Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 623

What thing are you? You said that can't not probably arrive to me? I am bent on having to sit.” The female of that wear red personal tutu sat directly. Puff passes! That chair unexpectedly shattered, the female directly sat on the ground. Ah! Ai ya mother!” The mouth of female has sent out a pitiful yell. Bin elder sister, you how?” Other two females held that female directly in the past. Oh, do not bump me, I sat to the thing on probably.” The expression pain of that female, both hands block that two to hold his female hurriedly. Oh, this sorely, moreover under that also has several nails.” Xia Tian has exhibited a very exaggeration the appearance said that but hears his words, all people were all shocked. Why does the stool destroy? Moreover why under will have the nail. Is you, Anna, has not thought that your people are so mean.” moron is matter for a lifetime, we and your several same places come, to have how possibly the time to go to the boundary stool leg to saw up, then sewed the nail below.” Xia Tian speechless saying. ! The formula respected them to shove open the door, when they came, saw that sat is all shocked in that female of ground. Idiot, who makes you sit in this.” The nose that the formula respects has blocked, when he saw the position that scarlet female sits, was shocked thoroughly, he knows that position is representing anything. That stool was supposed mechanism by them, wants to make Xia Tian sit.

„, Is you did.” Appearance that Xia Tian fits out is being suddenly enlighted. Snort, your how many are also gawking doing? Delivers to the hospital her.” The formula respects angry saying. That three men and that two females the injured female will lift the theater box hurriedly, after they leave the theater box, in this time theater box only then five people, Xia Tian their four respected a person with the formula. The formula respects calm sitting there, he knows that own today's these small plans were defeated, but he is impossible to admit defeat. Especially admits defeat to an unauthentic boy. Anna, the following matter, I hopes that do not meddle, this is the matter between men.” The formula respect said, turns the head to look to Xia Tian, he gave himself but actually one cup of hot water. Yeah.” Xia Tian sighed helpless shaking the head. What's wrong? The brat, did you fear?” The formula respect looked that asked to Xia Tian. Regardless of you must do, I have not lost.” Xia Tian very optional saying: I just do not want to make you be any regret in oneself that immature mind.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, boast shamelessly.” Saying that the formula respect disdains: My family has own industry in nearby four cities, casual one is your this whole life is unable to look , the villa, the vehicle, I want many to have many, these ordinary name brands only match to pile in my closet.” Em, then?” Xia Tian very tranquil looks at formula respect. Then? Then you said that what you do have to compare with me?” The formula respects is superior seems to be same, very disdains looks at Xia Tian to ask. My anything does not have.” Xia Tian said. Originally is a pauper, tinkling, you really did not have the personal status more and more, unexpectedly looked for a pauper.” The formula respect said.

I want.” Han tinkling saying of face smiling face. Boy, knows that what the life of rich man is? Why that wants to do, moreover my this does not need to consider that for a lifetime the money enough colored issue, which arrives is respected, Boss of various bureaucratic businessmen places, will give me several points of face.” The formula respect started to show off own capital. „, You are very rich, my money was always not enough to spend, look today to go out in the pocket the 10 cents not to have.” A Xia Tian face envies looks that the formula respect said. Otherwise, you do obeisance me to become the big brother now, I give you to introduce that a work is what kind of? My casual a few words, guarantee your one month of income over ten thousand.” The formula respects felt at this time own existence feeling is high. Because this match with him radically is not a scale. Not in a rank. „Do you have the face very much? Can that introduce a wages high spot to me.” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to the formula respect. Snort, your boy also very selects, are 10,000 unsatisfied?” The formula respected cold snort. Are a little few, insufficiently I casually buy a thing.” Xia Tian shook the head, he exits each time, even if bumps into the auction or wants to buy something, that also needs several million. Extremely arrogant, regarding your such pauper, 10,000 dollars is well-off, your unexpectedly also considers too little.” The formula respects very discontented saying. I acknowledged that I do not have money, but that is not enough to spend.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Thump! Walked the vegetable. After the service people come up, walked the vegetable, their vegetables come up together.

Tidies up here.” The formula respect has referred to that abandonment stool of ground. Fang Shao, we tidy up immediately.” That server said that hears server to call itself Fang Shao, Fang Shao satisfied nod. „Do you know me?” Fang Shao most enjoy is this feeling, which to has to know his. Naturally knew, manager happen to saw you a moment ago, therefore makes us call the 20% discount you, moreover bestows two vegetables, with one bottle of foreign wines.” The servers said: „It is not the precious vegetable, hopes that the side is short of you do not blame.” A service person such saying, simply gives fully side few faces. Regard I have led, for me your managers told that the sound thanks.” Fang Shao satisfied nod. Fang Shao, our managers heard that you came, saying a while can come to propose a toast to you.” The service people said. Hears this saying, Fang Shao were more satisfied, such manager in Freshman hotel, then in Jiang Hai City was also famous big figure, unexpectedly must come to propose a toast to him directly, this gave him simply the face. Em.” Fang Shao nodded intentionally. Meanwhile outside of Yue Xian Restaurant. You have remembered, our Xia Group objective is to let all guests is happy eating meal, happy walking, which guest if anyone of you offended, that should not need me saying that your wages are two times of others family, once you offended these super clients, your wages all have malingered, moreover each department and manager favored to me, every other one hour, reserves a room to propose a toast personally, moreover must deliver the vegetable, the name of which person so long as has listened, that on flattering that giving me makes an effort, opens mouth on hitting., To the full opposite party face, understood what is heard?” The manager in Yue Xian Restaurant shouts. Understood what is heard.” All managers and managers have shouted.