Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 648

In the person hands of these gates presented different weapons, when is steals the thing the special-purpose weapon. Reason that the demon robs the gate is called demon , because they used various mean methods, once they let slip, the matter that will use cheat to handle long, snatched! A moment ago in hotel person who not only definitely the demon robbed the gate, therefore they are retaliate now. Demon robbed the gate really not to have the prospect more and more.” Robbed the day saying that directly flushed, attacked to these people. „Don't we help?” Gu Lijing saw the meaning that Xia Tian has not begun, asked to say directly. He can solve, the person who these demons rob the gate is just mob, frightens the person by the person, once bumps into Expert, they will set up the macaque to be but actually loose.” Xia Tian light saying. Really with is the same, robs day very Might that Xia Tian said that came up round to do upside-down three, afterward got rid rapidly, robbed other gate people the demon is also 11 kicks down. The meaning that the person who these kicked down, has not turned head from the start opens directly runs away. Snort! One crowd of waste.” Robs day of cold snort one, saying that disdains. Crash-bang! His right hand loosen, big bunch of things of all dropped on the ground. shit, the god steals.” Saying of Xia Tian admiration, the ground has all things that these people stole a moment ago at this time, the wallet and cell phone reach as high as dozens. Demon robs the gate has skill truly such several, this group of people are just the small trash.” Robs day extremely arrogant saying, but he has the extremely arrogant capital, he so is young, had such skill, that has been equal has resulted, in his eyes, these person of anything do not calculate. Only the demon robbed gate that several Expert to enter his eyes. Has robbed the day since getting rid, besides Xia Tian, he has succeeded, therefore he on own initiative will become friends with Xia Tian. He thinks, only then Xia Tian such talented person has the qualifications becomes his friend. Person who because Xia Tian has the skill, therefore he on own initiative will become friends with Xia Tian. „Did you do to mark a moment ago?” Xia Tian looked that to robbing the day asked. This has not escaped your eye, you were really too terrifying.” Robs day surprised saying.

Was good, you handle your matter, I was a little tired, wants to go back to sleep.” Xia Tian did not plan that with robbing day plays these young fellows, his goal is to steal the day, that leads into the person in Hong Kong DR10. Em!” Robs the day to nod, afterward drove to find the person who these demons robbed the gate to trouble. On vehicle. „Did you subscribe the hotel?” Gu Lijing asked. No, I do not have money.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Does not have money, you also contributed that much money.” Gu Lijing could not master Xia Tian more and more. „The money of winning is contrary to day , the person who these lose money has the possibility very much, because this sum of money breaks up a family, therefore this money is not the casual flower, must contribute half.” As the Xia Tian strength is getting stronger and stronger, he had also discovered a rule, that will be behaves badly too many people to encounter the retribution. You also believe these things.” Gu Liya ridiculed, she never believed this type of thing, did not believe the life. After hotel, Gu Lijing opened two rooms, she and Xia Tian. That night, entire Hong Kong messed up completely. Person who has the crime everywhere. Hong Kong all police, the special police officer and cadre all stay up all night, the resident does not go out in the evening. That night, with thief occupation concerned person, was stressed more than 3000 people. Hong Kong outside is blustery. Thump! Gate has not closed.” Xia Tian shouts. bo Ba Nvgu Lijing walked from outside directly: My younger sister was grasped.” „? Was she grasped?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

By person who the demon robbed the gate framing.” bo Ba Nvgu Lijing's depressed saying. Do not be worried that I telephone.” Xia Tian took up the cell phone to dial the mobile number of Hong Kong mayor directly. Brother, busy?” Busy, tonight I must fly busily, is making an arrest everywhere . Moreover the person who the person and demon that it is said robs the gate rob the gate is fighting, now entire Hong Kong simply randomly has become pot gruel.” Do not be worried that tomorrow is to rob the gate congress, you prepare the special troops first.” Ha Ha, has you to help, matter is easier to do.” I inform you to make an arrest by all means that is not responsible for getting rid, my goal is to steal the day.” You, if can stealing day catches, that may be the big celebration.” Brother, you want to be many, I can hold his probability less than 50%, moreover I hold him to have in a big way use, I will not give the police him.” Good, as you like.” Was right, Brother, helping me put a person, called Gu Liya, was my friend.” Good, my this asked the person to manage.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, saw that Gu Lijing bewildered visits him: „Can you grasp steal the day?” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. He is very fierce.” Gu Lijing frowns to say. I am also very fierce.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Different, I acknowledged the technology that you steal is also very fierce, moreover can select Kungfu, but steals the day is called the world first god steals, moreover it is said that he in Martial Arts is also famous Expert.” Gu Lijing Martial Arts the division of Realm, therefore she can only express with Martial Arts. Come, pounds the back to me, I rescued your Little Sister.” Xia Tian said.

„Did you give the phone call that who makes a moment ago?” Gu Lijing start gave Xia Tian to pound the back. Hong Kong mayor.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Snort, paid no attention to you, Tiantian knows that boasted.” Gu Lijing after Xia Tian carries on the back maliciously has hammered, then went out of the room, she thinks that Xia Tian is boasting, before said that must grasp steals the day, now also said that knows the Hong Kong mayor. Moreover he added that 50% assurances can catch to steal the day. If steals naively is so good to grasp, that stole the day already to be caught. After Gu Liya was put, hid. Next morning. Gu Lijing has sounded the Xia Tian door. Hey, gets out of bed quickly, we wanted.” „!” Xia Tian opened the door: Which goes to participate to rob gate congress?” Place is the Exhibition Center, but needs the badge to enter.” Gu Lijing said. Where lane does badge go to?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „Before 1 : 00 pm, if can find the person of badge, is qualified for robs the gate congress, the badge altogether has 100.” Gu Lijing said. Interesting, is so flagrant, did not fear that the police do grasp?” Xia Tian is very puzzled, the news that Gu Lijing knows is also others passes on obviously, she can know how the informers of these police possibly do not know.