Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 640

Saw this, the Bai Yiyi whole person has all been shocked, he has not thought that in own room unexpectedly had this mechanism. This is the switch to Bai Family secret room, altogether two, my room has one, your room, of my room had also been given to block by me, now only in remaining your rooms this, if your this gate in blocking, then the secret room automatic avalanche, all things can flow in the special below drainage opening, finally in inflow sea.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother explained: Now the switch to clockwise motion three, should not be many , should not be few, will otherwise seal up this secret room.” Em.” Bai Yiyi nodded. Her cautious and solemn switch to clockwise motion three. Bang, The entire wall rotated, a moment ago seemed is just the place of ceramic tile union place, now unexpectedly turned into the gate edge. We go.” The grandmother said. They the grandmother will hold, after they go, outside all restored the original design, only then that picture has not hung, on the wall cannot see any clue. Several people enter in the secret room, the lamp of secret room has all shone, this inside lamp is very bright, side also has the candlestick, but the candlestick had not been ignited, here candlestick spare, under normal conditions, if the power source by being cut off, the candlestick automatically will be ignited. The secret room is not too big, does not have other secret doors, does not have too many ornaments, only then on middle that side stage has placed a box. We pass!” The grandmother said that they grandmother will hold, when arrives at the front of that box, the grandmother took the box. Bai Yiyi has not spoken, she understands, in this box installs certainly is that Bai Family family heirloom meteor tears.

This thing she has heard, one time has not seen, because this thing, only then her grandmother can see, carries on taking care by her, reason that in the past, the Bai Yiyi grandmother made all people close up, because her grandmother had discovered the part of usages of meteor tears, after the blister crossed the meteor tears, the volunteer fire brigade becomes glittering and translucent carving, chaste incomparable, moreover underwent her research, discovered that in this water had part of marvelous strengths. Therefore she gathers Bai Family all people to close up, together conducts the mix research with various material and this type of water. What medicine has a look to generate. Just launched the research, the effect is very tangible, the Bai Yiyi grandmother believes that this will change the Bai Family destiny. But her grandmother has not thought that her son unexpectedly such did not make every effort to succeed, has exposed existence of meteor tears, this will cause coveting of medicine, this regarding medicine was also the treasure in treasure. Medicine is the same with Bai Family, is famous in the medical skill, stated differently Bai Family to medical skill, only then preliminary involving, they are good at the dispensing, but medicine is different, everything is studying with medicine concerned all them. Legend traditional Chinese medicine has to let the ability that the person does not die, moreover medicine is also a respected family, land has existence of medicine family member. Very strong strength.” Xia Tian flash of X-Ray Vision eye opening, his whole person has been shocked, he does not know that the atomic bomb has the big might, but he saw the crisis of death from this goods. It called the meteor tears, is treasure that Bai Family handed down for generations, it was very beautiful, looks like popular tears is the same.” Grandmother light saying. No, I felt that in it as if hides a world to be the same.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye was attracted by this meteor tears completely, he does not know that in this to be containing actually also the how big terrifying power, but he felt endless, forever could not see the end. Really, I have not misread person.” After the grandmother hears the Xia Tian words, said.

Xia Tian doubts looked to grandmother, does not understand that she was any meaning. Xia Tian, do you fear death?” The grandmother looked that asked to Xia Tian. Feared!” Xia Tian said. You are very honest, everyone fears death, but many people do not dare to face itself.” Bai Yiyi grandmother satisfied nodded to continue saying: Xia Tian, I hope that you can protect the good meteor tears, I want you to give birth to a child to Bai Family in the future.” Anything!” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks to grandmother, her unexpectedly must pass to itself the Bai Family family heirloom. When I give you meteor tears, the medicine opportunity knows that our Bai Family did not have the meteor tears, moreover medicine knows that was called the Xia Tian person to obtain the meteor tears, right that you feared, but you must go to face, because you is a man.” The grandmother has placed in the meteor tears the hand of Xia Tian. Xia Tian looks meteor tears feeling in own hand is very inconceivable, he can look, this meteor tears absolutely are the treasure in treasure. But grandmother unexpectedly has given him a bystander this treasure, what although follows is the crisis, but Xia Tian most is not afraid is the crisis, because his enemy is one by one formidable. Therefore he has been used. Regarding me, meteor tears is just the thing that our Bai Family is unable to grasp, this is just like in a child hand to take value over a billion treasures to be the same, that child absolutely does not have the ability to protect that treasure, that child is present Bai Family.” The grandmother has held up the hand of Bai Yiyi afterward: Regarding me, the biggest treasure is, now I must entrust the biggest treasure to you.” Xia Tian received the meteor tears, then held the hand of Bai Yiyi.

Xia Tian, promises me, takes care.” The Bai Yiyi grandmother said. Em, my meeting.” Xia Tian nodded. Was good, Xia Tian, you were also very weak, goes back to rest, Bai Family here also needs to tidy up, you must be careful, medicine will not come Bai Family again, but they will certainly look for your trouble.” The grandmother reminded. Has not related.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, looks his trouble, in his family present Earth Grade Expert looks after the house, goes to his home to look for trouble with courting death to have anything to distinguish. After Xia Tian left Bai Family, has not gone home directly, but went to a guesthouse, he must study the meteor tears well. After arriving at the guesthouse, Xia Tian opened a room. After Xia Tian entered the room in guesthouse, took the meteor tears, looks the gem in own hand, Xia Tian suddenly thought one are very sleepy, only wants to sleep, Heaven Absolute Wake in within the body revolved suddenly fast. Sleepy, is quite sleepy.” Xia Tian lay on the bed directly has rested. Meanwhile, the body of Xia Tian changes again, the chest place and on the arm these Quicksand vice- leader by the wound that makes is healed fast, wound unexpectedly that takes a half month to heal was having the huge change.