Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 644

Saw that Gu Lijing pursued, Xia Tian also can only with. They run up to outside time, anything had not discovered. Person? Hateful.” Gu Lijing scolded one angrily. Early ran.” Xia Tian said. Today the person lost in a big way, my unexpectedly capsized in Yingouli.” Gu Lijing indignant saying, makes their this line is afraid travels together steals away the thing, because this is very disgraced matter. Moreover this thing or Xia Tian give to her, when gives to her told her is the treasure, now the thing lost, she felt that she has no way to explain with Xia Tian. That person is Expert, he used all environment, you came, he should stare at you, I estimated that he started to you intentionally.” Xia Tian answered. Walks, we go to retrieve thing round trip.” Gu Lijing boards directly. Looks?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Looks for the know-it-all.” Gu Lijing said. After Xia Tian boarded, Gu Lijing drives directly. The know-it-all, are Hong Kong celebrities, reason that he is called the know-it-all , because he has one to inquire that the news team, can inquire in his here anything obtains, but the price, is not generally cheap. Gu Lijing arrived at the car(riage) probably is the welfare home same place, went in the later inside person to bustle about own matter. Gu Lijing walks toward inside directly. After arriving inside, inside these people are eating meal, the food that they have is very ordinary, some pie and vegetables, Gu Lijing moves toward an inside table directly: My thing was stolen.”

500,000.” The person who starts talking is a black person, his dressing up from top to bottom is very special, probably is person of the religion is the same, but he seems likely is not a rich man. The thing that because he eats is the same with everybody, is the ordinary pie and vegetable. Dares to open mouth wants 500,000 people, unexpectedly to eat such ordinary thing, this made Xia Tian very obscure. Transferred accounts.” Gu Lijing rubbish, changed over to that person of account 500,000 Hong Kong dollars directly, thus it can be seen, she is here old customer. He is a new person, but he wants to become famous very much, recently for these years he had done many matters, this time he comes to Hong Kong to participate to rob the gate congress, to praise to set up ten thousand, therefore he selects like you specially the person begins, you should be 13 th by the person who he steals away the thing.” That black person light saying. The surrounding these people are having their food, nobody listened to them to say anything intentionally. Where is he at? Long what?” Gu Lijing asked. This is his picture, his next goal is thousand Wang Li Zongting, you should know where Li Zongting is.” Black person light saying. Thanked.” Gu Lijing said that pulls up Xia Tian to run directly to outside. After boarding, she has arrived at the Hong Kong peripheral zone the vehicle, she has sounded a front door of goods warehouse directly. Xia Tian discovered that this nearby stopped many good car(riage)s, but they stop very optional, therefore could not look that must come to this goods warehouse. ! Who?” What opening the door is a tattoos man, at this time his on the mouth is holding in the mouth a cigarette. Is only the passer-by, wants to play several.” Gu Lijing was speaking any code word probably.

Comes.” That person lets the opening the door position, Gu Lijing and Xia Tian walked. Xia Tian entered goods warehouse with Gu Lijing, after entering the goods warehouse, she opens together the secret door, in the secret door and outside cannot completely world, inside is a gambling establishment, moreover here gathered many people, all kinds of gambling houses have everything expected to find. Although does not have compared with the means with outside these big gambling establishments, but here was also different. „Will you gamble?” Gu Lijing asked. Will be little!” Xia Tian said. This is 100,000 chips, has won to the half minute, lost has calculated my.” Gu Lijing was Xia Tian has exchanged chip, simultaneously her vision was searching in the surroundings, thousand Wang Li Zongting here, but he was is not interested in any people, did not get rid casually. Which person therefore Gu Lijing is finding the way to have a look at to attract Li Zongting attention, as for reason that she gives the Xia Tian chip, is because comes to here not to gamble, the person in gambling establishment will be very unsatisfied, will then turn into the illegal resident next time. Later do not want to come. Xia Tian looks the chip on own hand, shows a faint smile. Gu Lijing is still searching in the surroundings, she hopes to see the form of that person directly. Plays slowly, one do not lose did not have, each platform plays a meeting, if you saw who gambles the specially fierce time must inform me.” Gu Lijing said that took 10,000 chips to search for in all directions. Her is separating the motion with Xia Tian. Gu Lijing plays very optional, she to each platform time, in looking, then under is casual, no matter the victory and loss, she were looking that which person looks familiar, moreover was looking that which person gambles fiercely. He knows that thousand Wang Li Zongting certainly to gambling fierce the person is interested, therefore she, so long as found that to gamble the fierce person, can thousand Wang Li Zongting enticing.

So long as had found thousand Wang Li Zongting, that certainly can discover thief who that steals her thing. Dares to start to the old lady, making me catch you, I must peel you exactly.” Gu Lijing innermost feelings angry saying, although she does not care about the victory and loss, but she has almost been losing to the present from coming, one time has not won. This makes her sigh with emotion, person selects the back time, drinks the cold water to stick between the teeth, she has bet quick ten, unexpectedly one has not won. Person? Here is also big enough, such looks also truly uses energy, hopes that a meeting can make me see a special many person of winning.” Gu Lijing the innermost feelings were praying, so long as here some people won specially, thousand Wang Li Zongting will get rid, because he looked at the gathering place here. Others win too much money, he naturally cannot readily make the opposite party leave. Naturally, they have not killed a person and taken his possessions, but comes back Qian Zaiying by the skill. Well, there is very probably lively.” Gu Lijing had suddenly discovered around a platform has many people . Moreover the increasing number of people encircle to there, she understands that there definitely was presents Expert, only by doing so, there will encircle that many people. Moreover inside has also broadcast one group of person excited voices. Obviously is they detains with that Expert, finally to win money, outside these people are regretting that keeps, because a platform are most only allows 30 people also to chip, they came late, the opportunity of therefore not having won. Only can look at others to win money. Moreover bets on the table also to detain the upper limit of note, therefore these people one time cannot detain too. When Gu Lijing encircles, her whole person was shocked.