Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 645

Gu Lijing took very big effort to force one's way, when she forced one's way , the whole person has been shocked, because she saw Xia Tian, moreover that by surrounded person Xia Tian, all people was waiting for he chipped. Xia Tian the chip on had 2 million at this time, he put out 1 million directly slightly on, because in this gambling table the single chipped in many also 1 million, the total amount cannot over 2 million. Therefore other 29 people altogether also only then 1 million quotas, they think that detain, because this in vain draws cash radically, but they also understand that has no alternative but the soup to drink to others. Therefore they detain is quite average, everyone more than 30,000. At this time that dealer has been sweating profusely, he feels the cover in own hand to have thousand jin (0.5 kg), he does not dare to go. Opens! Open! Opens!” All people shout together. That dealer clenched teeth to lift the cover directly. 1,2,5. Eight points are small.” Has won, Xia Tian has won, his present chip had 3 million. Surrounding these person below people, specially excited, they have not won such happy. These do not have the person under opportunity, is regretting. Xia Tian!” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing, has pushed from behind. „, You came.” Xia Tian saw that Gu Lijing comes to show a faint smile, afterward was saying to that person: Brother, can give seat?” Naturally, naturally.” Saying that a that person of face curries favor with, he from second starts with Xia Tian, has won were many, he naturally with Xia Tian, when ancestor same regarding. Gu Lijing sat in Xia Tian side directly.

New round started. dealer is shaking the dice in hand, he felt that now looks like own end is the same, was too terrifying, the present all were too terrorist, he knows himself, not only the bonus did not have, worked definitely cannot preserve. Is small!” Xia Tian has thrown 1 million chips on small, other people follow immediately. The hand of that dealer is shivering, he has not dared to open, he is afraid his family to be hacked to death. Opens! Open! Opens!” The surrounding person is all creating a disturbance. I come!” At this moment, went out of a 40-year-old person from behind directly, this person seems with ordinary dealer not any difference. Disguise Technique!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, in his X-Ray Vision at present, without any Disguise Technique can his both eyes: This person should be thousand Wang Li Zongting who you must look.” The Xia Tian sound is very small, only then bo Ba Nvgu Lijing can hear. Gu Lijing has doubts looked at Xia Tian one, afterward starts to take a look at thousand Wang Li Zongting, although she has listened to thousand Wang Li Zongting reputation, but she has not seen Li Zongting. When thousand Wang Li Zongting hand bumps into the dice, Xia Tian saw that inside dice points changed, turned into 456 points to be big. Plays this set with me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The right hand double refers to the table knocks gently. I opened!” Thousand Wang Li Zongting self-confident turned on the cover, when he turns on the cover, the whole person stares, on the face has written all over inconceivable, at this time inside dice unexpectedly broke to pieces. Sees this, the surrounding person all was also shocked, dice unexpectedly broke to pieces. Does not have the points, should be small?” Xia Tian looked that asked to thousand Wang Li Zongting.

No, the dice possibly had problems, therefore this game does not calculate.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting said that he cannot lose the wasted money. This is not perhaps good, was that person swung a moment ago obviously, you must open, as soon as finally you operated the dice to break to pieces, you say now do not calculate how this made everybody be convinced.” The Xia Tian words have directly led the surrounding these people. Right, certainly is the ghost who you do, so were a moment ago many time, why the dice has not had problems.” How dice possibly swings broken, certainly was you have resorted to any method.” Cannot lose do not open the gambling establishment.” Saying that surroundings these people keep. I am only ordinary dealer, how possibly to resort to any method.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting felt one are very undeserved, he may not have the destruction dice, he that was just to let the dice a moment ago turns in a big way. If were ordinary dealer cannot certainly, but if were thousand Wang Li Zongting, that definitely had the possibility.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at thousand Wang Li Zongting, hears his words, all people were all peaceful. Thousand Wang Li Zongting, they have heard, moreover they also hear the person in thousand Wang Li Zongting here town gathering place. But thousand Wang Li Zongting should be right of not long this appearance. Gu Lijing looks puzzled to Xia Tian, which point image thousand Wang Li Zongting she cannot see this person, although she has not seen thousand Wang Li Zongting, but she had heard thousand Wang Li Zongting is the quick 60 people, but front talented person 40 about. Thousand Wang Li Zongting deeps frown, his vision has sized up Xia Tian carefully, he does not understand how the opposite party sees through own Disguise Technique. Hasn't acknowledged?” Xia Tian looked that asked to thousand Wang Li Zongting. Good, is really the hero has the youth.” Saying that thousand Wang Li Zongting appreciates, saw that he had not denied, surroundings all people have all been shocked, he had not denied that in other words he is really thousand Wang Li Zongting. How does this game calculate a moment ago?” Xia Tian asked.

Photo accompanies, but I must bet one game with you again, after you have won this game, wins has 4 million chips, I bet 4 million with you.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting looked that said to Xia Tian. Good!” Xia Tian direct agreement. Gu Lijing sees the 4 million chips on table, she has impulsive, did not make Xia Tian bet, because 4 million are not a small number, bet with thousand Wang Li Zongting, this was completely impossible to win. However these chips are Xia Tian win, therefore she does not have the power to prevent Xia Tian. Thousand Wang Li Zongting has taken up playing cards: Compares the eyesight and hand speed!” Good Ah! Xia Tian to show a faint smile. The surrounding person resigned a piece of space. Thousand Wang Li Zongting threw playing cards directly to airborne, both sides got rid fast, was periphery simultaneously has 45 people to fall to the ground in this directly, sees such scene, Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the right hand fast pulled out in the air. A small cauldron appears in his right hand, afterward the left hand caught playing cards once more. After thousand Wang Li Zongting has stressed four, has placed on four signs the table directly, is four Zhang K, this was the second largest sign, saw these four Zhang K time, the surrounding person has all been full of the admiration. This you!” Thousand Wang Li Zongting looked that said to Xia Tian.