Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 642

Xia Tian thinks a robber gate congress, should be very secret matter is right, after he has alit from the airplane discovered that radically is not this. An airport is pasting the bulletin really everywhere, said that Hong Kong will have one group of lawless elements to hold a robber gate congress recently, asking everybody to pay attention to own goods. Moreover on the television is also broadcasting robs the matter of gate congress. The security guard in airport clearly increased, moreover in the television added that now the entire Hong Kong greatly is declaring martial law, the native will be under certain monitoring, but flies the person who from outside area, needs various registrations, stays at an inn the shopping wait / etc., has the security guard everywhere, so long as some people reported to the police, in three minutes police. If discovers the thief, certain severe punishment. Moreover the Hong Kong government has also issued the warning, once these thieves were held, then the penalty will be aggravated, lightest will sentence for over three years. Such does to probably tell these preparations to participate to rob the person of gate congress, do not cause trouble in Hong Kong. But they do not know, although like this frightened the people of these pilferages, however true Expert did not fear these, moreover they also regarded this are participate to rob the threshold of gate congress. If that pass of Officer Lian cannot pass, does not need to participate to rob the gate congress. Really is the rare and beautiful flowers, it seems like that this news should be these robber gates Expert lets out.” Xia Tian guessed. Leaves the airport time, Xia Tian also underwent a careful scanning. Each pass very harsh, and has made the registration own name, the status address, the friend telephone writes down, moreover must mention the goal of Hong Kong. So to be how strict.” Xia Tian depressed saying, but he writes is very simple. Name: Xia Tian, status: Secret, address: Undecided, what friend telephone stays behind is the telephone of Hong Kong mayor, comes the goal of Hong Kong is to see the Hong Kong mayor.”

These police see these that he writes, immediately had a scare. Makes him give Hong Kong the mayors to telephone hurriedly, Xia Tian saw that others have also hit, therefore he also put out the telephone to hit one. Mayor, I am Xia Tian.” Ha Ha, you came.” You said that at this time I came to here to do anything, naturally gives the opportunity that you were very good to render meritorious service.” Now where are you at? I meet you.” Ok, your big mayor, meets me, how I can receive, but needs you to explain to your person, I am telephoned by the request now.” Good, my this gives them Bureau Chief to telephone, was really thank you, I know that you remembered my, this time also wanted to be laborious you, really felt sorry.” All right, my friend is also one of them, when the time comes looked that under your person deft is not quick, if slow, did not know to be able the remaining many people.” Xia Tian said, has hung up telephone. But that several police received on them immediately the telephone of leader, informing them to allow to pass immediately. These police looked that Xia Tian knows the mayor, hurried polite allowing to pass. Who is Xia Tian? The special Operations Office chief teacher, is the owner of China top grade merit, how he possibly is only joins in the fun, that stole the heavenly time to make a such big trouble to him, how he possibly such let off him.

Moreover class of these thief and cheat is also has the person of very big harm to the society. Therefore Xia Tian meets first informs the police, as for having many people will escape, that did not turn over to Xia Tian to manage, that wanted the quality of going to a buddhist temple to enjoy the celebrations port city police. Bo Sister Ba, I arrived in Hong Kong, you met me.” How you do not inform me ahead of time, which you are, I now on the past.” Forgot! I at airport.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, bo Ba Nvgu Lijing caught up to the airport, Xia Tian looks at the surrounding these people of all forms, but also some fools were held by the police really directly. bo Ba Nvgu Lijing has arrived at the airport the car(riage) quickly. shit, so is how quick.” Xia Tian surprised saying, more than 20 minutes, Gu Lijing opened. Rich, does not fear the fine.” Gu Lijing waved to Xia Tian: Boards.” Really willful.” Xia Tian boarded. Road Gu Lijing who goes back opens is not quick, because she received Xia Tian. What wants to eat?” Gu Lijing asked. Ok, I am afraid my thing to be stolen away.” Xia Tian said.

„Do you also shyly steal? Let slip before you including my Little Sister.” Gu Lijing sweet smiles. China is so big, who knows where conceal Expert, my body may be the treasure, if were stolen away were the same, I may be depressed.” Gold thread soft armor that on Xia Tian puts on, the [gold/metal] blade in bosom, that stone, these may be the most precious objects, if had been stolen away by others, that may want to be depressed. You said also right, but on you, if has any treasure, may probably be careful that the person who these gods steal the rank may be very fierce, you should hear China has speed first Bai Yu, in the god steals some people of speeds with Bai Yu to place on a par.” Gu Lijing warned. „? Similar to the Bai Yu speed!” Xia Tian is a little surprised, he very long has not competed the speed with Bai Yu, but he felt obviously his speed arrived at a bottleneck. Em, that god is called to rob the Saint secretly, I had heard he and steals the day they to snatch the same thing with Bai Yu together, finally let slip including Bai Yu.” Gu Lijing said these people time, he was also the worship of whole face. „Who is this robber Saint?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts, Bai Yu and steals the day he to be familiar, one is his brothers, another person who is he must catch, he has not heard as for this robber Saint. Is gate lord who robs the gate, is steals the day Senior Brother.” Gu Lijing answered. My Fuck! Xia Tian scolded one directly, steals the day Senior Brother is not Daoxing Master, he starts to sigh with emotion now, this world was really too small, his previous time listened to Daoxing saying that stole the day is her teacher's younger brother. Now looks like among these extraordinary figure, but also has to implicate. „Do you know them?” Gu Lijing looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. Did not know, but is hears.” Xia Tian said that regarding ancient Lijing, these people are figure in legend, if Xia Tian if said that understanding, she will be insane. Tonight is doomed to be an extraordinary night, these want the famous person, will start today and tomorrow, because Hong Kong is declaring martial law now, person who only will then have the skill truly, can steal the thing successfully, but was not grasped.” Gu Lijing light saying.