Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 660

Person who comes is not others, steals the day, stole the day also to want fried rice, then sat in the Xia Tian side. Steals day Senior.” Gu Lijing the first time such near distance steals the day, her has at heart little small excited, can see figure in legend regarding her, that was a very happy matter, but now she not only saw, but also legend day unexpectedly in secretly with her in sitting on a dining table, she can such near distance see to steal the day. Do not call me Senior, I may unable to handle.” Steals the day to show a faint smile, said hurriedly. Steals day Senior, my master told me in the past that you are she see have robbed the gate strongest person.” Gu Lijing saw that steals the day to be a little small excitedly, a face worship looks to steal the day. moron pink / white!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He he!” Steals the day awkwardly smiles. Steals day Senior, you sign to me!” Gu Lijing looks that steals the day saying that she has put out the paper and pen directly! Good!” Hey, do you use such moron pink / white.” Xia Tian speechless [say / way]. Keeps to the side, this does not have your matter.” Gu Lijing directly Xia Tian disregarding. Stole the day to write down on the paper has stolen the day two characters, then gave back to Gu Lijing, Gu Lijing cautious and solemn folded the paper, then returned in the package. Xia Tian has not paid attention to them, but continues to have own fried rice, the fifth fried rice was eliminated by him: Service person, comes two again.” How do you eat up these many?” Steals the day a face strangely looks to Xia Tian, his first time saw that person unexpectedly can have these many fried rice. This simply is too terrifying, he could not see that which the Xia Tian food ate. You are collect the food? You invited.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Hears the Xia Tian words, Gu Lijing does not know thoroughly should say any was good, Xia Tian was also too shameless, his unexpectedly steals day big figure to ask him to eat meal like this. Can with stealing the day eats meal, this is in itself a happiness, is Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares shameless to this degree. This is just like a fan and Iverson eats meal together, then the fan makes Iverson spend is a truth. „, Money put this.” Steals the day to put out own wallet, in his wallet has a lot of money, moreover is the paper money of maximum currency value. Your boy is good, has development.” Xia Tian satisfied nod, his unexpectedly name steals the day is a boy, this time Gu Lijing could not bear again. I warned you, if you insulted my idol again, I kicked out you.” Saying that Gu Lijing is ready to fight. Fuck! I am your teammate.” Xia Tian speechless saying. At this moment, Xia Tian by them that table of two people of quarrelled suddenly, moreover they kicked up a racket unexpectedly to push. This pushes mutually, they were away from Xia Tian this table to be also getting more and more near. This was also too preliminary.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Yeah, shows off meager skills before an expert.” Gu Lijing also sighed, her eyes have seen through these two goals of people, their unexpectedly will steal the day to lock on the goal. Stole the day put out the wallet time a moment ago, they saw to steal the money in day wallet. They are participated to rob gate congress, but has not obtained the badge, therefore they planned that does this to walk again. So long as they will steal the money in day wallet to take away, that can also make a small wealth, therefore they have performed of present.

The performing skills of these two people are ordinary . Moreover the movement was too a little obvious. Steals the day not to speak, even looked continually has not looked at these two people. Oh I go, you court death!” That person makes an effort has pushed his teammate, his teammate taking the opportunity directly was stealing the day the body to touch, afterward showed a faint smile: You are waiting to me.” Said that he ran directly. „Do you also want to run? Halts to me.” Another teammate is also directly pursues to outside. But at this moment, the first person pants that runs toward outside fell directly, at the same time his behind that person pants also fell down. This is not main, what is main is in them unexpectedly does not have the underpants, this falls, was exposed directly. Ah! rascal.” Nearby female customer shouts loudly. Security! Security! They are rascal, neurosis.” That two people had not responded the time, their T-shirts also fell, moreover is broken Large expanse, intentionally looks like they do is the same. The security saw that such situation ran hurriedly, that two people see the security time, the hurriedness must run outward, they could not give a thought to that many. But when they, as soon as runs, the shoes unexpectedly powder has also put up . Moreover the pants completely have also been separated from their bodies.

Leave alone, has blocked the face, a bit faster runs.” Behind that person anxious shouting. One! Two! Three!” Stole the day to look up three integers, after these three integers counted, that two people knelt on the ground directly, they could not feel completely existence of own knee. Yeah, whom steals not to be good, you must steal him.” Xia Tian sighed helpless saying, but that two people could not hear. These two thieves also really have eyes but fail to see, if they know the person who one steal is the famous first under Heaven god secretly day, perhaps they will be scared to death directly. This looks like a child must with the C Loby skill in ball games be a truth. „The previous DR10 matter, troubled you.” Steals the day to say directly that this is also he arrived here goal. Has not exploded luckily, otherwise your crime may be big.” Xia Tian said. Reason that I work as the stopover station with Hong Kong because of here convenience transaction, moreover that DR10 will not explode, because they are the half-finished products, Islander to prevent it explodes suddenly, has made many explosion-proof equipment in inside intentionally, therefore starts in any event, will not explode, naturally, if meets atomic bomb thing detonation, it certainly will explode.” Steals the day to answer. „!” Xia Tian nodded. Island Country to avoid initially the matter of atomic bomb again occurred, therefore they have trained continuously the super air defense unit and innumerable prevention and control science and technology, moreover they have also studied DR10, is hopes one day to have the big use.” Stole the day to look at Xia Tian to continue saying: If they study successfully DR10, then they might cause a war very much, therefore I will steal DR10.” Really is even thieves have principles, remaining gave me to be good.” Xia Tian showed a faint smile , to continue to eat, after eating that two bowls of food, he led Gu Lijing to go out of the hotel directly: It seems like this time must move the physique greatly.”