Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 637

The (spear|gun) of Quicksand vice- leader broke. By the Xia Tian [gold/metal] blade cutting off. Saw this, the Quicksand vice- leader whole person there, his (spear|gun) unexpectedly will cut off by others, at this moment he felt the unprecedented shame. He is the China first (spear|gun) god. But his unexpectedly has not protected including own (spear|gun). He had also fought with many Earth Grade Expert before, but these people died under his (spear|gun) finally, no person can injure to his (spear|gun). Inner Strength manifestation! Lion claw! Qi Huan has sent out own attack instantaneously. Hateful, I must kill you.” Vice- leader angry shouting of Quicksand, now his thorough was enraged, a (spear|gun) makes directly. Inner Strength manifestation, bullet. Bang! The bullet makes directly, Inner Strength manifestation of both sides instantaneously by mutually neutralize. Vice- leader right hand of Quicksand fast puts out a (spear|gun) in the waist once more, commencing fire. Walks!” Xia Tian drinks left hand Finger of Consonance Second Layer to use greatly instantaneously. Bang! The formidable finger empty shade appears in the midair together, the Quicksand vice- leader confirmed Inner Strength manifestation of Xia Tian use not real, therefore he has not cared, the direct (spear|gun) makes. Bang!

Inner Strength manifestation, bullet. When he thinks both sides will counter-balance mutually, he suddenly discovered that bullet unexpectedly flew directly. The Quicksand vice- leader dodges hurriedly. This dodges, Xia Tian and Qi Huan all escaped. Hateful, I certainly will kill next time you.” Vice- leader wicked saying of Quicksand, he has not pursued, did not have Sniper Rifle, he is pursues the function not to be big, looks at the ground half Sniper Rifle, on his face has written all over the hate. He has picked up ground two half Sniper Rifle, left directly. mission failure. Xia Tian that run, has anchored the footsteps directly! You how?” Qi Huan puzzled asking. I consume was too big, most starts to escape, is the use that keeps flickers the body technique, this will make the body have very big load, in addition afterward the long-term usage different skills, this to my loss was very big, I did not have the strength to run now.” Xia Tian in gulps is panting for breath. Actually what consumes to him is biggest is final that Finger of Consonance Second Layer. He was the left hand used a moment ago, the might was outstanding, simultaneously Inner Strength lost also very in a big way, he completely has not controlled the ability of left hand now, therefore will directly take away the larger part Inner Strength. I carry you, our two a bit faster leave here.” Qi Huan draws directly to Xia Tian. Stops, I am not Mt. Duanbei get down, I do not do the base, I am walk, that fellow does not certainly dare to pursue, his Sniper Rifle did not have, if he pursues now, suffers a loss absolutely, my marksmanship is not a vegetarian.” Xia Tian shook Sniper Rifle in oneself hand to say. This fights very thrillingly, they are not almost able to live are returning to Jiang Hai City, although they were living, but their present whole bodies are the wounds. Xia Tian has created the miracle, Qi Huan is very clear, if no Xia Tian, he must die without doubt, that Quicksand vice- leader is quite fierce.

Hey, your move of lion roar merit is very fierce.” Xia Tian said. That is the unique skill, is very big to the Inner Strength consumption . Moreover the kill zone is too broad, therefore appears the underkill.” Qi Huan answered. Has not thought that the Quicksand vice- leader is so fierce.” Xia Tian says with emotion, after he thought near body, can kill that Quicksand vice- leader, but the genuine near body later Xia Tian had discovered that his marksmanship is that fierce, moreover he is also Earth Grade Expert, the familiarity of his spear-play was too strong, the experience of fight was also too rich. Therefore Xia Tian they still do not have any opportunity. Can be cut off his (spear|gun), this already very extraordinary, others, if heard that you broke the (spear|gun) of Quicksand vice- leader, that surprisedly will die simply, he is not first time assassinates Earth Grade Expert, but these people almost linked his surface not to see die.” Qi Huan answered. Their this turned back in the Xia Tian family. Qi Huan, asking you to help.” After proficient, Xia Tian has thought of a great idea suddenly. Said that between I and you do not exist to help.” Qi Huan said. Helps me train my these brothers.” Xia Tian found one to have Earth Grade Expert of time with great difficulty, how he possibly lets up such good opportunity. But Qi Huan SSS level Assassins, is Earth Grade Expert, his strength and operational experience, that is very terrifying, has him to help to train Little Fei they, that Little Fei their strength certainly rapid growths. In China, Earth Grade Expert was extremely rare. The person of general practicing martial art can have Profound Grade Master to exit to boast, if there is half Earth Grade Expert Master, that can walk sideways simply. Now Xia Tian makes Qi Huan help to train Little Fei they, the speed of that strength promotion certainly is fast. Good!” Qi Huan yo the rejection, had not complied very happily, rescues his moment in Xia Tian, he has decided that so long as lets the matter that he does, he will not reject absolutely, because his life is Xia Tian rescues. That was laborious you.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Xia Tian returned to the room to fall asleep, he was really too tired, use Inner Strength manifestation that went all out continuously and flickered the body technique, this was in itself to the body biggest consumption, moreover on him that several (spear|gun)s, the might of that (spear|gun) were too more than ordinary (spear|gun), even if by the Xia Tian wound healing ability, about half a month is unable to convalesce.

Today was good because of gold thread soft armor has rescued Xia Tian one, otherwise Xia Tian directly by that first (spear|gun) killing. Next morning, Xia Tian called all people. Xu, hot, Xia Xue, Little Fei, Zhao Long and Fan Jin. Qi Huan, that three boys give me to suppress the point drill, these three light.” Xia Tian referred to their six saying. Em.” Qi Huan nodded. You have remembered, he is Earth Grade Expert, wants to study the real skill, oneself try hard.” Xia Tian said loudly. Hears Earth Grade Expert time, six people specially surprised, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, can look including Earth Grade Expert, moreover looks to carry on the training to them. Six people have all had the new view to Xia Tian. Fire always with Xu innermost feelings were also firmer, they believe that so long as follows Xia Tian, can walk high is farther, opens the different world. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. How??” Xia Tian you come quickly, our Bai Family must unable to withstand.”