Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 624

Since Yue Xian Restaurant has joined Xia Group, all managers and service personnel have almost traded one then, regardless of here you are the person of any rank, the manager of each floor, is a general manager, must achieve to the customer respects. But these senior leadership also send according to three major stockholders' discussions, before was four major stockholders, now Brother Xiaoma in Jiang Hai City, all common big minor matters is not three major stockholders manages. Present Jiang Hai City, any profession, they are finding the way to join Xia Group, so long as they have joined Xia Group, that goes out to dine to mention this matter to be honorable. Moreover there is a global administration of Xia Group, these by first half refuse stubbornly the enterprise of live enterprise and defeated income, gradually marched into regularly. Even has many lacks the fund company, hopes that can join Xia Group, so long as because they join Xia Group, will then have many people willing to them to invest. Because these people believe that the Xia Group reputation, is not afraid own money to throw away carelessly. Yue Xian Restaurant is a such company, although Yue Xian Restaurant is big, however the daily disbursement is also very big, moreover at that time the management was corrupt, the money of food was also corrupt, even these customers need to arrange the relations with them, was good to have the face. This makes the business of Yue Xian Restaurant more and more bad. Until afterward Yue Xian Restaurant asked somebody to find Xu, Xu the first few words are, joins, but starting today, Yue Xian Restaurant did not turn over to you to manage, you only needed to receive money are OK. Where Boss of Yue Xian Restaurant dares to reject, happy also without enough time, really useless first half month, the business of restaurant was also getting better and better. Was good, the manager and manager of each floor paid attention, now was the integral point, everybody moved together, I went to No. 888 theater box.” The manager in Yue Xian Restaurant looked that said to all people together. Proposing a toast must be the men, moreover in their hands takes is also the value several thousand nice wines, this is also the custom of Yue Xian Restaurant, proposing a toast must bring the liquor to go. Thump!

Comes.” Fang Shao, hello, I am the general manager in Yue Xian Restaurant, heard that you came, respects your one glass of liquor specially.” The general manager in Yue Xian Restaurant said. The formula respects is this, the manager in Yue Xian Restaurant comes to propose a toast. Em, your Yue Xian Restaurant was really will more and more handle matters.” The formula respects saying that keeps up appearances intentionally. Fang Shao, today your vegetable all 20% discount, moreover you came, must present as a gift the vegetable and liquor.” The general manager in Yue Xian Restaurant respected upside-down half glass of liquor to the formula directly. The formula respect took up that half glass of liquor to shake shaking to several other people, seemed was saying that had a look, was my face is big, can discount in such big hotel by the face, delivers the vegetable . Moreover the manager also personally came to propose a toast. That manager proposed a toast to lower formula to respect half cup, this was the politeness of proposing a toast, indicated that respected the meaning of opposite party. General manager direct of Yue Xian Restaurant drinks, then shows a faint smile: Everybody eats slowly, if there is anything to tell, called me.” Em, troubled you.” The formula respects is also saying of smalltalk. When that manager just about to goes out reserves a room, he suddenly stares, he saw sat in inside that man, when he saw this man suddenly gawked: Sir, you are.” He is just a poor devil.” Fang Shao noticed that the manager was asking Xia Tian, he directly saying gratefully. My name was Tashita.” Xia Tian light saying.

Tashita, possibly was my admitting mistakes person, you ate slowly.” The general manager in Yue Xian Restaurant has doubts went out of reserving a room, his brow has been tightening, this person looks familiar very much, looks familiar really very much: Tashita, Tashita, goes the fields, Xia Tian, right, is Xia Tian, Elder Brother Tian.” On the general manager face of that Yue Xian Restaurant has written all over inconceivable, he thought that this person was Xia Group Boss Xia Tian, no wonder a moment ago he looked looks familiar, because he had seen one side Xia Tian, with needs to help Xia Tian handled matters the time together has seen. Boss unexpectedly came to here to eat meal. Thinks of here, he specially excited: All people paid attention, today reserves a room to exempt the list on the 888 th, makes eight specials to deliver to me, delivers one bottle to me here best liquor each type again, said that is the friend of Mr. Tian delivers.” In this time theater box. Boy, how is it? What was the experience to the rich man?” Fang Shao very proud saying, he now also in the excitement, today's face was really too big, he was very satisfied to here, he planned that the later entertainment friend came to here. Em, the face is really big.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. This knows that you were any scale!” Saying that Fang Shao disdain. You know why I do go out do not have money generally?” Xia Tian looked asked suddenly to that Fang Shao. Why?” Side little puzzled asking. Some where because I go to people to treat.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, laughed at me, was your this also others treats? You are just dines, I invited was not you, was Anna they, you are what that I gave you opportunity to look in tinkling the face, otherwise you think that you did have the opportunity to contact the expensive circle?” The formula respect more said is more excited, he felt that he is superior, Xia Tian is just a personal servant, but unexpectedly of this personal servant also had a face to say the one who invited was he.

I think that you possibly misunderstood.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Did I misunderstand? How I had not detected that you are not dine, do you plan to invite this food?” The formula respect was really looks down upon Xia Tian more and more, he thinks Xia Tian not only did not have the skill not to have money, but also liked installing. Other three females have not spoken, they know the words that now interrupts, will only make Xia Tian more awkward. The men when argued this issue with others, if the woman interrupted, that appeared this man is really living by pimping. Although young Qi knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but in her eyes, Xia Tian is quite overbearing, she likes also the overbearing of Xia Tian, but Xia Tian completely was suppressed by the formula respect now, this makes her look very worries. Brother-in-law so is why low-key, he such young became a Xia Group management, this status was very obviously high, but why he did not say.” Han tinkling innermost feelings secretly thought, she also worries, in her opinion at this time, Xia Tian should also all say own merit, this can respect with the formula speaks coordinatedly. Thump! Comes.” The formula respect said. Saw eight service people, in each hand has carried a dish, moreover seemed before delivered completely was not a scale, this appeared makes ready especially upscale, the formula respected asking of doubts: „Haven't we ordered these dishes probably?” These are to deliver.” The service people show a faint smile.