Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 636

Bang! When the Quicksand vice- leader runs forward, he has bumped into a booby mine, although the booby mine is not big to his threat degree, but he must take very big effort to shunt. This let cause him to waste a lot of time. Hateful!” The Quicksand vice- leader himself is a super sniper, his power of observation compared with normal person on many, although is the black day, but he had found these thunder placing positions fast. Bang! Bang! The pistol that he left directly hit on the thunder. Bang! Bang! Nearby thunder blasted out. He may useless Sniper Rifle hit, his Sniper Rifle bullet round 500,000, he does not have that big head, even if he is Quicksand vice- Chief, cannot head great accomplishment this, say to open fire on to open fire. Therefore he used the pistol to detonate the thunder, his pistol was also most Advanced that. Wei Guang regarding this vice- leader, but looks after very much, once in the world presented any super weapon, is tired with the firearms, Wei Guang will not hesitate at all costs, makes the thing, can buy buys, cannot buy snatches. These booby mines to some average person also functions, but regarding the Quicksand vice- leader, the function is not big, can only delay the little time. Xia Tian pursued while this time. Qi Huan sees Xia Tian to pursue, is relaxed, he first had not walked, comes up in this grade of Qi Huan. You safely good, our two run away quickly.” Qi Huan opens the mouth to say. Does not run away.” Xia Tian by said on the tree directly. Doesn't run away? Does your meaning want to follow one him? But his ambush distance compared with our two both far, his (spear|gun) firing distance is in your hand that two times, moreover his bullet might compared with your mostly, us could not spell.” Qi Huan said.

Could not spell to sneak attack hardly, do not tell me you to camouflage are not an expert.” Xia Tian looked that said to Qi Huan. This, the especially black day, is actually very easy to camouflage.” Qi Huan selected. This was not simple, waits for him to come the time, our two sneak attack, I do not believe his near body so to be good.” Xia Tian said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place. His movement was too quick, Qi Huan hoodwinked. shit, which did you hide?” Qi Huan has swept. Do not move, you must kick me, I am the pile of grass before your foot.” Xia Tian said. Island Country Ninjutsu and stage prop, have not thought that your this thing has.” Saying of Qi Huan admiration. Makes on Islander that before kills, I felt that will be certainly useful, made the person stay behind to me.” Xia Tian explained: You also a bit faster hide, how long that booby mine cannot delay his.” Good!” Qi Huan said that complete depended personally on the tree, the clothes turned the whole person probably to turn into part of tree outward. shit you also meet Island Country Ninjutsu.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Although the Island Country true skill is not much, however their side doors are good, therefore I studied, you used the reserved law to hold in the breath, was reduced by own body temperature, otherwise our two could not escape from the search of his hot feeling meter.” Qi Huan said. The reserved law is only then Inner Strength Expert the method of meeting, uses the reserved law to be able by own respiratory arrest, body temperature rapidly drops, looks like a deceased person is the same. The temperature of such body surface with the surrounding climate change, the hot feeling meter nature will not come out on the search. After two minutes, the Quicksand vice- leader really pursued, this Xia Tian saw clearly, this Quicksand vice- leader unexpectedly is the 70-year- old person, his hair is very short, but above is Bai Cha, on the face has written all over the years of vicissitudes. Kill! When that Quicksand vice- leader rushes to Xia Tian side them, Xia Tian and Qi Huan also get rid.

Quicksand vice- leader unhurriedly has aimed at Xia Tian the muzzle directly. Such near distance he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian also has living opportunity. Roar! When he can take away the trigger immediately successfully, a giant lion roar transmits, afterward formidable air current flew the Quicksand vice- leader volume directly. Lion roar merit.” The Quicksand vice- leader stands firm personal appearance coldly looks at Xia Tian and Qi Huan. Compared with imagination in thorny.” Xia Tian that flash thinks a moment ago really one must die without doubt, he has not thought that such near distance, this Quicksand vice- leader can also achieve such quickly launches the attack . Moreover the opportunity grasps just, the muzzle aims at Xia Tian while the opportunity that the Xia Tian body has not come to a stop. Such near distance does not need to aim, if his (spear|gun) hit Xia Tian a moment ago, Xia Tian must die without doubt. Was good has gotten rid because of Qi Huan at crucial moments, has rescued a Xia Tian life. Snort, unexpectedly wants to play the sneak attack with me, but also installs such looks like, you think that near body did fight can win me? Really laughs.” The vice- leader right hand of Quicksand is taking Sniper Rifle, the left hand is taking the pistol, simultaneously has aimed at Xia Tian and Qi Huan. Qi Huan, Inner Strength manifestation, with fully.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, the right hand double refers to selecting directly, the [gold/metal] blade of left hand also instantaneously throws. Gold blade speed that the left hand throws very quick. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Inner Strength manifestation, lion claw. Two formidable Inner Strength go to the Quicksand vice- leader bang directly. Snort, do you think me unable?” Quicksand vice- leader cold snort, both hands simultaneously to open fire.

Inner Strength manifestation! Bullet. The surroundings of that two bullet presented two giant bullet empty shades. His unexpectedly use bullet has sent out Inner Strength manifestation, this was really too terrifying. Bang! Bang! Inner Strength manifestation all hit in one, the Inner Strength manifestation of lion claw and that pistol of Qi Huan, the bullet hit in one, changed into together destroyed. However Xia Tian that side situation may not be good. The vice- leader right hand of Quicksand is taking, but Sniper Rifle, what he makes is 501,000 rounds of bullets, the might is very powerful, moreover his Inner Strength manifestation also be too more than Xia Tian, therefore Xia Tian Finger of Consonance Second Layer was routed instantaneously. Flickers the body technique! When the attack of Quicksand vice- leader must hit Xia Tian immediately, Xia Tian flickered the body technique to shunt, actually a moment ago Xia Tian all movements were simultaneously the uses. dāng! The [gold/metal] blade cuts on Sniper Rifle that directly, in Quicksand vice- has commanded. Sniper Rifle separated from the middle directly. Succeeded!” Xia Tian excited saying, his goal was Sniper Rifle, he knows, once they simultaneously launched the attack, that Quicksand vice- leader will certainly covet, wants him, as soon as struck to kill, therefore Xia Tian also settled on this opportunity, has cut off Sniper Rifle of Quicksand vice- leader. I must kill you