Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 627

The vast elder brother, is not the blood brother who formula respects, but is the elder brother of his uncle family, before mixed in the society, although the skill is not much, but their Fang is rich, therefore gradually also mixed a positive result on the [say / way]. The present is one of the golden deduction bar looks at the gathering place, therefore outside security hears vast elder brother name time, that is very respectful. Because they know that nobody dares to report the vast elder brother's name randomly, before had this kind of person, looked that others reported the vast elder brother name to go, he also reported the vast elder brother's name to mix, but afterward that person was hit not to have the tooth by the vast elder brother's person. Meaning that therefore that two securities have not suspected slightly. Because they know that this person does not dare to hit the vast elder brother's reputation absolutely blindly. Very has the face.” Xia Tian light saying. Snort, which this to, me lets the person who you have a look at anything to be called the face.” The formula respected cold snort, afterward walked toward inside directly, entered the hall in bar, everywhere all was put on a show of peace and prosperity, here was jumps region, inside performs the area, side reserved a room. Here reserving a room establishment interest of , in reserving a room can clear seeing outside situation, what outside actually does not see clearly is. This is the golden deduction bar biggest charm, sits the person in theater box looks like the emperor is ordinary, rules the world. Walks, goes to that side that theater box.” The formula respected to refer to near a left hand theater box directly. Xia Tian and the others followed, after they enter the theater box, the server followed: You are Fang Shao, the vast elder brother told, making us entertain you well.” Em, on first fruit tray and red bar.” The formula respect said. Server hurried exiting end fruit tray and red wine.

Here also is really magnificent, outside looked a moment ago is completely black, however in inside looked that outside unexpectedly is so clear.” Xia Tian surprised saying, he first time sees such bar, in the theater box of this bar was really too crisp. Country bumpkin, has not looked.” Saying that the formula respect disdains. This is characteristics of golden deduction bar, these have not entered the people of theater box not to know that here mystery, but will enter the person of theater box not to share with these people, because they think that this will be the secret that the circle of this rich man can know.” Anna answered. You looked quickly that outside that man is occupying that woman to be cheap.” Young Qi shouts loudly, all people look forward following her finger, at this time in the dance floor, a man makes an effort profits at the expense of the state on the body of that female. That female not only has not revolted, but also is very excited appearance. That female somewhat unusual, should drink many bars.” Han tinkling does not believe that will have this woman, was profited also specially enjoys, even if these wild women, most at least just started also to install to act with constraint. Anything drank, she obviously under yao by person.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Manages them to do, here this matter was too common, these female clear(ly) know that here has this matter occurrence, is still willing to come this, clarified wanted this type exciting.” Saying that the formula respect disdains, at this time he was realm of love Expert seems to be same, has seen through outside all. In golden deduction bar, truly some people frequently under yao, but they do not dare to be too wild, generally only selects the woman who comes alone to start, once because had been discovered by the companion of opposite party, definitely will make, will attract when the time comes to come to see the gathering place. Although looked gathering place usually also turns a blind eye, but these, once the matter were noisily big, they must to the customer a confession, therefore under these yao person hit is very miserable, even some serious will be sent to the local police station directly. Xia Tian stands up directly. „Do you want to do?” The formula respects puzzled looks to Xia Tian.

Comes across this matter, if I also look, I was really not a man.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the theater box directly, he most must not exposed to some people harm the woman with this dirty trick. Who regardless of this woman is, has the relations with him. Saw that Xia Tian exited directly, three females stare, they do not do clearly, why Xia Tian suddenly such had the sense of justice, moreover those words that he spoke a moment ago, made three people approve of. In this case, looks truly is really not the man. Snort, overreaches oneself.” The formula respected cold snort saying that he saw a moment ago, that person was not a person, that nearby sits, with him together. We also exit!” Anna said that walks toward outside directly. Han tinkling their two also followed. The formula respect sees such situation, has with. After Xia Tian walks, arrived at the side of that man and that woman directly, an silver needle shot in female the place of chest, that female was a little immediately sober, when she remembered the matter, suddenly some fear, the hurriedness must escape, but that man sealed up route that she escaped completely. Xia Tian right hand, has hauled in that female his bosom directly. This, posture very charming. That men of that female and her side stare, Xia Tian looked at her one eyes saying: Stands in me behind.”

Brat, minding others'business?” That man arrives at front wicked saying of Xia Tian. Right.” Xia Tian nodded. Han tinkling their three walk, happen to saw Xia Tian a moment ago of Naha air/Qi, these almost made three females worship. Was too graceful.” Young Qi's excited saying. Leads not to relate with you, he is my.” Han tinkling this time entered to play, she regarded Xia Tian is really her man. Is really aggressive enough.” Anna said. Anna, we do not mind others'business, in this is very chaotic, moreover that person has many helpers.” The formula respects with say from behind that he used to point at has referred to nearby that table of people, that table of altogether eight people, were counted this, was nine people, at this time that eight people all walked to here. You court death!” That man knows that behind person has come up, the energy is also foot , a foot tramples directly to Xia Tian, he thinks that the own sudden foot can certainly trample the opposite party to the place, then after the following person comes up, their several can kick this not to know the profound boy together. Bang! Crash-bang! The sediment of beverage bottle fell everywhere is, the leg of that man does not know when fell, at this time his on the head all was the mixture of fragment and blood of beer bottle.