Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 652

Junior Sister, how did you come back?” Demon Senior Brother looked at asking of that female doubts. Senior Brother, sorry, the badge was stolen away by others.” Female very suffering from injustice saying, her badge is also her Senior Brother gives, now the badge lost, she also can only come back to look for her Senior Brother to help. She knows that Senior Brother is very good to her since childhood, therefore Senior Brother will certainly help her. You, so are not how careful, this gives you.” Demon Senior Brother put out a badge to throw to his Junior Sister. Senior Brother, thank you, but this time I ask you not to want the badge, but is asks you to help.” Demon Senior Brother Junior Sister is called the demon to be outstanding, she grows up with demon Senior Brother since childhood together. „Did some people bully you? Walks, leading me to find that person, Senior Brother takes responsibility to you.” Demon Senior Brother touches demon outstanding head to say. Although they are not the biological brother and sister, but demon Senior Brother does not have any family member since childhood, therefore he regards the demon outstandingly is most own person, therefore he favors the demon to be outstanding specially, he does not allow anybody to bully the demon to be outstanding. I know that Senior Brother most was good to me, but that person is very fierce, I sneak attack him not to succeed twice.” Demon said. Snort, robs these Expert of gate, I look at one on solution one.” Saying that demon Senior Brother cold snort disdaining. Regarding him, Expert of these robber gates are just he to the successful stepping-stone, radically is not his match, he thinks himself, so long as does not bump into robs the Saint and steals day that rank Expert, he can win. Therefore he has not paid attention to that person who demon said outstandingly. Here discovers one in a big way.” At this moment, the distant place has broadcast a sound, one line of ten people walked, they looked that demon Senior Brother and the others the vision look like are looking at the game to be the same. unexpectedly has dropped secretly down, the skill is good.” Was that person of head looks at one to fall down said secretly. Senior Brother, secretly is just a conceited person, has this fate is also sooner or later matter.” Another person said. Demon Senior Brother vision coldly has swept front these ten people, his behind four people prepared to enter the fight at all times, but after all opposite party ten people, moreover these ten people looked are Expert in Expert.

The strength is out of the ordinary. A war must start. Snort, several demons rob the gate waste, I sufficed.” That saying that is the person of head disdains. What other nine people also keep is this person cheers, they also very believe the strength of this person, therefore they have not said anything, but was the choice stands in same place. That is the manner of person of head is very arrogant, he is looking down upon demon Senior Brother and the others from the start. In your several same places.” Robs in the gate that is the person of head said that his these words are to demon Senior Brother and the others the biggest insult, under normal conditions only then the both sides strength differs very disparate time, Expert one will just now speak this words. You are not I have seen the first such extremely arrogant person, but these people all died.” Saying of demon Senior Brother coldly, he most repugnant is the extremely arrogant person, therefore he must teach this extremely arrogant person maliciously. Right? Some skills use to have a look.” Expert of that robber gate said. The demon Senior Brother direct trend comes, he walks very optional. At this moment his imposing manner on body had the tremendous changes: It seems like I was real long time do not have the use excessively true skill, therefore some small fish small shrimp followed to be so wild before me, was top Expert in your Rank 2?” Right, I see, your technique is also Rank 2.” Expert of that robber gate said. Although robs the strength division of gate is not obvious, however their majority of techniques are general, what therefore they can judge the opposite party general strength from the technique are. It looks like this time, Expert of that robber gate can secretly discover this demon Senior Brother general strength from dying the day corpse. Demon Senior Brother had not explained that but is coldly smiles, in his right hand presented a bit, afterward he directly fast fires into that robber gate Expert.

Robbed in the gate Expert right hand to present a sharp dagger, attacked directly to demon Senior Brother. Puff! Their first round fought to end, they have not moved. Forgot to tell you, I am the Rank 1 strength.” Demon Senior Brother opens the mouth to say suddenly. Bang! That robber gate Expert directly but actually. Senior Brother.” The People sound of that several robber gates shouts. Snort, you get down to accompany him together.” Demon Senior Brother vision coldly has swept that nine people of body, afterward he directly flushed. Puff! Puff! Puff! Nine people of bodies all but actually. Senior Brother is quite fierce.” On the face of that three personal servant incomparable excitement. These three badges give you, you pass first, I help Junior Sister revenge.” Demon Senior Brother threw to that three person three badges directly. Thanks Senior Brother.” Three people of grateful saying. Demon Senior Brother had not answered, but looked that asked to demon: Where is that person at?”

This time Xia Tian does not know that he stared, he is accompanying Gu Lijing to window-shop now, looks that his appearance is not participates to rob the gate congress likely, is more like takes vacation. Gu Lijing obtained a badge, moreover she sees the Xia Tian secure appearance, is not worried. Therefore she simply accompanied Xia Tian to start to take a stroll. Although has contributed 4 million, yesterday but won also 4 million, therefore she is quite natural, so long as Xia Tian sees any thing, she pays money immediately, before long, in both hands of Xia Tian had more than ten bags. In surroundings these person of eyes filled envied the envy to hate. Gu Lijing himself is big beauty, moreover her stature is the person who that type made anybody look at has been able to drool with envy, like this big beauty followed anyone, that simply was happy must die. But her side unexpectedly followed a very ordinary boy, seems likely is not the boy of rich man. However the following matter made them surprised, because this boy unexpectedly one cent did not have colored, instead was that female keeping spent to him, this made the surrounding these men soon envy. They wish one could to inscribe three characters to ask on their face to support Was similar, one will have also the matter, buys too many things to delay messes things up.” Xia Tian said. Has not related, you buy, was not good to deposit.” Saying of Gu Lijing atmosphere, money is Xia Tian wins very in any case, therefore she also appears very natural. Trouble came, perhaps this did not have the time to buy.” Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, the vision looks to the entrance of market.