Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 657

Hears the Xia Tian words, these people who robs gate have all stood, angry looks to Xia Tian, steals the day, but their idols, this fellow fellow unexpectedly dares such to speak with own idol now. Regarding these people, steals day, although does not have with their relations, but steals the day absolutely is their goal, the King in their mind. Moreover everybody is convinced to him. Because they had heard steals day the fact, they know one are unable to achieve to steal the day to be so good, therefore this admiring is from the heart. In other words, steals the day is the gods in their heart, but some unexpectedly people dare such with stealing the day at this time speak. They possibly are not how angry. The demon robs looks to stealing the day that the Saint takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, he knows that this person is not affable, therefore he had chosen a moment ago silent, now saw that this person unexpectedly aimed at the spear point has stolen the day, he naturally was prepares to look at the good play. His person offended this person a moment ago, finally this person directly got rid, has almost not killed that several people, the person who now robs the gate also offended this person, he was waiting for this person got rid the group of people who dealt with rob the gate. At this time robs the person who the gate comes in originally few, if Xia Tian competently but actually this group of people, that robber Saint and stole the day they really to turn into the polished rod commander. Em?” Xia Tian turned the head to look at these robber gates person one, afterward vision one cold, saw this vision time, robbed the Saint and steals the day is in the heart one cold. When their too familiar this vision, he overthrew the person who that several demons rob the gate a moment ago, has revealed this vision, these people manage to the present also nobody, all fainted. Now Xia Tian has leaked off this vision once more, they know that this person could begin, now robs the humanities that the gate comes not to be many, if Xia Tian begins now, they really became the polished rod commanders. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, stole the day to stand suddenly, saw that stole the day to stand, all people were all peaceful: I promise you, will not have the next time.” Has submitted, stole day unexpectedly to submit, saw that stole the day to submit, all people all gawked. They all surprised looks to Xia Tian, nobody knows that who Xia Tian is, even these people think a moment ago he is one ***, unexpectedly dares such with stealing the day speaks.

Those but who now make all people inconceivable is, stole day unexpectedly to submit, that world first god day unexpectedly submitted with this person secretly. This makes all people not be all able to accept all of a sudden. The demon robs the Saint and robber Saint is also inconceivable of whole face, they are not clear, why steal the day of unknown origin to submit with this person. He is the first under Heaven god steals. Even if this person is Martial Arts Expert is also what kind of? Do not say that steals the day, solely they know many Earth Grade Expert. They will not be threatened by anybody absolutely. However at this time they are not by far famous, naturally knows many Expert, but he actually submits with a young boy at this time. This in that with their impression stole the day to differ simply too. Em,” Xia Tian nodded. Reason that steals the day submits, is not because he was shaken by the Xia Tian strength, because Xia Tian spoke that a few words. Previous DR10 matter.” The previous that matter, he has not done to understand that to present, then situation he understood some, it is said presented mysterious figure, this person relied on strength of the to shake that many Expert. When he hears this matter, he thinks that this was China some Earth Grade Expert sent certainly out, but afterward he carefully inquired that was not right. Analyzes after him, he discovered that even if Earth Grade Expert is impossible to live for instance fiercely, because of there also so many Ninja.

The Ninja strength cannot calculate with the rank, because the Ninja ability is very special, therefore is Earth Grade Expert cannot be what kind of these Ninja. But that person unexpectedly group extinguished Ninja of brigade. Moreover inside also has on super endures with existence that on top grade endures. Therefore he had determined a point, this person is more terrorist than Earth Grade Expert, moreover he is the person in country, Expert of any rank cannot resist with the person in country. Because an ability of person is limited, however the energy of country is actually very terrifying. Moreover previous this person unexpectedly successful has all intercepted DR10, therefore this makes him most surprised, such person he does not want to offend absolutely. Three minutes, if you do not study then must do, the person who that can run away may be few.” Xia Tian looked at one their several people to say. Em, Senior Brother, starts.” Stole the day to look at one to rob the Saint to say. Robs the Saint to nod, afterward looks to Xia Tian: Does not know that the gentleman is any clique, such one meets me also to say the following matter.” We, our two are Gu Jia sends.” Xia Tian has remembered the name of this clique temporarily. „,” Robs Saint saying looking pensive, but he did not remember this is any school, he had not heard which Expert surnamed Gu in this also has. However since Xia Tian said that he is not good to ask anything again. Other people are also silently sent Gu Jia at heart. Gu Jia sends.” After Gu Lijing meditated one next, discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly has treated as the school with her surname, these let the personal name sound surnamed Gu big chirp, she was very clear, can enter here person is Expert in Expert, passed after today, once they heard surnamed Gu will make ready especially the respect.

Because Xia Tian has set up the prestige today, he has displayed that side of his powerful to all people, understands the strength that Gu Jia sends to all personal testimonies. This solely was not says. Demon robs the Saint, I have a proposition, I think that you should agree.” Robs the Saint to look that robs Saint to say to the demon, at this time this will be negotiations. Mentioned listens.” The demon robs the Saint to say. We compare, the person who loses leaves China, how can't be life-long to step into China to commit a crime?” Robs the Saint to say. Sounds well, compared with what?” The demon robs the Saint to ask, they each other had been sufficed the present aspect, since the ancient times a mountain does not accommodate two tigers. They are two Fierce Tiger, naturally cannot make others also stay in own domain. mission, who completes to calculate that first who wins.” Robs the Saint to say. What mission?” The demon robs the Saint to ask. Prime Minister Island Country that hat in Room, is the hat that the past last generation of emperors left behind.” Robs the Saint to look that robs Saint to say to the demon. Hears that hat time, all people were all shocked, that is the national treasure.