Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 641

Xia Tian felt one rested for a long time, was very comfortable, he who also rested as if entered in a marvelous world. He felt that own whole person had the tremendous changes, when he wakes up, he actually discovered that oneself anything changes does not have: Possibly is the misconception.” But that feeling is very marvelous.” Xia Tian now also clear remembers that feeling, although he truly has not had any change now, however in him still remembers that feeling, he knows that he had certainly some change. But he has not discovered. He looks to his arm that the wound of arm was good: Injured unexpectedly entire to be good, it seems like I guessed right, that meteor tears had certainly the strangeness, my resilience, needed for half a month above can restore, now my wound is good, was certainly related with the meteor tears, well, was not right, meteor tears?” Xia Tian realized suddenly meteor tears unexpectedly disappears: How possible? This room others have not come the trace, why will the meteor tears vanish?” Xia Tian gets out of bed to seek hurriedly, but he looked for quite a while not to discover where the meteor tears fell, at this moment he felt suddenly right, has not lifted his clothes directly, looked to own chest. How can like this.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at own chest. There originally by a wound that the Quicksand vice- leader makes, because he puts on gold thread soft armor, although has saved the life, however the powerful blow strength of bullet has dislodged a wound his there. The wound healing required the time, Xia Tian has not paid attention to it, but this wound had the tremendous changes now, meteor tears crustification in that wound. What situation is this?” Xia Tian looks the meteor tears on own chest say with emotion, the present all were are too really panic-stricken. How this situation likely occurred, meteor tears unexpectedly and his meat length of body in the same place.

„Do I turn into the monster now? I felt that I had very big change, originally because of it.” Xia Tian understands finally own change in, one like is gem thing unexpectedly can mount in the meat. „It is not right!” Xia Tian looks toward own chest that meteor tears unexpectedly is moving to inside, moreover he who opens the X-Ray Vision eye discovered that own blood vessel and skin tissue unexpectedly goes to the meteor tears gathering: shit, this is any situation, its unexpectedly is invading my body.” Xia Tian pulls out hurriedly adeptly, but the meteor tears are entirely still radically, moreover is continue his within the body invasion goes. Such pulls out after Xia Tian, the meteor tears not only have not come out, instead picked up its invasion speed helplessly, Xia Tian looks at meteor tears invasion bit by bit in own meat, finally vanishes does not see, but his wound entire was good, even links a scar not to stay behind, has probably not been injured to be the same. Good, this did not have the means.” Xia Tian knows own this time was means did not have, he wants to take not to be impossible now, he tried to move the body, was same as before, without any difference. Ok, is the luck is not the calamity, is the calamity does not evade.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, goes downstairs afterward. When he returns a house the service person told him, he has rested for two days, as if must make up. Xia Tian has paid a day of room charge, others ask him to leave. „, Also did not have money, cannot want to Xu directly, did not have any important matter, ok, must go to Hong Kong in any case, made bo Sister Ba invite me to that side.” Xia Tian launches Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to walk toward the family directly, in he went home, Xu and the others are undergoing the training. You may calculate, the cell phone closed down.” Xu helpless saying. „, Rested one to be good to think.” Xia Tian said: Was right, Xu, helping me subscribe one to go to the airplane ticket of Hong Kong.” Which day?” Xu asked.

On tomorrow's.” Xia Tian said that tomorrow was Friday, bo Ba Nvgu Lijing told him to have that robber gate congress on Saturday, therefore he planned that ahead of time a day searched the details in the past. After all although he knows with robbing the gate concerned person, the person but who he does not rob the gate, in the world capable person has, he does not think that were stolen bright light. The person who he knows has Gu Liya, Gu Lijing, Daoxing, had heard has to steal the day. Steals the day, but Xia Tian thinks that most dangerous figure, then DR10 fell into the entire Hong Kong the crisis: I saw this to steal the day to ask him well, why must trade this type of dangerous thing in China.” After Xia Tian enters in the room the cell phone rushes to the electricity, to come out to see several people. Qi Huan, are that three boys how is it?” Xia Tian asked. Very much goes all out, does not fear painstakingly, does not fear tired, especially Little Fei, this child is a little different, he as if completely does not know the pain, does not know that the life is anything is the same, several trainings time will almost assign losing.” Qi Huan said. Xia Tian nodded, has arrived at the Little Fei side directly: Little Fei, have you forgotten me to these words that you spoke?” Master, I have not forgotten.” The Little Fei response said. You vigor not awfully fought truly very much profits, but do you have to think accidentally what to do bumps into you not awfully?” Xia Tian very earnest looked that said to Little Fei. I do not fear death.” Little Fei said. But I feared, reason that I let you with Qi Huan cultivation, does not hope that you are capable of big helping me, but hopes that you protect yourselves, protects person who good these to be worth themselves protecting.” Xia Tian has patted the shoulder of Little Fei with the hand.

I grew up with the wolf in childhood, I only then a master such family member.” Little Fei very earnest saying. „The master cannot make you do, if you are not obedient, I did not let you with Qi Huan cultivation.” Xia Tian warned. Master!” Little Fei begged. You considered!” Xia Tian said that walks toward the room. Qi Huan helpless shaking the head, he felt that on Xia Tian a special charisma, side Xia Tian everyone is promising Xia Tian, but death spirit, moreover they do not fear death. Even like Little Fei, is Xia Tian lives specially, person who so long as Xia Tian a few words, he can die. Afterward he thinks himself, are actually not such person, was attracted by the Xia Tian special charisma. Next morning, Xia Tian takes up the airplane ticket, took plane toward Hong Kong. Robs the gate congress, my Xia Tian came.” Xia Tian this time also wants to experience the world to rob these Expert of gate.