Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 632

Xia Tian has very big confidence to oneself, he believe his marksmanship not weakly in any person, although he does not know that actually Quicksand the vice- Chief will have any skill, but he believes that he will have X-Ray Vision eye super superiority, he will certainly not compare that vice- Chief skill difference. Although I am very confident to myself, but I will not be absolutely negligent, after all he is higher than Bai Yu in the Quicksand status.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he absolutely is not that conceited person . Moreover the opposite party is a mysterious (spear|gun) god. Earth Grade Expert imaginary god corrupt wolf Qi Huan asks him to help, thus it can be seen, this (spear|gun) god definitely has his originality. This time imaginary god corrupt wolf Qi Huan, on an airplane , he although this coming very secret, but he , on the airplane has concentrated on, because he did not determine when one will be killed. He is Earth Grade Expert, but he also has the fear time. Quicksand! China most greatly strongest Assassins organization, is in the world one of the most formidable Assassins organizations, the Quicksand mission finish rate is more than 70%, although the mission finish rate is not highest, mission that but they meet is actually most difficult. Assassinates Earth Grade Expert mission they also to meet. Quicksand Chief Wei Guang is one of the China four big Expert, vice- Chief is also a mysterious (spear|gun) god, nobody knows his marksmanship well, but as we all know, so long as generally he has gotten rid, that mission absolutely will not be defeated. He is in Quicksand one by the person most frightened object. This Quicksand the Assassins organization to world gets rid suddenly, the flash has ruined three large-scale Assassins organizations and more than ten middle-and-small Assassins organizations. SSS level Assassins that Qi Huan is at organized seven blades to be extinguished, the combatant only then a Qi Huan person lived to run away, but Bao Nu and girl, were already hidden the overseas to go by him, therefore did not have the matter.

The Mafia that Mo Li is also annihilated, the Mo Li life and death does not know. This destroyed completely SSS level Assassins organization altogether three, third is more miserable, in the entire organization all people all died. Quicksand gets rid, is great writer. This news has caused a stir in the Assassins organization of world directly, even many Assassins organizations collaborated to resist Quicksand, but Quicksand unexpectedly has not begun once more, but after destroys completely these Assassins organize, completely has withdrawn China. Qi Huan has become a fugitive for three days, finally he found the opportunity to return to China, and sitting flew to the Jiang Hai City airplane, he knows, so long as entered in the Jiang Hai City range successfully, then the Quicksand vice- leader absolutely does not dare to continue to get rid to him. Because Yin Nie had said that has any Earth Grade Expert to dare to bring to kill the heart to step into Jiang Hai City, he will pursue to the ends of the earth will not let off that person. The Quicksand person understands Yin Nie compared with anybody, therefore that Quicksand vice- leader will not enter Jiang Hai City absolutely. So long as he and Wei Guang does not get rid, that Qi Huan absolutely is safe. I will certainly revenge for you.” Qi Huan has remembered then scene, all people died, before these , the person who he is familiar with and knew that his person all died, Quicksand has sent out several hundred Expert, has only used day, organizes seven blades to destroy SSS level Assassins that he was at completely. The Quicksand person will inform the opposite party before getting rid, I must extinguish you, this in others opinion is the behavior of idiot, because the opposite party will certainly have the protection, but Qi Huan afterward knows that the Quicksand person is this goal, he must make you have the protection, personnel outside all will recall, this can catch the whole lot in a dragnet. Quicksand, my Qi Huan pledged that my lifetime must extinguish your Quicksand.” Qi Huan innermost feelings angry shouting.

The airplane has been away from Jiang Hai City to be getting more and more near, he knows that he has spent that big Kungfu, the Quicksand person definitely does not know what he sits is this airplane, therefore he is safe temporarily, does not need to be worried that on the airplane has the bomb wait / etc. similar situations. Although he is Earth Grade Expert, but Earth Grade Expert is unable to live in the explosion, moreover had not killed him, such high upper air fell also plunges to death him. Xia Tian, I do not know that curls you are the good deed or the misdemeanor, but you are the only hope that I live, you are one can create the person of miracle, therefore I detained the life on you, if our two both did not die, after my life, was your, if you died because of me, I went to hell to apologize to you.” Qi Huan innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows the opposite party, although does not know which airplane that one ride, however after under the airplane, the opposite party definitely knows. When the time comes he wants to arrive in the Jiang Hai City city is very troublesome from the airport safely. He knows that the Quicksand person is not a fool, once the Quicksand person wants to get rid to cope with him, that is the Quicksand vice- leader gets rid absolutely, because several other SSS level Assassins organizations are also the Quicksand vice- tie person do. Qi Huan does not know one called Xia Tian to arrive at the bottom is to or is not right, he was afraid also to involve Xia Tian, if Xia Tian, because he has had an accident, his crime may be big, but he has not wanted dead now, he wants to revenge, therefore his only means look for Xia Tian, because of him here only then such a friend. Moreover Xia Tian is one is good at creating the person of miracle. I must live, I must go on living.” The Qi Huan innermost feelings shout loudly. He said to himself that he must go on living, therefore he chooses to hold this slim chance of survival, he Xia Tian telephones, intentionally the Quicksand vice- leader said that he does not want to conceal Xia Tian, if Xia Tian does not help him, he will not say anything, after all who heard that has a such strong match, will have the avoidance at heart, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly complied. He just started is just wants to try, but Xia Tian complied, hears that moment that Xia Tian complies with, he relaxed. Probably was he really safe was the same.

Xia Tian is just one also wants the weak boy compared with his strength obviously, but Xia Tian can actually bring the security sense to him. The airplane finally arrived in the Jiang Hai City airport. Xia Tian is waiting for Qi Huan in the airport, he hides the thing in a long backpack, this backpack cannot hide the truth from the security check, therefore Xia Tian has revealed the credential of oneself specially Operations Office chief teacher directly. Checking after airport, credential real, therefore these security personnel have not felt embarrassed him. Qi Huan is seeing Xia Tian that moment, at heart specially happy: From now henceforth, my life is your.” No, your life is your, you is a my brother, I naturally must come.” Xia Tian understands the meaning of Qi Huan. At this moment, they felt suddenly periphery has very strong crisis.