Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 621

The formula respects such grasps, but he suddenly discovered own anything has not caught. Prescription respect, do you want to do?” Anna walked from behind, very discontented looks to the formula respect. Anna.” The formula respect wanted to say anything. Prescription respect, he is tinkling the boyfriend, that is also the friend of mine, if you dare to injure him, I will not let off your, moreover today is my birthday, if you dare to cause trouble, you exit to me.” Anna said that shoves open formula respect directly. The formula respected by a Anna such saying, felt that the entire honor lost completely. You are waiting to me.” The formula respected stared Xia Tian one wickedly, afterward he angrily left to go out of Anna's room. Prescription respected unexpectedly such to walk, his unexpectedly has admitted defeat, how was this possible?” Snort, your this group of idiots, you did not understand the disposition that the formula respects, he left, that showed that he was angry.” Prescription respect was angry, right, the formula respects certainly is the vitality, this boy was miserable.” Surroundings these people know that formula respect leaves is not because he recognized has instigated, because he was angry. You, the formula respect this person to have a grudge to carefully report, petty.” Anna reminded, Anna already knew the formula respected, the formula respected this person to depend in oneself family rich, moreover family's people had to be an official in each region, therefore he never paid attention to anybody, moreover his unfaithful, once some people said specially the formula respect traded the speed of woman to trade the speed of clothes others to be quicker, some people a day had changed three clothes. In the morning, at noon, in the evening. However it is said the formula respected for day to change five girlfriends. His these bad reputation Anna had already heard, when two must mediate this marriage, Anna has rejected directly, but the formula respect heard this marriage time, ran from the overseas directly, he coveted Anna to be very long.

Hears this marriage, naturally directly ran over. Is so fierce, I am not good.” Xia Tian said. Anna, happy birthday.” At this moment, broadcasts together the sound, hears this sound time, on several female faces the disgruntledness, surroundings these people made way a channel. One line of three females walked directly, beautifulness that very these three females dress up, although 20-year-old appearance, but their several will dress up the 30-year-old appearance, they behind with two men. Three people of uniform red tight-fitting Bao Tunqun, are joined to high-heeled shoes, three people of statures perfect shows. Three people threaten, walked directly, their three walk to turn special is fierce. I remember that I have not invited you probably.” Anna has doubts looked that said to that three females, relations between she and these three people may not be good. Such ominously does? Our is not celebrates your birthday.” Is that female corners of the mouth of head slightly one slanting: Has not thought that your Anna is this mean-spirited woman.” Good, here has many eating, your three finished eating can walk.” Anna is disinclined to pay attention to these three females. Anna, we are congratulate your birthday today, you do not want continuously the nest in your family this banquet.” Saying that that three female behind men of disdain. Really is the fish looks for the fish, shrimp looks for the shrimp, the toad looks for the frog.” Anna disdains looked that said to that man. Anna, we have held the banquet in Yue Xian Hotel to you, don't you dare to go?” That man said again. Really was laborious you comes back to give me to celebrate this birthday from afar, what did I have not to dare? Walks.” Anna knows that the goals of these people, these three females are her sworn enemy, but these two men respect to be the same with the formula, is the returned people, but their uniform is not the good thing.

clear(ly) knew is the Hongmen banquet, Anna must go, because did not go to express that she has feared these fellows. Hong rainbow elder sister, here gave you.” Anna looked at Hong rainbow elder sister one eyes, afterward turns the head to continue saying: Tinkling, young Qi, we walks.” Em, relax, here I one will entertain.” Hong rainbow elder sister and the others said. Han tinkling followed Anna together, Xia Tian naturally must with, therefore their four walk toward outside with these females directly together. Fang Shao, they invited Anna.” Saying that a man grovels. Em, did that boy also take?” The formula respects thinks that the boy who makes him admit defeat, he is angry, he pledged that must teach that boy well. „The Anna elder sister knows that is you finds the person to invite, therefore called that boy.” That man respectful saying. Good, I looked how today he is wild.” The formula respects mean saying. Xia Tian their four people rode a car(riage), is Anna's car(riage). But the opposite party five people drove five car(riage)s, moreover that five car(riage)s start around Anna's car(riage) intentionally. Now Anna, you hands over what friend is, goes out can only ride your this car(riage)?” And a female said: Especially that male, goes out also needs to ride the car(riage) of woman, loses face.” Xia Tian finds out glass to show a faint smile own head: Your car(riage) that drives well, your car(riage) must go bad.” Ha, you could not eat the grape to say the racemic acid, my car(riage) was 1 million new cars, possibly to be how bad.” That female laughs was saying, but her unexpectedly had discovered at this moment own car(riage) is burning out.

Fool, told you car(riage) to go bad.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. The three females in car(riage) all stare, Xia Tian this was also too mysterious, he just said that person of car(riage) was bad, that person of car(riage) really went bad. How you know her car(riage) wants badly?” Han tinkling puzzled asking. Intuition!” Xia Tian mysterious smiles. Fuck! three females simultaneously despise to say. Yue Xian Hotel, is in Jiang Hai City a well-known hotel, this hotel most major characteristics is a character are expensive! Generally the people who comes to here to eat meal are some highly placed people and well-known second generations of rich. Tinkling, young Qi, knows why I did call you to come?” Anna looked at their two one eyes to ask. Knows that in the sisters are fiercest on we two mouths.” Han tinkling proud saying, although their several usually always in fight, bickers mutually, if bumps into the enemy time, they will show no external differences. You, the formula respect carefully will definitely let these people in view of your.” Anna reminded. Leads is also a crime.” Saying that Xia Tian regrets.