Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 658
„Were you insane?” The demon robs a Saint face inconceivable looked that to robbing the Saint asked. Robbed Saint unexpectedly saying that this time was steals the national treasure, that hat in prime minister room, since Island Country the emperor system will have cancelled, the emperor turned into ornaments, all things in country has been decided by the prime minister. But in the prime minister room has a hat, this hat was the World War II time, the only relic that emperor left behind, this thing was regarded the national treasure same to regard by Islander. Because it has recorded the Island Country beforehand strength, but also is representing the respect of Islander to last emperor. This hat can only collect in each prime minister palace. But the prime minister palace tightly guarded place, looked like China in the main hall of emperor was the same in the ancient times. There is impossible going in that has anybody to mix, even if the fly does not evade the first defense line. To steal this thing, this assassinates the Island Country prime minister more difficult than simply. „Did you fear?” Robs saying that the Saint disdains, he thinks that continually this skill if no, that did not have the qualifications to keep China. Robs the Saint to open a picture directly, then demonstrated that looks to the people: Is it.” This hat is plain, is last relic that last century emperor kept, the value of this goods is unable to spend money to calculate. Good, such decided.” The demon robs the Saint is not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble, moreover he thought that this matter has the challenging, only then this way can decide that who is true first under Heaven. Although his reputation has not stolen day and robs the Saint to be big, but he does not think that his skill is worse than these two people, therefore he wants positive and these two people compete with.

Good, we have decided that who lost, from now henceforth leads own person to step into the China half step.” Robs the Saint to say. Good.” The demon robs Saint very earnest saying, among them does not need to sign any contract, because this is their customs, so long as complied, that absolutely will achieve. This is the bottom line of robber, if has gotten rid of this bottom line, then they will be scoffed by the world person. Wait / Etc.!” When both sides just reached the agreement, their behind some people shout suddenly, hears this sound all people to know that is who shouted. If I have attained that hat?” Xia Tian looked that asked to them. What? You......” demon robs a Saint brow wrinkle. Right, you are two groups of people, I am also one group, I am Gu Jia send, I am the big disciple, this is my Junior Sister Gu Lijing, we are also participate to rob the gate congress.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, they want to understand that originally this person does not find fault really intentionally, but is participates to rob the gate congress. However when Xia Tian said Gu Lijing this name, all people silently have remembered, although they do not know that Xia Tian was any details, so long as knows that a name, after exiting, was good to inquire, they do not want to offend such person, therefore after they planned to exit, was on good terms this person with this Gu Lijing. You have won words, our two sides leave China.” The demon robs the Saint to say directly. No, I do not have the enmity with you without the injustice, does not need like this.” Xia Tian shook the head. Hears the Xia Tian words, they are also nod of silently, Xia Tian said right, reason that they bet such greatly besides for the reputation and benefit , because both sides are the bitter enemies.

What to do you said!” Steals the day to open the mouth to ask, he does not want to offend Xia Tian, therefore he asked directly, he thinks that he such asked gives fully the Xia Tian face, when the time comes Xia Tian only needed to say him to be why good, but he will not regard is a matter. He does not think the Xia Tian stealing skill to be able these three people, regardless of when the time comes Xia Tian proposed that anything is unimportant. This, if I lost, I disappeared since then, no matter once more among you matter, if I won, I hoped A World Without Thieves, no, was China does not have the thief.” Xia Tian looked to rob the Saint they to say. „Doesn't China have the thief?” The demon robs a Saint brow wrinkle: „Is your meaning to let us all leaves China?” No, where I do not want to manage you to go, what I want, you cannot commit a crime in China, is steals China any national treasure and wealth, goes as for you overseas what kind, then does not have any relations with me.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, both sides also nodded: We had not stolen the China national treasure before, after all we are also the China people, does not want to work as the traitor, as for the China wealth, we truly has stolen, but since now is the gambling makes, we are willing to observe.” Good, since all people complied, I.” Xia Tian said, turns head to move toward Gu Lijing directly, when he arrives at Gu Lijing the side, very gentleman extended own right hand: Grasps me, we must walk.” Em.” Although Gu Lijing does not know that Xia Tian must do, but she grasped Xia Tian. When Gu Lijing grasps Xia Tian that flash, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared in same place, appeared again, he has stood the roof of Exhibition Center, afterward left directly. Good fierce movement!” Steals the day to say. It seems like this time we must have the difficulty.” Robs the Saint to say. This is more interesting.” Steals the day to show a faint smile, he likes having the matter of challenge like this.

After the demon robs the Saint to see the Xia Tian movement, shows a faint smile. Walks!” The demon robs the Saint to issue an order, all people all use their means to run to outside. Halts, all grasps to me.” At this moment, outside police also all flushed . Moreover the surroundings also presented many special police officers. Such police, if were grasped, that latter half of life may probably pass in the firmness.” Robs Saint light saying. Steals day nod of silently, he understands why finally Xia Tian must say a moment ago also three minutes, originally he was saying time that the police came in: Everybody finds the way to leave here, the person who can leave goes to converge with us according to the symbol, this time we wanted the reformation of the world.” After these people who robs the gate hear steals the day the words, specially excited, they use oneself already prepared the way, from ran away in all directions directly. They before have prepared running away. These police run up to here time, these people all ran away, only then ground that six fainted the past person. Yeah, unexpectedly only catches six, but these six people should also be he knock down.” Hong Kong mayors sighed to say.