complete, the fruit sofa, the television, they altogether are six females, a sur- Xia Tian male. Here is the domain of woman, you with!” That young Qi very discontented looks at Xia Tian to say.