Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 626

Does not go!” Anna rejects directly. Goes, Anna, my brother there you also knows that the position is so irritable, usually not the good booking, today very to allow me to ask my brother to help us subscribe one to reserve a room.” The formula respects gets so far as the place that can boast with great difficulty, he how possibly. Where?” Anna asked. Golden deduction bar.” The formula respect said. Hears the golden deduction bar, the Anna three females were shocked, this is the Jiang Hai City best bar, there will have some big stars to appear frequently, therefore there usually is the most irritable place. Their three have also gone to the golden deduction bar, but cannot subscribe the theater box, there every day specially irritable. Moreover every day will have the different star to perform, every month will have several big stars to appear here, therefore here you, if did not know that several people, cannot subscribe the theater box richly. unexpectedly is the golden deduction bar, goes, must go, we very long had not gone to there.” Young Qi's excited saying. Em, the Anna elder sister, goes to one time.” Han tinkling said. Volume, Tashita? Your what opinion?” Anna looked that asked to Xia Tian. Did not need to ask him, he was my, I went to him to go.” Han tinkling very overbearing saying. Snort, has any extraordinary.” Saying that young Qi envies. „Aren't you hungry? These many delicious, you practice physiognomy in this.” Xia Tian comes up to eat from the vegetable, three females are surprised and look in that keeps that respects as for the formula absolutely does not have the appetite. Everybody eats, these things are very expensive.” Anna said. Three females have also eaten.

You also eat, you're welcome, I invited, did not need you to spend.” Xia Tian very natural saying. Snort! I was full.” The formula respected has been mad full. Fierce, you are Martial Arts Expert in legend, endures the hardships of fieldwork? Otherwise your why thing has not eaten is full.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Hears the Xia Tian words, three females have not smiled to spurt. Snort.” The formula respected must be irritated simply quickly, he knows that he could not look in this face, therefore he is hoping these people a bit faster ate, then went to the golden deduction bar. To there is his world, when the time comes looked how Xia Tian also compares with him, he definitely most has the face there. His elder brother in that definitely meets his face, he does not believe this Tashita really that evil aura, which some people arrives at to invite him. This food, what Xia Tian their four eating is the ten points, eats and drinks extravagantly, even if Anna they are the children of wealthy families, has not ordered such food, most expensive vegetable and liquor, and eats casually. Nearby formula respects, although also wants to eat, but he actually really embarrassedly opens mouth, if he has eaten, he felt that his face lost completely. After the liquor full food is full. „Do we walk?” The formula respect felt one were separated from that devil's lair finally, saw the good food and good wine of full table, oneself was unedible, this was really a suffering. Fang Shao said goodbye.” Saying of floor manager face smiling face. Mr. Tian said goodbye.” The floor manager bowed. When they arrive at downstairs parking lot, the formula respect discovered that Anna they drove a car(riage).

Young Qi, or you ride my car(riage), sits more than one to push, grown man, goes out does not drive.” The formula respected has one to taunt the Xia Tian opportunity with great difficulty. Volume, the Anna elder sister, your car(riage) is six, why will sit four people to push?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Anna. Because the heads of some people were pushed by the gate.” Anna said that boards directly. „, Who is that?” Xia Tian asked that also while boarded. Leaves behind the formula to respect a person to stand there does the vitality. Afterward they have opened a box the car(riage) the golden deduction bar. The golden deduction bar is the Jiang Hai City biggest bar, is the most famous bar, in this bar almost anything has . Moreover the woman who comes to this bar is specially many, generally the woman many bars, naturally man with. Other bar woman has 50, the man has 300-400, but the golden deduction bar is different, it has the quantity limit that the man enters every day, is the time first, only then comes has the opportunity to come, once you exited, that immediately some people come. Hits the analogy woman 500 to 1000, the man only lets 500, naturally golden deduction bar very big, therefore continued certainly this person. This lets among the men and women became compared with the row very big. The men looked at the woman to be many, that went crazy to be the same simply, this made the golden deduction bar more and more irritable, because everybody believed the woman to be many, the man were few, that affirmed that everyone will have meets colorfully. Moreover golden deduction bar is a safest place, regardless of you are the people of multi- cow cannot act unruly here. You said that you outside are the social big brother, is the second generation of rich, official's second generation anything, here is not easy-to-use. Here has here custom, here does not allow others to cause trouble, if you cannot have a liking for anyone, that puts together the bar, lost either recognizes instigated that either walks, once you have caused trouble here, that here security personnel and looked that the person in gathering place will not show mercy.

Moreover it is said here backer is very hard. Therefore here was not always looked up. Xia Tian saw this golden deduction bar time has shocked, this was also too big, wants on big ten times compared with the Sister Hong bar, moreover here everywhere is resplendent in gold and jade green. Big.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Has not come.” Young Qi spits tongue proud saying. Em, I do not know Jiang Hai City unexpectedly also has such big bar.” The place that since Xia Tian went to is the low-grade expense area, the bar goes is also most common that cannot see any big star in that bar, moreover that bar woman goes is completely free. Golden deduction bar is but different, here is the woman goes in must spend, but the gate ticket price compared with small advantage several times of man. We go.” Anna said. Halts! Today the quota of man has filled, if the man wants to go, goes to that side to line up.” The entrance security has blocked Xia Tian directly, then with pointing at has referred to not far away the place, there this time has formed a long line, little said that also has 200-300 people. Snort, I have agreed after meeting the theater box in, is the vast elder brother helps me subscribe.” At this moment the formula respected to walk from behind, his whole face proud saying. Originally is the vast elder brother subscribes, come.” The manner of security had 180 degrees shallowturn. It seems like this vast elder brother is a extraordinary fellow.”