Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 655

The bit speed of charm is fast, moreover is the frontal attack, he has the self-confidence to his strength, he believes firmly that one these can in front of Insta-kill this not know the profound boy absolutely. Idiot!” Saying of demon mountain coldly. All people all attention centralized in the hand of charm. The strength of charm presents all people are very clear, before can, five speeds enter to the Exhibition Center, this is in itself the symbol of strength. Must know that except for his accident, other four people may be big figure. Robs that side the gate, is steals day and robs the Saint, one is where to steal the day arrives at to lead that secretary. The demon robs gate here, only then the demon robs a Saint person, besides figure in these four fables, be only his speed is quickest, therefore he has also shown his strength to the people. Meanwhile gives own booking in his mind also besides these big figure, fiercest person. At this time this person unexpectedly dares to disrespect to him, he naturally cannot let off the opposite party. Bang! Before the body of charm rushed to the body of Xia Tian, Xia Tian stands up suddenly, a fist from top to bottom, makes directly, a fist the charm knocks down directly. I told you, I do not like your speech manner very much.” Xia Tian looked that said to the charm. Bang! Afterward the Xia Tian direct foot kicks, kicked directly on the body of charm. The body of charm was played in his position directly. Expert!

Xia Tian gives the first impressions of all people are Expert. He got rid a moment ago cleanly agile, and very violence. Joint all broke.” The demon mountain inspected one to say. Snort!” The demon robbed the Saint to stand up directly cold snort, as the saying goes, beat a dog must look at the master, but front this fellow was really too wild, unexpectedly such did not give him the face. The charm is disciple who the demon robs the gate, is his person, if he over, the face did not lose completely. Master, the general situation is heavy.” Demon mountain hurried reminder said. Brat, you are waiting to me.” The demon robs saying of Saint coldly. I very not the manner that likes you speaking, regarding your such person, I will usually remind two, this is the first time.” Xia Tian the words will say again. A moment ago he when spoke these words nobody to pay attention. However now the component of these words is different, Xia Tian had proven with the fact a moment ago, after he reminded two times, will work. You.” Master, small does not endure the chaotic big stratagem, this is you teaches me.” The demon mountain holds own Master to sit down hurriedly. He does not want to be fought with that person by his Master at this time, because he has not found out the details of opposite party to the present, if begins rashly, he is afraid the master to suffer a loss . Moreover the opposite also has the robber gate person to look. Snort!” The demon robbed Saint cold snort one to sit once more. Steals the day and robs the Saint they is a face smiling face looks to be bewitched to rob the Saint, saw their smiling faces, the demon robs the Saint to be angry, but he also understands, right that oneself that apprentice said that if he fights with that odd person now, can only be cheap has stolen the day and robs the Saint they.

He does not think by others, when the (spear|gun) causes. At this moment, was one person flushed, this person was to rob the gate person, moreover Xia Tian their acquaintances, robbed the day. Is so skillful, you also came.” Robs the day to see Xia Tian and Gu Lijing time said: Sits in that side does? Comes to sit.” He saw the position that Xia Tian and Guli sit in meditation is very awkward, therefore wants they to alleviate awkwardly for Xia Tian, moreover he also knows that this Xia Tian absolutely is Expert, can drag into own camp such Expert, this absolutely is the good deed. „, Here was very comfortable.” Xia Tian said. Good! I passed first.” Robbed the day saying that walked toward front. Sees such scene, robbed gate smiling faces on that several face to be brighter, they could look, robbed the day and this mysterious person's relations are probably good, in other words, he at least with robbing the gate person will feel embarrassed. The demon robbed the Saint the complexion is becomes uglier. Person who coming were getting more and more, what is surprising, person unexpectedly that afterward continuously came in is the person who the demon robs the gate. At this time altogether has the tripartite influence on the spot, person who robs the gate, person who their here altogether four people, the demon robs the gate, they have come in ten people, naturally this removes the charm later digit. The third influence is Xia Tian and Gu Lijing. Gu Lijing felt that now the whole body is not comfortable, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, moreover he so is strong, stiffly was robbing and demon robs gate these two big influence intermediate formations the third largest influence. Snort, person who robs the gate, but is one crowd of waste, do not think that I do not know you set out 12 health/guard, you rob the gate to have 12 health/guard, does our demon rob the gate not to have?” The demon robs saying that the Saint disdains. He already saw through has robbed the gate thoughts, therefore he sent out the demon to rob the gate 12 health/guard directly, resists to rob the gate 12 health/guard. Asked the funds not to be wonderful, robbed the day, was outside situation how is it?” Steals the day to look that to robbing the day asked.

Situation is not quite good, robs the gate photograph is in a state of disunity, but the person who the demon robs the gate sees the person who has robbed the gate to start, now most people are entered the hospital.” Robs the day to answer. Originally is this.” Steals the day to nod to say. Really is an interesting fight, robs the person who and demon robs the gate not to suit the frontage resistance, their skills implement in the secret, therefore this time big tangled warfare will become such randomly.” Xia Tian light saying. Gu Lijing the spirit has tied tight. Relaxes, your this is very tired.” The hand of Xia Tian carries on the back gently in ancient Lijing's jade is stroking, a moment later, Gu Lijing the spirit really a little relaxed. Thanks.” Gu Lijing knows one possibly were too anxious, after all front these people may be figure in legend, if they were only some star anything, she did not care. Key group of people are rob and demon rob gate Expert, in this profession, topest existence, therefore she so will be anxious. Gu Lijing discovered that man can her very strong security sense, this security sense she never have. At this time she even felt one as if found the home to return to oneself life to be the same. Whiz whiz whiz! Also ten forms rushed, they use the different methods to come, in brief has come all , what made Xia Tian and the others surprised was, person who these person or the demon robbed the gate. In other words, at this time the demon robs the gate has reached as high as 20 people, but robs the gate altogether four people, Xia Tian their this neutral is more miserable, has two people. Hey, you are any thing, unexpectedly dare to sit here.” Together very unharmonious sound from Xia Tian transmits.