Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 620

Hears the green words, the side little slightly stares, he knows that these females relate the best person with Anna, therefore he suppresses his anger not to erupt, but he suddenly discovered that the vision of these females are not right, probably was he really blocks anything to be the same. Hey, your letting?” What this speech is young Qi. unexpectedly Lian Xiaoqi spoke. Volume.” The side little slightly stares, he turns the head to look that happen to saw a charming youth smiling visits him. „Are you?” Fang Shao puzzled look to Xia Tian. But Xia Tian unexpectedly directly has disregarded him, bypassed him directly, his unexpectedly had been disregarded, who is he? Fang Shao, Fang Shao of returned person, always only then he disregards others' share, but some unexpectedly people dare to disregard him today. This simply was too provoking. His unexpectedly has disregarded Fang Shao, this boy not awfully.” Who did not know that Fang Shao, everybody flatters also without enough time, his unexpectedly dares to disregard Fang Shao.” This was really too does not show due respect for feelings, this boy ended, before Fang Shao went abroad, was figure that in nearby several cities became famous.” Surrounding these people all surprised looks to Xia Tian, they have not thought that this boy unexpectedly dares to disregard Fang Shao, did a bit less a moment ago, everybody is notifies Fang Shao on own initiative, they think that place above cannot become friends with few such figure, most at least must little make a good impression to the side. Today can the person who comes to here to attend the Anna birthday party, each is the young masters of wealthy families, in their eyes China little is the genuine young master. The son of the influential in son of the influential. But at this time few unexpectedly by a nameless boy disregarding. Fang Shao a brow wrinkle, on the face presented the disgruntled look, he should be the object of being a focus of public attention.

But after that boy bypasses him, he discovered that Anna and her several friend unexpectedly and this boy chatted, at this time he had been disregarded thoroughly, disregarded by Anna and her group of friends. Your boy line, after having bullied young Qi, unexpectedly also made young Qi recognize instigates.” Anna admires looked that said to Xia Tian. Volume, she is sick.” Xia Tian said. You are sick, resulted in cheaply has also shown off cleverness.” Although young Qi had not said anything a moment ago, but heard Xia Tian to say her to be sick, she directly talked back. What I said is real, you are sick.” Xia Tian helpless saying. You are sick, you are sick, tinkling is sick, you are sick.” Young Qi's indignant saying. Hey, young Qi, you sufficed, I did not have to manage you, your unexpectedly also dares to bring upon oneself dully, do not think that I had not looked a moment ago, you continuously secretly looked at Tashita, had a liking for our family Tashita, I warned you, did not have the gate.” Saying that Han tinkling does not concede. I had a liking for have been able, what was your family, have you led to prove? No, I have the opportunity, to not, handsome fellow.” Saying that young Qi is not convinced, she said was too direct, unexpectedly directly acknowledged that because she knows that the action was too suspicious, even if she did not acknowledge that everybody also looked comes out. Your upper body is too small, I cannot have a liking for you.” Xia Tian saying gratefully. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Han tinkling quickly smiled the tears. Han tinkling, I warned you, if you smiled again, I really broke ties with you, this time I once more did not know you.” Young Qi's indignant saying, their several usually do not have little mutually quarrels, but after quarrelling several days later, was good. This is a woman. Can play a narrow-mindedness mutually, but if they drank time, each other also very cared. Can let have a thing that the woman breaks off truly, that is a man.

Han tinkling really does not smile, but she very her upper body, has had saying that Han Ling Forest and her elder sister Han Qingqing are the super upper bodies in legend, when she very draws out the upper body, young Qi had almost not been wild with rage. Because contrasts between their two were really too obvious. Hey!” At this moment unharmonious sound behind conveys from Xia Tian together. You who?” Xia Tian has turned the head, very has doubts looked at opposite party one. I am the formula respect.” The side little directly opens the mouth to say. „Do I know you?” Xia Tian said that has turned the head directly, his words said was too optional, hears his words, the surrounding these people were all shocked, his unexpectedly does not know Fang Shao, but did not know that he should also hear a moment ago everybody's words, everybody opposite party little that respects, looked that should know Fang Shao are big figure is right. But his unexpectedly also dares such to disregard Xia Tian. Apologized to young Qi.” The formula respected to stand the Xia Tian front to say directly that he knows these females' relations with the Anna was very good, therefore wanted him for young Qi over, then young Qi will certainly speak the word of praise for him. Saw that Fang Shao were angry, surroundings these people have all encircled. You who?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to formula respect. Snort, I called formula respect.” The formula respected cold snort to introduce itself again. „Do I know you?” Xia Tian asked. Did not know.” The formula respected just wants to say anything again. Did not know that you did speak to me, I did not have the interest to the man.” Xia Tian said that forwarded two steps.

Halts!” The formula respects angrily looked that shouts to Xia Tian. You who?” The affection discussed that looked asked to the formula respect. I said again, I called the formula respect, did the formula respect, understand what is heard?” The formula respect felt the anger of own whole person soon was lit. „Do I know you?” Xia Tian looks like looked SB same looked asked to the formula respect. I know that we did not know, but you must apologize with young Qi, you that was insulting young Qi a moment ago.” The formula respects wickedly looked that asked to Xia Tian. He said that I insulted you, did I insult you?” Xia Tian looked that asked to young Qi. No.” Young Qi very optional saying. Volume.” The formula respects stares slightly, young Qi unexpectedly said does not have, this makes him very obscure, therefore he looked said directly to young Qi: Young Qi, he said on a moment ago you are small.” You above are young, your older sister above is small, your younger sister above is small, your family above is little.” Young Qi looked shouts angrily to the formula respect. Was not I said that was he says.” The formula respect felt one were really too undeserved. „Is that also what kind of? I like him, he said that my anything is good, I do not like you, you dare saying that I am not good.” Young Qi impolite saying, she already knew very this formula respected, this formula respects is a dandy just like, his anything people pursue, young Qi knows that many friends of her side anticipated by this formula respect, but his present unexpectedly also dares to pursue Anna, she naturally cannot give aerobic. Hateful, brat, because of you.” The right hand that the formula respects grasps directly to Xia Tian.