Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 630

Vast elder brother came.” Hears some people to shout the vast elder brother came time, all people all look to behind. Who is the vast elder brother? That is hard to get hold can barely catch a glimpse of big figure, they have not thought that this time matter unexpectedly has also alarmed the vast elder brother. These jump person also to see a play in the one side, now heard the vast elder brother to come, they also all looked to here, they were just to hear the vast elder brother's reputation before, but has not actually looked at the vast elder brother's person. Vast elder brother, the unexpectedly vast elder brother, I have not seen the vast elder brother.” What person today finally some opportunities see the vast elder brother are, I heard before the vast elder brother is appearance very handsome society brothers.” I had seen a vast elder brother, but that is the long time ago matter.” The surrounding person is saying of whooping. The formula respected is hurriedly walked: Elder brother, you came.” Em, you with this understanding?” The vast elder brother has doubts looked that asked to the formula respect. No, elder brother, we not only did not know, but.” The formula respect shows a faint smile, the vast elder brother nodded, understood meaning that the formula respects, his meaning is very simple, was saying, we not only did not know, but also had a grudge. Although they are not the blood brother, but the vast elder brother is also the comparison has been covering the formula respect . Moreover the formula respects in the family is very rich, one of the reasons why this is the vast elder brother is also covering him. Vast elder brother's little brother, sees this person is really the vast elder brother's younger brother, understands how should do. Since this person has a grudge with the vast elder brother's younger brother, they naturally must attendance well one, best be consider the life unable to take care of oneself, feces and urine incontinence. Prescription respect, you are mean!” Anna's angry shouting. Prescription respect, who we may be today see clearly you are, has not thought that your unexpectedly is a like this mean villain.” Young Qi looks that the formula respect said.

I will not let off your.” Han tinkling clenches teeth to say. Their three understand that the formula respects the significance that those words represented a moment ago, he not only has not asked favor, but also told that vast elder brother intentionally him and between Xia Tian has a grudge, the little brother who let the vast elder brother coped with Xia Tian maliciously. I may anything not say.” The formula respect has exhibited a very innocent appearance. At this time these vast elder brothers' these little brothers have used fishing net Xia Tian all round surrounded. Your boy can, unexpectedly injure my these many people.” Vast elder brother stand forth, sees the ground is lying down these securities, he is also a little surprised, the wounds of these securities may be heavy, moreover hit to fly. This showed that front fellow, compared with fierce that on past these caused trouble some. But he has fishing net, therefore is not afraid Xia Tian. At this time stands in fishing net middle Xia Tian has not spoken, but looked to vast elder brother's behind one person, that person also saw Xia Tian, when he saw Xia Tian was inconceivable of face. Stop, stops to me.” That person Elder Brother Bao. What thing you are, share that here some you spoke?” The formula respect hears some people to shout stops, immediately very discontented saying, he does not know Elder Brother Bao, that he immediately can see Xia Tian now hit, he has made how possibly the person disturb. Hears words that the formula respects, on the vast elder brother's forehead has flowed off the sweat: Old.” ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, the one who hits the person is Elder Brother Bao, hit is the formula respect, sees such scene, the person who surroundings these watch the fun was also shocked. „Was that person insane? His unexpectedly Lian Haoge younger brothers dare to hit.” Today person not awfully are really many, everybody saw a moment ago, this person is the vast elder brother's younger brother, but his unexpectedly also dares to begin.”

Died, he died.” The person who these watch the fun does not know Elder Brother Bao, therefore they think that Elder Brother Bao such does with courting death not to have what difference. You dare to hit me, your unexpectedly dares to hit me, do you know that who my brother is? The vast elder brother, here best person, your unexpectedly also dares to hit me, this time you died.” The formula respects angrily looked that said to Elder Brother Bao. I go to Damn B.” A Elder Brother Bao foot trampled to fly formula respect directly, Elder Brother Bao was also a little Kungfu background person, this foot trampled, may trample heavy. The formula respected lies on the ground directly, the front tooth has made an intimate contact to the ground, knocked half directly. Elder brother, revenges to me.” The tears that the formula respects flowed, moreover his spoke oneself to feel that own mouth leaked out. Boss.” The vast elder brother ran hurriedly. Hears this vast elder brother called this person Boss time, scene complete silence. Vast elder brother's Boss? Actually this is what existence, but the formula respected unexpectedly to dare to scold him a moment ago. Goes, shivers to me his tooth.” Elder Brother Bao said to behind two that two people moved toward the formula respect directly, afterward they started their mission. Ah! Ah! The pitiful yell sound, all people all were shocked continuously, these two person unexpectedly stiffly respected the full mouth tooth to shiver the formula with the hammer. Nearby vast elder brother, looks at this tragedy, but he actually does not dare to say the words. You boil to me.” Elder Brother Bao points at these to take the person of fishing net to shout.

These people have several leaders to know Elder Brother Bao, other people did not know, but they hear their eldest children to call the Elder Brother Bao Boss, they naturally do not dare to neglect, has put down the fishing net in oneself hand hurriedly. Boss, was I have made a mistake, my eye was blind, unexpectedly taught such subordinate, you punished me.” Elder Brother Bao unexpectedly knelt in the Xia Tian front directly. This scene was really too shocking. The vast elder brothers and his these little brothers could not say any a few words at this time. The surrounding person was more and more puzzled. The vast elder brother is legendary figure, these people see a vast elder brother, that is much more excited, but vast elder brother unexpectedly others' little brother, when everybody when guessed that actually this big figure is whose. Inconceivable appears in people at present. This big figure unexpectedly has knelt down to the person of that causing trouble directly, moreover opens mouth is the Boss. I am not you am big!” Xia Tian light saying. Boss, you can not recognize me, however in my heart, you forever is my Boss.” Elder Brother Bao said directly. „, I cannot control your thought as you like.” Xia Tian said. Many thanks Boss.” Elder Brother Bao excited saying, a Xia Tian such saying, this was Xia Tian has tacitly consented to him in his heart, therefore he stood up directly, looked to that vast elder brother, when the vast elder brother saw the Elder Brother Bao look, entire body retreat cannot help but two steps.