Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 619

„.” Xia Tian, sat on the sofa afterward directly. „?” That was called the young Qi's female to stare slightly, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was only one, then sat in that simply was too impolite, moreover was disregards her simply: You give me to get up, I want the freight bill to select.” On you are too small, do not speak to me.” Saying that Xia Tian does not lift. Hears Xia Tian these words, in entire room all people were all shocked, including Han tinkling, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will say this words to come, first did not say the quality issue, solely is the politeness also has very major problem. This matter everybody can look, but actually never had the person saying that but Xia Tian unexpectedly said directly at will. Your unexpectedly said that on me is small.” That named young Qi's female both eyes get angry. Em, moreover on your leg is also small, is hot-tempered, like this, definitely does not marry.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Ah! I must kill you.” That young Qi throws directly to Xia Tian. Sees such scene, all people were shocked, they even forgot that has tried to break up a fight, Han tinkling is also watches the fun to look too fascinated, causing her to forget to stop that young Qi. Discourteous.” A Xia Tian hand covers own upper body, another hand advances. This pushed happen to pushes in the young Qi's upper body, moreover his arm was too long, directly supported young Qi there. Top Grade.” And a female dumbfounded looks at the Xia Tian movement, he shouted discourteously, moreover while went to grasp the young Qi's upper body with the hand, this simply was a thief crying " stop thief ". This time, that young Qi a few words could not say. „, Tinkling, you have a look.” The female of that Kaibao horse coughed to say lightly. „!” Han tinkling runs up to side that female hurriedly, has put the female. „!! After this lets me, how may see the person.”

Hears this sound time, all people almost by thunder but actually, because these words are to stem from the Xia Tian mouth, this should be the lines of woman, but unexpectedly was said by Xia Tian. What this time most is extraordinary, that young Qi unexpectedly has not spoken, has not quarrelled, not noisy, but is static sitting looks at Xia Tian in the one side. Was good, no joking, your several, others tinkling looked for a boyfriend, you for her happily, but also looks for others troubles in this.” And put on the female of red skirt to start talking, saw her to speak, everybody was peaceful: Tinkling, introduced to us.” „, His name was Tashita, was my boyfriend.” Han tinkling said directly. This is my good sisters, green.” Han tinkling referred to the female of that Kaibao horse saying that Qingqing nodded to Xia Tian. This is Hong rainbow elder sister, she is our eldest sister heads.” Han tinkling refers to that spoke a moment ago putting on the female of red skirt. This is Xiaofang.” Han tinkling referred to one putting on saying of pink / white skirt. This is Little Hua.” Han tinkling points in this only to put on the sportswear female to say. This.” Han tinkling refers to young Qi just about to introducing. This did not need to introduce, the size I knew.” Xia Tian said. Hears the size two characters, on the foreheads of all people have flowed off the sweat, in their eyes Xia Tian is not Top Grade, is pervert. Outside is very probably lively.” At this moment outside Han Lingling hears the sound that broadcasts suddenly. Walks, goes to have a look.” Several people went out of the room directly. Fang Shao, welcome to return to homeland.”

Fang Shao, you may be came back, wants dead we.” Fang Shao, have not thought that the Anna elder sister celebrated a birthday to invite you.” Goes out, Xia Tian and the others hear all people to flatter this Fang Shao. Has not thought that his unexpectedly came back, it seems like this time is to have ulterior motives.” Hong rainbow elder sister looked that said to that person. „Does Literature and Art model|pattern who that Hong rainbow elder sister, you said do, he does not come back to Anna.” Qingqing said directly. That Fang Shao wear very fashionable clothes at this time, wears big sunglasses, one is the international big brand, can say that he from head to foot is full international model|pattern. Fang Shao, you came back.” Went forward with that Fang Shao to greet by that man who Xia Tian pierced a moment ago. Who are you?” Fang Shao looked at his one eyes to ask languidly. Fang Shao, you are really honored person forget the matter, I am Xiaotao.” That man saw one were disregarded has not been angry, but is a face smiling face said again. Xiaotao? Does not remember.” Fang Shao said that direct stand forth, dried in the sun that Xiaotao there. That was called Xiaotao's man to see that Fang Shao such walked, on his face presented the hate expression again, all people may all be a moment ago look at him and Fang Shao, but side few unexpectedly so did not give him the face. Then his face may lose completely. Snort, you remembered to me.” That was called Xiaotao's man to clench teeth to say. That side little directly moved toward with Anna who others chitchatted: Anna, I came back.” Charming, natural, has the demeanor.

This time Major General Fang these merits all occupied . Moreover the expression that he spoke was very light, making the person listen probably is the feeling that King returned. Em, I am not blind.” Anna very optional saying, their here walked to Xia Tian afterward directly. Has disregarded, his unexpectedly Fang Shao disregarding, moreover her words so are sharp, must the person choking simply, at this time that Fang Shaozhan appears very awkward there. Tinkling, was too a moment ago busy, overflowed to come to see you continuously, you fortunately?” Saying of Anna face smiling face. „It is not good, young Qi just had fought one with tinkling the boyfriend.” Qingqing walks up saying that she is straightforward, had anything to say anything's that person. „? Right? That is very certainly splendid, certainly is young Qi you have not provided lodging own mouth.” But Anna the ten points understood the dispositions between own these sisters, she also knows that the young Qi's mouth is not good. Em.” Young Qi nodded. Saw that young Qi nods, everybody this time was blurry, was always most can with the mouth say that young Qi of person, today the unexpectedly acknowledgment was her has made a mistake, this was also too monster, Anna was also puzzled looks to Han tinkling. She had not noticed that young Qi has admitted mistakes, a moment ago also what happened? But everybody actually looked with the strange look to Xia Tian. Tinkling, young Qi, you came, Hong rainbow elder sister.” That side little directly walked from behind, a face smiling face notifies the people, time that he walks, arrives directly Xia Tian front, saw that everybody looks like to his here, his innermost feelings is a little small self-satisfied. Hey, your letting.” At this moment is green very impolite saying.