Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 629

In following theater box. The vast elder brother in legend is sitting in inside, at this time the population in theater box are not many, the vast elder brother also merely is, the vast elder brother outside absolutely is figure of big brother rank, but at this time in this theater box, the vast elder brother actually appears very low-key, grovelling. Because in front of him sits legendary figure Elder Brother Bao. But Elder Brother Bao in half year developed the most violent social brothers, it is said that he knew mysterious big figure, because this big figure, therefore he can his strength development big of more and more. Boss, here business now is very good, I planned that chatted with Boss, money.” Vast elder brother very respectful saying. Em, should money.” Elder Brother Bao nodded. The Elder Brother Bao present words are getting fewer and fewer, however his reputation is getting bigger and bigger, reason that he knows own present can obtain such big reputation, depends on him to open mouth to coax, before he was only one small looked at the gathering place. Although the little brother also has, but has no way to compare with Jiang Hai City most famous anything Brother Xiaoma and fire that. Radically is not a scale. Afterward Brother Xiaoma and influence of fire has all dismissed, this made Jiang Hai City present the new pattern. Also at this time, Jiang Hai City presented super cow B figure. This figure name is Xia Tian. Elder Brother Bao had almost been at that time scared, because he remembers that he has offended this Xia Tian, moreover Liu Dui also died because of this Xia Tian, he knows himself, although a little person, but absolutely did not have the means compared with this Xia Tian. Is good is attached to because of the heaven his, has given him an once in a thousand years good opportunity.

Xia Tian unexpectedly gathering place that went to him to look at has drunk, how he can not display. Therefore he sent for sending to various types of various types of good wines and hors d'oeuvres. Serves various types to arrive, this makes him in the Xia Tian front big rose the honor, afterward Xia Tian also personally commended him, this makes him feel that he is the Xia Tian little brother, therefore his wainscot also straightened up. From then on, he has not taken anyone, where regardless of arrives is very extremely arrogant, several times have bumped into some big figure, these people have almost killed him, but he in the most crucial time said one are the Xia Tian little brother. These big figure, not only has not felt embarrassed him, but also on own initiative started to become friends with him. This made him taste the feeling of bullying the weak by relying on powerful connections, but he was wholehearted wish, when Xia Tian little brother, but did not have the opportunity. Thump! Comes in!” The vast elder brother shouts. Vast elder brother, some outside people causes trouble.” Some people cause trouble, solves, does this minor matter also need to ask me? I raise you to be useful.” Vast elder brother wicked saying, he felt that this makes itself not have the face in Boss' front very much, such selects minor matter unexpectedly also to report him. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Elder Brother Bao opened the mouth. Boss, these matters are very easy to solve.” The vast elder brother thinks that Elder Brother Bao was angry, therefore answered hurriedly. „Isn't this is a very good excuse? We have a look, one matter, then you will exit to solve the matter intentionally noisily greatly, this can demonstrate you do is very good, this Boss naturally must add money.” Elder Brother Bao said.

Boss is wise.” The vast elder brother said. Outside theater box. That several securities have fired into Xia Tian directly, their this times were the plan hit to Xia Tian directly remnantly. Xia Tian has not spoken, he knows that the excessive low key will make people feel one were spiritless, if stands the person at this time here is not he, but is others, the person who then behaves righteously must be hit by them remnantly. Therefore Xia Tian plan well teaches these people. Bang! Xia Tian rushed directly, fights with the fists in flushing on most front the face of that security, that security by Xia Tian was knocked down directly, his left tooth all flew. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Under all person all inconceivable vision, these insurance safely by Xia Tian was knocked down, his fist, moreover each fist will hit to fly one of them 's tooth directly. Anything!!” The formula respects inconceivable of whole face, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, this skill simply was Expert of Special Force rank, but on his face had the happy expression immediately: Brat, you ended, this time your ended, no one could save you, your unexpectedly has injured here security, you were declaring war to here person, I told you, my brother is will certainly not let off your.” The security that surroundings these watch the fun also all was shocked, they have not thought front this person unexpectedly such violence, these security unexpectedly such relaxed by him directly was knocked down. Fishing net!” Suddenly some people shout one. Surrounding these hooligan all walked, came out all of a sudden more than 20 people . Moreover the increasing number of people from walked in all directions.

At this time the Xia Tian surroundings presented four sides the fishing net, but this fishing net was the iron wire has made, was hard, this was here these hooligan studies specially, they had also bumped into some hard stubbles before, therefore they after looking to shoot carved the variant companion have invented this fishing net. Can trig Zhou Botong such Expert in Return of the Condor Heroes inside fishing net, they also used fishing net in the reality, the uniform many skill good people. Regardless of these person of strengths are much strong, so long as by fishing net in dire straits, that is were winged unable to fly. Boy, you are without a fight, nobody can run away to obtain fishing net, you could rest assured that we will only break your arm and leg, will not want your life.” hooligan opens the mouth saying that he said very relaxed. Will only break the arm and leg. His words as if were saying that preserved the life is we grants to you best gift. You think really ate to decide me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that hooligan. That was natural, person who I saw have the fine athlete like you, depended is in itself the veteran, or practices several days later Martial Arts, dares to act unruly here, but their final fates were the same, was broken the arm and leg, you will have the same fate with them today.” That hooligan said. Was bad, was bad, what to do can this?” Young Qi's anxious saying. All right, will certainly not have the matter, brother-in-law there fierce, certainly will not have the matter.” Han tinkling innermost feelings anxious shouting, simultaneously she is anxious kept wandering about aimlessly. Prescription respect, do not go too far, quickly asks your elder brother to stop their behaviors, but Tashita tinkling boyfriend, if Tashita has an accident, I and tinkling will hate you for a lifetime.” Anna said loudly. He he, my brother came, you had the matter him to tell that I could not control in any case.” The formula respect saw walks vast Elder Brother that from behind.