Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 643

Sometimes, the person is this, meets the warning time, they not only will not flinch, instead will regard this warning is an opportunity. Now Hong Kong these people are, in situation that they think this entire city martial law, the person but who can also steal the thing successfully, is considered as on robs gate true Expert, said that will have the face. This can also become famous, once after becoming famous, that follows is the honor and money. Some people think that thief profession, should be low-key, this can safe making money, actually the fact also be so, the low-key person, majority is safe, but these people actually saw have stolen the day. Although like stealing day person, has, they want to become famous, but finally genuine famous person, only then steals day one, other people, died majority. Wooden show in Lin, the wind must destroy it. How others possibly look hello, once you become famous the certain extent, then entire day below person will find your material, at that time, your material was very valuable, once your material reveals, which regardless of that you arrive, will beset with a crisis in very terrifying. Interpol will not let off this thief. Like stealing day such person, once there is his news, regardless in the world the police in any place will send out to catch him. Lunatic, one group of lunatics, over the two days, the Hong Kong prison will be kept at full strength.” Xia Tian also really very much admires the degree that these people want to become famous, they completely were insane, was not same. Right, they are the lunatics, but I am also one of the lunatic, in this world which person isn't a lunatic? Everybody lives for money and right reputation.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing said that she thinks in this world has filled the dispute. Her also occupation is the emotion spying, she sees with one's own eyes the person who these pledge of eternal love crossed, finally is any appearance. Therefore in her eyes, only then money and right never change. I am not!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You to not become famous with richly?” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked that asked to Xia Tian.

I become famous very much repugnantly, because will trouble will be only getting more and more, you do not know that who will be paying attention to you, who will hold in the back your blade, I only want to protect the person who I should protect.” Xia Tian smiles sweetly is very very earnest. Odd person, you are an odd person.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked at Xia Tian one, helpless shaking the head. Possibly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: Experiences the metropolis.” In the hand of Xia Tian is playing with a strange small cauldron. He had asked before actually Han Zifeng this small cauldron is any thing, after all this thing makes from his several Senior Brother younger brothers' body, the reply of Han Zifeng is, the treasure, then Xia Tian asked how this thing uses, the answer of getting will be he will not use. Therefore Xia Tian has not used this thing until now. These treasures that he obtains, this has not used, has not done to understand that actually how to use. What thing in your hand is that?” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked at small cauldron on a Xia Tian to ask. Does not know that only knows is a treasure, but does not know how to use.” Xia Tian answered. Or delivers me!” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked that said to Xia Tian. Was not good, delivers you to be equal to harming you.” Xia Tian is very clear, this thing absolutely is a treasure, at that time Han Zifeng that Senior Brother, was uses this thing to promote that many might of ghost. If he gives Gu Lijing this thing, soon, Gu Lijing will die a violent death. cheapskate.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing thinks that Xia Tian does not give up is not willing to give her. unexpectedly dares to say me to be mean-spirited, you do not fear death on the line.” Xia Tian threw the small cauldron to Gu Lijing directly.

bo Ba Nvgu Lijing caught the small cauldron directly, when she catches the small cauldron, immediately one startled, has almost not fallen the ground: So to be how cool, probably is cooler than the ice piece.” At this time she remembered the Xia Tian words, Xia Tian said that this thing will probably bring the danger to her, before she thinks that Xia Tian just casually said that now she is clear, this is not cracking a joke absolutely. Feared?” Xia Tian looked that asked to bo tyrant female Gu Liya. Who fears anyone.” bo tyrant female Gu Liya has placed in small cauldron the pocket, afterward has arrived at the Hong Kong city the car(riage) directly. This bo Ba Nvzhi took charge of Xia Tian to have the western-style food. This thing eats to trouble, but must use these things.” Xia Tian is looking at the fork and blade in hand, very discontented saying. Blade is used to slice meat, the fork is used to place in the mouth food.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing answered. When Xia Tian is planning to eat the meat, he suddenly discovered that service person must throw down immediately, the body started to incline, the tray in his hand happen to pounded to bo Ba Nvgu Lijing, that above had the fork and blade, liquor water. Be careful!” A Xia Tian body somersault, arrived at the bo Ba Nvgu Lijing's side directly, the right hand has hugged, hugged her directly in the bosom, at the same time, his body flashed through the thing that these flew fast, the left leg lifts, poured that service person in the body of ground directly constrains. If he such does not do, the front tooth of service person may not guarantee. ! The surroundings have heard the warm applause. They are the Xia Tian movement cheer, a moment ago Xia Tian that several were really too attractive, all saved all of a sudden two people. bo Ba Nvgu Lijing a moment ago also in panic-stricken, now slightly is a little moderate, she knows, if these knives and forks delimit on her face, she may disfigure one's face: Thank you.”

Has not related, how I can tolerate beauty to be disfigured one's face.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Sorry, sorry.” The service people are hurried the apology. Does not blame you.” Although Xia Tian a moment ago had not seen why this server will throw down, but the trace from his leg can indicate that some people start intentionally. Xia Tian held Guli to sit in meditation on the chair. Thing lost.” Xia Tian light saying. What did you say?” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. I said that small cauldron lost.” Xia Tian said again. What?” Gu Lijing touches hurriedly to his pocket, she discovered that Xia Tian gave her small cauldron unexpectedly to disappear a moment ago , her why feeling does not have: You, since knows that the thing lost, why doesn't pursue?” I discovered late, now pursues could not overtake, had the food first.” Xia Tian very calm saying. „It is not good, must pursue the thing.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing said that directly flushed.