Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 651
Xia Tian, you really quite fierce, can teach me your skill.” Saying of Gu Lijing face worship. I practice starting from three years old, has practiced for 15 years to the present, you crossed the best learning phase, if practices 40-50 years, is the hope.” Xia Tian very earnest looked that said to ancient Lijing. Ok, I continue to use my deceitful trick.” Gu Lijing a very 40-50 years of time gave up: That female also was very a moment ago fierce, seemingly should have the Rank 2 above strength.” Rank 2? What meaning is that?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is robbing [lineage/vein], the skill of stealing altogether can be divided into Rank 5.” Gu Lijing explained: Rank 5 is that on the avenue sees everywhere, person who was called the thief, this thief is most is looked down upon \; Rank 4 is that type understands some deceitful tricks, the techniques and thousand techniques links the method, this person has understood with the brain \; Rank 3 is my such person, adds over a thousand techniques in light of the technique own superiority again, can deceive these color men, my this type is most relaxed one \; Rank 2 also looked like a moment ago that type, the technique was excellent, this person usually in the person who in entire China can create a positive result, their techniques had the difference respectively \; Was not a moment ago weak to the technique of that female \; Rank 1 was also Expert in these fables, their techniques were nearly invincible, moved casually can steal bright light you \; However in this strongest is top grade, is steals the day their rank, they stole the thing already not with the issue of technique, but transferred the entire scene, looked like previous DR10 that time, stole the day is a winner.” „! Originally is this, but why you said that steals the day is the winner?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to ancient Lijing. Because steals day goal originally is to let China gets down this batch of commodity truncations, therefore he will choose in Hong Kong trades, he has succeeded finally, moreover he also sold the thing.” Saying of Gu Lijing whole face worship. You said that steals the day is intentionally?” Xia Tian stares slightly. Naturally, he knows that Island Country develops that thing to plan to be used secretly to cope with China, therefore he gets rid, these DR10 have not taken shape, in other words the igniter is fake, is deceives people, so long as does not bump into the huge explosion, DR10 will not be detonated.” Gu Lijing answered. How will you know these?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. This information has to sell, but takes 5.001 million, moreover does not have any value, can only work as Eight Trigrams to listen.” Gu Lijing said. „Is the confidence level of this information high?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally was high, there always does not sell the phony intelligence, it is said steals the day, because this matter also offended some big figure.” Gu Lijing answered. Said he is not only not a criminal, instead is the hero.” Xia Tian light saying.

Naturally.” Gu Lijing very affirmative saying. Meanwhile, entire Hong Kong is having the fight in all directions. These fight majority are to rob the fight between gate people on one's own side, the quota, only then 100, but this time comes to the people in Shanghai actually reaches as high as over ten thousand people, slightly selects superiorly. Strength weak person should be eliminated. OUT.” A man uses the bit in hand once more a person of robber gate bright light that cuts. This is the 100 th robber gate person who he kills today. One crowd of mob, depend on you also to attend the genuine robber gate congress, simply is the wishful thinking.” Saying that man disdains, his with three people, these three people are his subordinate, but they have not gotten rid, but is a face worship looks at the front that man. Demon Senior Brother, you have killed the 100 th individual.” Demon Senior Brother was good.” Demon Senior Brother, these people radically are not one round.” Saying that three people of keeping. Depends on this group of waste, a revolt ability does not have, even if kills 1000 10,000 not to have any significance.” Saying that demon Senior Brother disdains. What is different from demon Senior Brother, robs the gate also to have many Expert, in China besides person who the demon robs the gate, other people unify the person who called itself robs the gate.

The person who robs the gate also mainly first deals with the person who the demon robs the gate, the war of both sides has not interrupted. Robs in the gate also to have one group of outstanding disciples. Demon Senior Brother, you look at the front that person quickly, he robs gate Expert.” Demon Senior Brother, I listened to some disciples to say a moment ago that this person says secretly, for with stealing the day corresponds, he has killed our more than 300 brothers.” That three people go forward to say. Snort, really does not consider resources bite off more than can chew secretly.” Demon Senior Brother moved toward that directly secretly. But also saw this demon Senior Brother secretly. Demon robs gate Expert, is very good, finally comes a little challengingly.” That shows a faint smile secretly. Snort, courts death!” In demon Senior Brother both hands presented two bits, flushes away to that two directly secretly. Good that comes.” In the right hand presented a small clasp secretly, the clasp has flung directly, attacked to demon Senior Brother face, the demon Senior Brother body dodges, evaded the clasp directly, the bit between both hands to the throat of place has cut off secretly. Goes all out, their this is going all out, regarding these ordinary robber people, he only needs to defeat, and made the opposite party lose the ability to act to be OK, but coped to rob gate Expert, he did not have slightly kept the hand, true Expert contested, was not you dies is I perishes. Moreover craftsmanship that the technique that they use is to all steal. Went well!” On demon Senior Brother face one happy.

Fool!” Steals day disdaining looked at demon Senior Brother, afterward body fast retreat, his right hand, pulled back the clasp directly, this clasp can lacerate the throat of demon Senior Brother easily. Snort, has real skill.” Demon Senior Brother cold snort, body fast leave on the ground, bit directly tangential string. Useless, that is steel wire, does not shut off.” Saying that disdains secretly. Right?” Bit all in demon Senior Brother hand. Collapse! That steel wire unexpectedly has been cut off from the middle directly, but the clasp directly has also shot at secretly. What?” Inconceivable of whole face, dodges own clasp secretly hurriedly. Puff! Death!” Body fast appearance of demon Senior Brother in secretly place, both hands, the bit delimits secretly the neck of place. Secretly the body of place directly but actually. Senior Brother is quite fierce.” A female walked from behind, if Xia Tian, certainly will discover that female who at this time here this female that wants to steal his thing.