Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 659

Hong Kong mayors do not know had these many people to enter the Exhibition Center, the monitoring that he made was already destroyed by others, had settled afterward several times, finally was destroyed. Finally he has simply additionally appointed the military strength independently, did not depend to monitor. He believes that this people will unable to go, he only knows from beginning to end Xia Tian led a person to go, because Xia Tian called him, was he makes the person put Xia Tian to go. But when he comes in discovered that here unexpectedly has come in these many people, but he slightly had not actually felt. In 1.3 billion population robs the strongest dozens people, these people make him broaden the outlook , if not Xia Tian makes him come, he estimated that had finished, oneself do not have the opportunity. Moreover he has not thought that these people run away such quickly, all kinds of means visit him to be dazzled. To finally, his unexpectedly has not caught except for these six people who the ground faints. Yeah, this fellows, if harms the country, that may be big troublesome, hopes that Xia Tian has means processing.” Hong Kong mayors also can only pray that now Xia Tian can process these people. When he sighed, his cell phone has made a sound, looked that was Xia Tian hits, he answered the telephone hurriedly. They ran, I hold six to faint.” I know that these people may not only become famous in China, in the entire world is figure of most elite, this fellows are not good to cope.” Needs anything, you spoke, here will support fully your.” Passport, two Island Country airplane ticket.” Good, within a half hour, I made one to deliver to you.”

Good.” Hong Kong mayors heard Xia Tian to set the request, he asked the person to manage hurriedly, he most liked hearing Xia Tian to say his request, if Xia Tian has not requested, that showed that Xia Tian did not have the means. So long as Xia Tian has the request, that showed that Xia Tian is certainly handling this matter. After Xia Tian brings Gu Lijing is leaving the Exhibition Center, has eaten meal, he was hungry. „Do you plan Island Country really?” Gu Lijing a face inconceivable looked that asked to Xia Tian. No.” Xia Tian shook the head to continue saying: „It is not I, is we.” Gu Lijing more and more has been interested in Xia Tian now, she has seen countless men, moreover she is the deceiving man sentiment and money of becoming famous, moreover makes the emotion spying. She has seen that many men, but these men let have one that he summarizes, that is the men is a welldoing, does not have the good thing. She has thought one have seen through world all men, when she actually discovered Xia Tian before her has seen these men are completely different. Is competent, moreover is very mystical, regardless of facing any person, he is a confident appearance, moreover he also has that strength. She could not completely understand Xia Tian, this time robber gate congress she imagines is much more difficult, she knows , if no help of Xia Tian, she is absolutely impossible to have the opportunity to enter to the Exhibition Center, even can the badge also not necessarily attain continually. Can enter to here her felt that has been very honored, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also made her name appear in the ears of that many celebrities. She knows, after stealing day event, therefore the person definitely will remember Gu Jia who her name, this first time presents sends.

However what she is very puzzled, why Xia Tian must carry on this competition with these people. Must know, but the person of opposite party are many, although their strengths have low high, but each is in China topest a group of people. Person who they know, with resources is very rich. To steal that hat, the resources and technical that needs to consume is innumerable, guards that sternly, they must result in use various high tech to be possible the success. What? We? Is this possible? Uses not to have depending on our two anything.” Gu Lijing very puzzled saying. Right, is we, my charm added on your big bo to be enough.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Fuck! Guli listens quietly to Xia Tian said big bo time she has raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian. Come!” Appearance that Xia Tian devotion. You were really too dirty, I have not joked with you, wanted to steal such thing is the impossible matter, they will use the most advanced science and technology and a huge amount of manpower, haven't our two what both compared with them?” Gu Lijing stared Xia Tian one to say. I said that was enough by my charm.” Xia Tian said again. You, if cracks a joke again, I was angry.” Saying that Gu Lijing disguises to be angry. Good, I acknowledged that I have not thought that but I plan to go to Island Country to have a look at the dark green elder sister first.” Xia Tian has felt the mystery to the dark green elder sister. What appearance is dwelling male goddess honorable person?

He, although does not like Island Country, but Islander also really has own merit, for example their innovation capabilities and Ninjutsu wait / etc., although is some things of being opportunistic, but sometimes these skills also really can have big using. When looked like initially he avoided the Quicksand vice- leader captured Ninjutsu to be the same with Qi Huan. Has not thought that your unexpectedly dares to carry on to compete with them, you also are really a lunatic.” Gu Lijing helpless saying, she thorough was speechless. Before she also thinks that Xia Tian had certainly any means that now knows that originally the Xia Tian anything means did not have. Eats a thing, otherwise at a meeting the airplane could not eat such delicious thing temporarily, I heard that Islander is the bastard, eats is the live fish, Paternal grandmother, this is must make the father return primitively.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Volume!” Gu Lijing feels immediately very speechless, sentimental mysterious few Toshiro has not gone to Island Country. She has not hugged now any has hope that she knows this time them the pension you, when travelled, winning is definitely impossible, because they and others disparities were really too big, regardless of any, on the one hand was not in a rank. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly has not gone including Island Country, this went, he looked could not find, but also discussed that anything stole the thing. A bit faster eats, one will walk.” Xia Tian very earnest said Xia Tian eats is just the most common fried rice, but he wanted five. „!” Guli calmly nodded, has eaten with Xia Tian, but she eats is not the fried rice. Service person, gives me also to come fried rice.” At this moment the familiar form appears in Xia Tian together their side. Steals the day!!