Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 638

I pass immediately.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, looked that said to Xu: Xu, needs to trouble you one, sends me to Bai Family.” Em.” Xu nodded, Xia Tian treats Xu and the others is very polite, although Xu they think one are to the person of Xia Tian management, but Xia Tian still very respects them. Needs me to help?” Qi Huan looked that said to Xia Tian. Does not need, I can solve.” Xia Tian said. Attention security, has the matter to telephone.” Qi Huan said. Em.” Xia Tian boarded directly, although his speed is quick, but he currently has the wound, not suitable excessive consumption, will otherwise make his wound crack. Bai Yiyi told him to say in the past that the Bai Family person will close up, studies a matter, may make Bai Family all of a sudden prosperous, but suddenly meets now dangerously, some that definitely people caused trouble. May be because of the Bai Family treasure, has caused others' coveting. This time Bai Family! The ground is the injured person, but outside has encircled dozens Expert, these people unify to wear a black Chinese-style gown, above has written a big medicine character. Ms. Bai, so long as you hand over the thing, we no longer feel embarrassed your Bai Family person absolutely.” In the crowd only then this person of clothes are the purple, but on the Chinese-style gown still writes the big medicine character. Your medicine do not go too far.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother looked said angrily to that person. Has? No, we are just buy, this is 1 million, that thing brings.” That person takes up black box to say.

I give you 2 million, do you make a line to me?” The Bai Yiyi grandmother opens the mouth to say. Snort, it seems like you propose a toast do not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, that do not blame my me not being impolite.” That person waves, two Expert flush away to the Bai Yiyi grandmother directly, the weapon in hand from top to bottom, must pound Grandma Bai Yiyi head directly immediately. Be careful!” Bai Yiyi kept off in grandmother's front directly. Bang! A ray of light curtain appears, the attack of that two person was blocked directly. What?” This makes that wear the person of purple Chinese-style gown to stare, afterward on his face has revealed the happy expression: unexpectedly also has the treasure, is really the day helps me, Ms. Bai, this time also is really this many thanks your second son, his words, we are impossible to know that thing has hidden in your Bai Family.” In the past, the Bai Yiyi grandmother discovered that Bai Family most precious object unexpectedly has taken shape, therefore he called Bai Family all people, all came back, closes up, anybody cannot leave Bai Family, all these progress was very smooth, but Bai Mang really could not bear lonely, secretly ran to be hungry. After she runs, looks around the woman, is living the life of day and night Sheng Xiao, however the Bai Family movement already aroused the interests of some people, therefore medicine sends for enticing Bai Mang, therefore Bai Mang said all matters. Causes final medicine to attack Bai Family, but Bai Mang also knows one have caused trouble, does not dare to return to Bai Family, even has directly joined in the team of medicine. Do not raise that bastard with me, if he hurries back, I personally choke certainly to death this bastard.” Grandmother angry saying of Bai Yiyi, he has not thought own son unexpectedly does not make every effort to succeed, in the past also he offended Xia Tian, now is he, gave to harm entire Bai Family. Now I changed the mind, that thing I must decide, moreover I also wanted her to be used to block the attack a moment ago that thing.” Wore the person of purple robe to refer to Bai Yiyi saying. Is impossible, even if dies, we will not hand over the thing, otherwise I have what face countenance to see the generation.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother has prepared at risk of life.

„To die, I help you.” That wears the person of purple robe to wave to that two people: Knocks down to me all people, then the belt goes back, suffers the method of person our medicine to have, I do not believe them all am an unyielding person.” Puff! One of them used the weapon in hand to chop directly on the body of Bai Yiyi, on the Bai Yiyi left arm and left shoulder is lifted a big opening directly. That person thinks that thing that side Bai Yiyi presented a moment ago can also defend, has not kept the hand, now discovered under one had a heavy touch. „Does idiot, you want to kill her mother? She is so good with this old fogy relations, she definitely has big using.” Wore the person of purple robe to curse angrily one, he could see that this small girl and Bai Family old woman related very well, because the Bai Family old woman has led her in the side. „!” The Bai Yiyi grandmother ran hurriedly to Bai Yiyi. Class that at this time the left arm blood of Bai Yiyi keeps, if such has flowed off to die without doubt. Ms. Bai, I gives you again an opportunity, otherwise I think that you will certainly regret, since you such care about her, I use some methods to suffer her.” That person cloudy evil smiles. Their medicine suffers the method of person to be many, moreover these methods are one by one terrorist. The extorting evidence method of medicine all fused from the ancient times to present all terrifying methods the world, they will make the person realize that true living might as well die. At this time Bai Family over a hundred people have all fallen to the ground. Bai Family is only a medicine aristocratic family, is not skilled in Martial Arts, therefore has given the man-machine meeting of medicine.

Medicine has only brought two Yellow Grade Expert and one group of strength strong average people, swept away entire medicine. The Bai Yiyi grandmother looks Bai Family person who the surrounding these fall to the ground, she hates, she hates herself not to educate her son, causing entire medicine to turn into present this appearance, the granddaughters of most treasure did not protect well. Present Bai Family has faced the condition of demise. Medicine is will not let off their Bai Family absolutely, she not clear can live in the secret conservatively, she knows that cannot certainly shoulder under these extorting evidence methods. He he!” The Bai Yiyi grandmother shows a faint smile, her corners of the mouth have flowed out the blood: Xia Tian will certainly revenge for us.” Was bad, she took poison!” Person angry shouting of that purple robe. Grandmother, I accompanied you, Xia Tian will certainly revenge for us.” Bai Yiyi also breaks by biting the toxicant of oneself corners of the mouth. Puff! Bai Yiyi discovered the movement on own mouth stopped, her tooth human-controlled was trigged, she bites now above a finger of person, when she gains ground sees the appearance of this person, in her eye has flowed out the suffering from injustice tears. Sorry, I came late.” Xia Tian holds Bai Yiyi in the bosom.