Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 654

Looks at the surrounding that at least also several hundred security guards, Gu Lijing already thorough hoodwinking, she does not know how this must be able to enter the Exhibition Center. What to do can this?” Gu Lijing seeks help looks to Xia Tian. No wonder others said that the upper body does not have the brain greatly, your brain cell definitely grew into the body to come up.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in ancient Lijing's upper body. Do not keep guessing, you said that what to do should?” This was also one has certainly tested, if linked here unable to go, also can not China inside job gate Expert, the elite who only then the genuine robber and demon robbed the gate can go.” Xia Tian said. Right.” Gu Lijing as if thought through was the same: Or uses the string, or opens a hole on the wall, either is the sewer, either transports us with the helicopter.” Gu Lijing thinking of a way that keeps there. She thinks that she is robs gate Expert, that must think of a way, she is also trying to fantasize the method. She more thinks that the drop are more, more is more excited, she soon was charmed by her talent simply. Xia Tian, you said that my these drops, which is quite good?” Gu Lijing looks up Xia Tian: Well, person?” She gains ground has not seen Xia Tian. Hey, you are gawking doing there, a bit faster went.” Xia Tian said to ancient Lijing. Goes in? Do you want with the means that I said?” On Gu Lijing face one happy. You said anything in that hurry up.” Xia Tian said that holds up Gu Lijing the hand to walk toward front directly, Gu Lijing has not responded that carried off by Xia Tian. At this time her on the face has written all over inconceivable, Xia Tian unexpectedly must lead her from walk directly.

„Was he insane? But front do that many people, he want a person to hit to fly these people?” In Gu Lijing the mind is fantasizing, she fantasizes, Xia Tian changes the body becomes Superman, no, Batman, no, may be the spider variant, then a person fights here these people. But she discovered that the reality with is completely different, Xia Tian unexpectedly that she imagines such drew her to walk to inside directly, but these guarded unexpectedly look like ornaments are the same. Looked continually has not looked at their one eyes. My stealth?” Gu Lijing has doubts looks to own hand, but she discovers not to have. Then why these police have not managed them. Xia Tian and Gu Lijing on this swaggering entered the Exhibition Center directly, anybody has not stopped, when they enter the Exhibition Center. Discovered in the Exhibition Center to sit five people. That five people no one have paid attention to anyone. Sits in the different positions respectively, but they are divided into two groups to be the same probably intentionally, one group of three people, another group two people, Xia Tian and Gu Lijing are also casual sat in two positions directly, this Exhibition Center can accommodate 80,000 people. Now here adds on Xia Tian they also seven people, compared with the population and position, appeared few. Has come in five people, does not know that who these five people are.” Gu Lijing said in a low voice. That three people sit on the seat of honor respectively, their three should steals the day, robs Boss who the Saint and demon rob the gate.” Xia Tian said in a low voice, although front steals the day, but he has not worried to get rid, he also planned that actually has a look at this group of people to do any trick. Boss who any demon robs the gate, really has not experienced, that called the demon to rob the Saint.” Gu Lijing said in a low voice, her eye secretly looks to that several people, that several people may be big figure in legend. Can see these many big figure with great difficulty, she naturally must have a look well, most at least must have a look at these big figure long anything appearances.

Hey, steals the day, are that two people your people? Sat in the middle?” The demon robs the Saint to ask suddenly, broke silence in the Exhibition Center. Does not know.” Steals the day response to say. Hears them to talk, Gu Lijing discovered the position that they sit is very awkward, unexpectedly sat in the middle, at this time robbed the person who and demon robbed the gate to be divided into two groups to sit obviously, sat in the left on the person who the representative robs the gate, sat in right on the representative is the person who the demon robbed the gate. Our two change a place!” Gu Lijing said in a low voice. Does not trade, I very like this.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Does not have the politeness, Teacher's younger brother, I teach them.” The demon robbed Saint behind that person saying that directly flushed to Xia Tian and Gu Lijing. dāng! Bit docking! Demon is outstanding, the demon mountain, do you want to do?” That demon robs person puzzled asking of gate. Do not annoy him, I for hello.” Saying of demon mountain coldly, walks toward front afterward directly: Master, we came late.” Em, the charm, you also come back.” The demon robs Saint light saying, although he does not like the procedure of that two person, but he knows the disposition of own apprentice, since he can say such, that represents these two people not to be certainly simple. Now is also not battle time, therefore he called the charm directly. Snort, calculates that you are in luck.” Charm cold snort, wanted turn around to leave directly. Seeing the charm must leave, Gu Lijing relaxed.

Wait / Etc.!” When the charm wants to leave, Xia Tian stopped by calling out him suddenly. Em?” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all turn the head, including robbing gate person, they all are the doubts looks to Xia Tian. At this time opened the mouth absolutely is the unwise decision. Your manner was not very good, I did not like, regarding your such person, I will usually remind two, this was the first time.” Xia Tian light saying. Actually does this idiot want to do? This fellow looked that is not affable, since he must walk, why does not ask him to leave.” Gu Lijing innermost feelings secretly thought, but she also knows at this time that she spoke is very inappropriate, therefore also suppressed had not been saying. „Are you are speaking to me?” Charm coldly looked that asked to Xia Tian. This has not rained, did your brain also enter the water? What person do you have a look at around this also to have?” Periphery Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to asks. You court death!” The charm expression becomes ice-cold. I had told you, your this manner I do not like, this is the second time.” Xia Tian looks up said suddenly to the charm. The charm was thought suddenly so by Xia Tian, frightens body retreat two steps, in that flash, he as if saw a moment ago a wild animal is the same. However he realized immediately that the action lost face very much, but here some these many people look, moreover these people were honored and popular big figure, lost face in the face of these people, he will have been looked down upon by these people, therefore he planned to save face, flushed away to Xia Tian directly. Dies!” The charm gives a loud shout. He wants to shut off the throat of front this person with the bit directly.