Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 631

The vast elder brother did not have that big brother Jianghu imposing manner at this time again, his entire back all was the cold sweat. He can guess that who this person is, because on Jianghu, everybody has listened to the name of this person, because of this person, Elder Brother Bao can have the present status, but his unexpectedly offended a such person at this time, he even must break the arm and leg of this person a moment ago. This and courts death to have anything to distinguish. You are not short with time that I mix, leaves behind a thing, will appear then never in Jiang Hai City.” Elder Brother Bao coldly looked that said to vast elder brother. Hears the Elder Brother Bao words, the surrounding these people all reported the breath. Ah! The vast elder brother starts very quickly, a blade chopped directly on own pinky, he knows that this was Elder Brother Bao to the opportunity that he went on living, therefore he did not have any opportunity. After cutting own little finger, the vast elder brother bowed to Elder Brother Bao left the golden deduction bar afterward. Xia Tian saw that vast elder brother's form, went out of the bar, he does not think really the matter noisily becomes this. Wait / Etc.!” Is shouted by female who Xia Tian rescued a moment ago hurriedly. But Xia Tian walked, she ran hurriedly. Han tinkling three females completely were shocked, all that had a moment ago were really too inconceivable, seemed like watching the movie to be the same, all were that the legends. Tinkling, isn't he a boyfriend?” Anna tinkling in the expression saw from Han that she did not know about this Tashita. Volume, he is my elder sister's boyfriend, I deliberately considered that a belt boyfriend comes not to have the face, therefore.” Han tinkling awkward saying, she knows that could not conceal the truth, because he knows about oneself this brother-in-law was really too few.

Therefore she has exposed. „Did brother-in-law, marry?” Young Qi excited saying. „Do you want to do? I warned you, you did not have opportunity, even if my elder sister they were not good, that also had me.” Han tinkling indignant saying. That i.e. has not married, it seems like I have the opportunity.” Young Qi's excited saying, she also thinks Xia Tian is Han tinkling the boyfriend, she pours snatches really embarrassed, after all she is not Anna, but heard that now Xia Tian is Han tinkling elder sister's girlfriend, she may not use politely, she tinkling the elder sister is not ripe with Han. „, Your older sister's boyfriend.” Anna shows a faint smile. You must do, I told you, he was our sisters.” Han tinkling runs to outside. The female who after that was rescued by Xia Tian pursues, did not see the Xia Tian trace thoroughly, after Han tinkling their several come out, has not discovered Xia Tian, afterward Han Lingling has made a phone call, finally Xia Tian was talking over the telephone. Xia Tian, I need to help.” Qi Huan, you? Will Expert like you also encounter the difficulty?” I met have troubled greatly, recently how China Quicksand did not know, Assassins group that started to hunt and kill the world, our these SSS level Assassins also became the goals that they mainly hunted and killed.” Is Quicksand? What person but in Quicksand also has to you to pose the threat besides Yin Nie?” „A person, Quicksand vice- leader.” „Who is that?”

Is a very terrifying person, he is very mystical, even if the status of this person is Quicksand inside person also few people knows, but I heard that he is a (spear|gun) god.” (Spear|Gun) god, interesting, what do you need me to make?” Aids me at the airport, so long as I step into Jiang Hai City, that Quicksand vice- leader does not dare to get rid to me, because Jiang Hai City has the protection of Yin Nie.” Good! You when?” „After two hours.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, went to special Operations Office directly, he wanted Sniper Rifle, after Lin Bingbing hears this matter, inquired whether Xia Tian needs to help. Xia Tian said after a minor matter, left. He does not want to allow the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person to participate specially, because this is not cracking a joke, Quicksand vice- leader, this quite therefore Quicksand second Expert. Copes with such Expert, if the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person gets rid specially, this simply and brings death not to have what difference. „The Quicksand vice- leader, this is a tough battle.” Xia Tian in specially Operations Office fully-armed, afterward hurries to the airport directly, he knows that own this time must face super Expert. Because Qi Huan had helped him, moreover he and Qi Huan are friends, he knows Qi Huan , if no in the situation of life and death crisis, will not ask him to help. Since Qi Huan has opened the mouth, Xia Tian will not reject absolutely. Xia Tian directly has not resisted Expert of Quicksand Leader above rank, naturally, he is Bai Yu has hit, but that is not the life-and-death fight, therefore he has not used with Bai Yu fully.

However Xia Tian has also experienced Quicksand the strengths in these true Expert. He knows, if fully, only if the use changes the ability of body, otherwise he possibly is not the Bai Yu match, but Bai Yu does not have the status of this vice- leader to be high in Quicksand, in other words his strength is impossible to have this vice- leader. Also wants strong match compared with Bai Yu. A (spear|gun) god, Xia Tian has asked for advice the Quicksand these marksmanship Expert strengths, the marksmanship of these people are, is not weak in Xia Tian, but these people's small Leader status in Quicksand are not. Thus it can be seen their marksmanship and this (spear|gun) god radically are not a rank. „Is (spear|gun) god, actually what strength? Today finally can experience, perhaps he can make me experience to one uses brand-new Realm of (spear|gun).” Xia Tian is this, he clearly knows the great strength of match, but in heart not any fear, instead specially excited. He likes with various Expert battles, especially different types of people, ordinary Martial Arts Expert, uses the different weapons, Maoshan sends this person, or uses (spear|gun) Expert to the Quicksand vice- leader like this. In his heart anticipated very that anticipated one can bump into a such strong match. „The Quicksand vice- leader, father also with the (spear|gun), who I but actually must have a look at our two.” Xia Tian excited saying, in his heart anticipated very that his marksmanship thinks is exquisite incomparable, in addition X-Ray Vision eye ability. He does not believe one will lose to others in the marksmanship. Wei Guang, father, if kills your vice- leader, I want to know that what very much your expression can be.” Xia Tian fast hurries to the airport, what this time he brings is most heavy-caliber Sniper Rifle . Moreover the bullet that he takes is also an armor piercer, the anti-tank grenade and pistol, this time must meeting well the Quicksand (spear|gun) god.