Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 646

Thousand Wang Li Zongting is taking four Zhang K on hand, in his opinion takes calculates absolutely big, this is matter that because some people disturbed a moment ago, otherwise he can certainly pull out to four A. However so, he also thinks one won certainly. Looks at old K in thousand Wang Li Zongting hand, the surrounding person is very surprised. Worthily is thousand kings, in the situation that in some people disturb unexpectedly can also attain four Zhang K.” Won, thousand Wang Ying, others were here look at the gathering place, how possibly to make you win these much money to walk.” Ended, ended, 4 million threw away carelessly all of a sudden.” What the surrounding person are more is regretted that after is 4 million, these much money lost all of a sudden did not have, but some people there were also happy that because they envied. You lost!” Xia Tian has laid out own sign, four A. Saw four A in his hand, all people was all shocked, his unexpectedly has attained four A, in that situation, his unexpectedly can also attain four A a moment ago, this was also too terrifying. How is this possible?” Inconceivable of thousand Wang Li Zongting whole face. Wish the gambling to concede, draws cash.” Xia Tian rubbish with him, but asks for money directly, now this was 8 million. Good! I am willing the gambling to concede.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting took 4 million chips to give Xia Tian. Xia Tian takes up 8 million chips, walks like the exchange stage: „, Was right, forgot to tell you, you had been stolen away any thing a moment ago probably.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting looks to own chest, that inherited precious jade unexpectedly disappears. Hateful, certainly is you do.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting looked said angrily to Xia Tian. „Are you an idiot? If I does, I will also tell you?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Definitely is you, comes person, gives me surrounded he.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting shouts loudly.

He he, is this, you clearly know that possibly is not I steals, but also made one to encircle me, in other words, you do not hope money that I will win carried off, was really the bandits'inn.” Xia Tian coldly smiles, at this time had more than ten guys to encircle Xia Tian in the middle, in their hands takes is the chopper. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding these people become very anxious, person who especially these velveted, they may be afraid money unable to carry off. Boy, so long as you hand over thing, I can put you to walk.” That thousand Wang Ziran will not ruin own advertisement, therefore he stated categorically that was Xia Tian has stolen his thing. Your thing had been stolen by whom, you should be very clear, money I will not stay behind.” Xia Tian disdains looked at thousand Wang Li Zongting, how his small method possibly runs away to obtain own eye. On!” Thousand Wang Li Zongting waves that more than ten guys to rush directly. More than ten chopper chopped at the same time to the body of Xia Tian. Chopper such scene bo Ba Woman was shocked completely, a blade also chopped to her, when her god, the left hand of Xia Tian directly hugged Gu Lijing in the bosom, before body flushed, the direct point has approached that person of chest. Bang! That person of entire body was selected to fly directly, afterward the body of Xia Tian looks like the fish in water, these blades cannot chop him. Gu Lijing in the bosom of Xia Tian, surprised looks at all these. She felt that the present all these were really too scary, how regardless of these knives chopped not to chop Xia Tian, but Xia Tian double referred to looks like an iron hammer is the same, regardless in any person, these people will be flown by the direct point. Several rounds get down, these people had been selected to fly completely. Quite fierce!” Surroundings these people were all shocked. Now can trade chip to me?” Xia Tian looked that said to the server of exchange stage. Cannot!” At this moment Li Zongting shouts loudly, afterward in his right hand left a pistol, the muzzle has pointed to Xia Tian. I warned you, I most disliked others to take the (spear|gun) to me, I gave you three seconds of opportunity.” Xia Tian coldly looked that said to Li Zongting, heard his sound all people all shocked.

His unexpectedly also dares to be so wild now, in the opposite party hand has the (spear|gun). „Are you are threatening me? So long as my finger moves slightly, you died.” Saying that thousand king Li Zongsheng disdain. One! Xia Tian started Zha Shu directly, his unexpectedly dares to look up. „Were you insane? I warned you, if you also looked up, my to open fire.” Thousand Wang Li Zongting brow wrinkles angrily looks to Xia Tian. Two! Xia Tian looked up a number. Hears Xia Tian to continue Zha Shu, on thousand Wang Li Zongting face had a fierceness. Xia Tian this is challenging his dignity. I do not believe you not to fear death!” Li Zongting finger completely, wants to open fire slightly immediately. Three! Puff! When Li Zongting just about to to open fire, all people saw golden light, this golden light flashes through, the pistol and hand dropped on the ground. Thousand Wang Li Zongting saw to fall in the hand and pistol of ground, on the face has filled panic-stricken, because that hand was really too familiar, was his hand, at this time his in hand a severe pain transmission: My hand, my hand.” Ah! In thousand Wang Li Zongting mouth has sent out a pitiful yell. Now can exchange to me?” Xia Tian looked that said to that server.

That server soon had been scared, saw that Xia Tian spoke to him suddenly, almost scared to death him: Can!” That trades!” Xia Tian said that looked said to that server. Sir, you want the cash, hits your Cary?” That server inquired hurriedly, Xia Tian got rid a moment ago that very ruthless, has frightened him, which hesitated. Cash!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. 8 million Hong Kong dollars cashes installed two big boxes, Xia Tian mentioned two big box money to walk toward outside directly, they left this underground gambling establishment directly, this time also nobody dares to stop them again. You are quite fierce.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing looked said surprisedly to Xia Tian. This box turned over to you.” Xia Tian threw 4 million Hong Kong dollars to give Gu Lijing. Ha Ha, this got rich.” Gu Lijing excited saying. This box helped me contribute.” Xia Tian another box of Qian Reng to Gu Lijing. What? Has contributed, you were insane!” Gu Lijing whole face inconceivable looked that said to Xia Tian. Insatiably greedies greedily.” Xia Tian looked that said to ancient Lijing: „The money of winning cannot spend randomly, will have the retribution, this half contributed.” Good, my minute your half.” Guli listens quietly to the Xia Tian words, nodded, has approved of the viewpoint of Xia Tian. Does not use, the treasure I had.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, in the left hand a small cauldron shoots, then falls on the control.