Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 656

The person who the demon robs the gate are getting more and more, person actually that four people who robs the gate. Both sides both sat in the respective position, the comparison lives in peace with each other, will intrude these people of Exhibition Center very with ease also which camp will branch out is in itself. But afterward entered these people of Exhibition Center a little to hoodwink, they do not understand that will present why also a camp, this was also too unthinkable. At this time outside the person who comes in five demons to rob the gate, they just entered here, saw that sits in the middle person, therefore they are very discontented. They think that this in thinking the demon robs the gate challenge, therefore in that five people, a temperament most irritable person directly flushed to Xia Tian. In his hand presented a handle armed forces thorn, this was wants to want the Xia Tian life directly. Bang! Does not have the fight of suspense, when that person of armed forces thorn is away from the Xia Tian also several centimeters, the Xia Tian direct fist the opposite party knocks down. I know that you want to become famous very much, but you offended the wrong person.” Xia Tian understands, reason that the opposite party met any words not to say gets rid directly, to become famous. Can enter here person that is in the elite the elite, they come in not early, if not make a noise to come, will directly be disregarded by everybody. Therefore that talented person plans to sneak attack Xia Tian directly, in his opinion, oneself are the sneak attack, that certainly will succeed, so long as his successful murder, then some natural people will know him. Can make the impression in these many Expert front, that absolutely is the good deed. Other four people noticed that their Boss projected on the place, has fired into Xia Tian directly, they had studied in outside. After coming, must make roll-call sound, wants to become famous, that must kill people, actually before they were still considering to take anything, when the excuse carries on the murder to be good. Finally they decided when the time comes looks for a person's trouble, then gets rid to kill people directly. But after entering here, they saw the opportunity, looks that these two sit in the middle person, they know that their opportunity came.

In their eyes, these two people definitely are the idiots, does not understand here custom, therefore randomly does, this has happen to given them an opportunity. Therefore they decided that making the Boss sneak attack directly, if not successful, several other people also get rid. But when their eldest children just got rid, their several were shocked. Their Boss unexpectedly by opposite party but actually. However they responded immediately, directly flushed to Xia Tian. Courts death!” The brow of Xia Tian selects. Afterward his body vanished in same place, presented again time, he has stood in that four people. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Four forms by Xia Tian were knocked down directly, their faces have made a very deep contact with the ground. One crowd of waste.” The demon robs the Saint to turn the head directly. These people were watching the fun a moment ago, at this time saw that several people linked one round not to pass on Xia Tian, lost the interest, has turned the head. As for these people who the demon robs the gate, was any words had not said that the face demon robbed the Saint not to plan for that several people over, how they dare to stand casually. Robs the day, one will come the person you to meet, others these people act unreasonably surely.” Robs the Saint to say hurriedly, the person who he does not want to rob the gate also offends this Evil Star. Snort, do not take time, you rob the gate are one crowd of mob, can come in also such several.” The demon robs saying that the Saint disdains. However he also similarly sent for watching, preventing some people to offend this Xia Tian again.

Can intrude here person, is the elites in elite, was that five elites a moment ago, such simple was killed by Xia Tian directly. He did not hope to have any ugly customer to provoke this fellow again. They fear you probably very much.” Gu Lijing looked at Xia Tian to say. You, others will fear you, looked like was the same a moment ago, if my strength were bad, you said that I can evade that? Once were stabbed, that must die without doubt.” Xia Tian answered. Em, the person was bullied friendly, horse Shan was ridden.” Guli calmly nodded. Robs gate there. Senior Brother, how do you see?” Steals the day to ask, at this time they are away from the Xia Tian position to be very far, therefore he did not worry that Xia Tian will hear. This person is not simple, moreover his status is mystical, I had not heard has such No. 1 figure to come.” Robs the Saint to shake the head. I always felt that this person I should know, but I could not have thought where has seen him.” Steals the day not to know that this person was that initially in the Hong Kong big show invincible might man. At that time he found the person to reconnoiter the Xia Tian situation, the information that but resulted was very simple, the opposite party was Expert that above sent, a person on neutralize that crisis. Moreover nobody can pat is clear he appearance. Hearing is above sends, stole the day not to continue to inquire, he has thought was Dragon Group Expert, therefore he will not have front this Xia Tian and that war-god associated to go at that time together. The personnel came in one after another. However is the person who the demon robs the gate are still many, the demon robbed the gate population has reached as high as more than 60 people, but robbed the gate also to have more than 20 people. Ha Ha Ha Ha, robs the Saint, you rob the gate are really more and more bad, unexpectedly only then such several people come.” The demon robs the Saint to laugh was saying that eye inside has written all over disdaining.

Snort!” Robbed Saint cold snort saying that although these people were called the people who robbed the gate, but they may with robbing Saint relations do not have. Therefore robs the Saint not to know that actually these people are any skills. In China, is not robber who the demon robs the gate, can be generally called completely robs a person. Person was also similar.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has dialed a telephone number directly, this telephone number the telephone of master Hong Kong mayor. Can start.” Xia Tian said that has hung up telephone directly. Afterward he walks toward front directly, Gu Lijing also followed, saw that Xia Tian walked forward, presents all people to look to him. Including robbing the Saint and demon robs Saint and the others, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian to do any trick. Xia Tian such static is walking forward, when he arrived has been able with robbing Saint and the others were parallel, he suddenly turns the head to look that to stealing the day said: You are called to steal the day is right!” Hears the Xia Tian speech expression, all people all are the spirit tighten, nobody knows that actually Xia Tian wants to do, the person who robs the gate does not know that he is the enemy is a friend. Em!!” Steals the day to nod. I warned you, the DR10 matter do not occur in China again, otherwise, I certainly will not let next time off you.” Xia Tian coldly looked that to stealing day said. As his voice falls, robbed gate all people to stand, angry looked to Xia Tian.