Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 628

Saw that this surrounding person was all shocked, three female whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. They do not do clearly, this seems honest, the delicate person, why will get rid so decisively, a beer bottle has pounded, that man pounded to blossom directly. Xia Tian behind that female is also inconceivable of whole face. I most hate is the man of your this bullying woman.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. At this time that man behind eight people of were also hurriedly ran, they inspected the situation of that man. Mother, today is the hand that you move first, that do not blame us not being impolite, even if one will look that the person in gathering place came, some of our also words said.” That eight person middle distance Xia Tian recent two people directly flushed to Xia Tian. Super must kill the technique invincibly! Dying without a heir foot! The Xia Tian instantaneous two feet kick, the mouth of that two person turned into O, in the both legs Gansu, knelt on the ground. Mother, on together.” The remaining six people directly have also fired into Xia Tian, they radically not hesitant, does not have to examine the situations of these two people, they only know that now cannot recognize instigated, must crush front brat in the imposing manner completely. Super must kill the series technique invincibly. Dying without a heir group foot. The Xia Tian flash kicked six feet, the speed that these six feet kicked was fast, all people did not have look yes what's the matter time, that six people turned with a moment ago that two person same results. At this time Xia Tian behind that female does not know completely should say any was good. The heroes rescue beautiful. Her unexpectedly seemed by this delicate man rescuing.

Thank you!” The females said in a low voice. Please call my Lei Feng.” Xia Tian said. Hit the person! Some people hit the person in the golden deduction bar. How long nobody has dared to begin in the golden deduction bar, although usually also some small friction, but is the person bullies the person to be few generally, therefore that person few can only suffer loss without redress. However today their unexpectedly saw mysterious one. Person unexpectedly all did upside-down nine people, moreover eight kneel on the ground now, has shown the strange posture. Snort, acts recklessly, unexpectedly dares to hit the person in the golden deduction bar.” The formula respected cold snort, waited to look at the good play the appearance, although he does not know that actually Xia Tian how achieved a moment ago. However he guessed that Xia Tian definitely has used any small method, therefore at these talented person meetings move. However, even if was these people hitting to fall face down by him, can that be what kind of? Such big sound already and watches the gathering place security directing. Any person dares to cause trouble here.” The security walked first, but these looked that the people in gathering place are standing in side, this situation generally is the security on first, they bring up the rear, if the security could not solve, they on. Security gentleman, these people gave under me yao, was this gentleman has saved me.” That female hurried going forward answered. „, In other words, was you begins to hit the person here?” Which female that security has not gone to look, but looked that asked directly to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian nodded to say. Knows here custom?” That security asked.

Does not know.” Xia Tian said. I must make you know the custom today.” That security said that in the short club with start to the head of Xia Tian pounds directly. Sees such scene, in several female hearts is one anxious. Wait / Etc., our some people know the vast elder brother.” Anna shouts hurriedly. Hears vast elder brother name time, that security really stopped the movement in hand. That security is also the doubts looks to Anna: „Do you know the vast elder brother?” Em, he knows vast elder brother.” Anna with pointing at has referred to formula respect saying. You may probably know that proposes the vast elder brother's given name randomly, if were discovered is false, your fates may be able to be very miserable.” That security warned. The formula respected to walk from behind directly: Right, the vast elder brother is my brother, but I did not know that this person, you can be optional.” Prescription respect, you went too far.” Anna's angry shouting. Anna, this matter, I cannot control, he has hit the person here, that broke the rule of golden deduction bar, broke the rule naturally to be punished, if we broke others rule, after others, how to open a shop?” The formula respects very negligent saying, he can notice that with great difficulty Xia Tian was tidied up, he without enough time, how may meddle happily. Moreover after his words, the fools could hear a moment ago, he and between Xia Tian has the contradiction, moreover he added one are the vast elder brother's younger brother, that these securities know how should do. If such simple suggestion, they cannot understand continually, their Bai Hun. They must tidy up this boy well. I warned you, if you began, you will certainly regret.” Xia Tian looks that several securities said.

Right? I look at the regret can be you.” Saying that several securities disdain. „Do you also speak the truth, he is a good person, that several are the unprincipled people, you do not cope with them, why must find person's trouble.” That female anxious saying, she knew is front this man had rescued her one time a moment ago, what otherwise she perhaps turned into now. Small girl, makes way, here your matter, that several people's yao under here, we naturally cannot grasp, but he blatantly fights here, this we must give him a lesson.” That several securities walk directly to Xia Tian. Xia Tian right hand, drew directly that female behind: Goes to their several there.” Elder sister.” Han tinkling just about to shouts the Xia Tian brother-in-law, hurriedly changed a statement: You are careful.” Relax!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Young Qi noticed that this time scene a little hoodwinked, he did not do clearly, front overbearing man slightly was not why startled. Prescription respect, if he has any matter, I will not forgive your.” Anna stared the formula to respect one to say. Anna, your this misunderstood me, even if were I do not have that big face, he broke here rule after all, that these people naturally must teach him one.” The formula respects answers hurriedly. At this time periphery these looked that hooligan of gathering place is both hands report shoulder has the interest very looks at front all. hooligan ran to the following theater box, went to give their vast elder brother here situation report. That several securities fire into Xia Tian directly. Yeah, I said that you will certainly regret.” Xia Tian helpless shook the head to say.