Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 661

Steals the day to see form that Xia Tian goes far away stares slightly: He is not thinks that I did want him to help to beat the Island Country air defense unit? No, possibly was I have thought that how a strength of person possibly compared with an army of country.” Since explained clearly, I must prepare to move, this time may certainly unable to lose.” Steals day very earnest saying, regarding this competition, he cannot lose, because he is the world first god steals. The person who although this demon robs the gate are more, but they have the absolute strength. Does not have the opportunity to enter the person of Exhibition Center as for these, will steal the day not to ask them to seek help absolutely, if stole the day to do, they did not need to compete, because his person had been lost completely. Has not thought that Island Country unexpectedly also has such ambition, first prevents and controls, then makes the might so big bomb, this has obviously provokes the meaning of war once more, now stole the day to process their DR10, they did not have the ability of attack, if I found the way to solve their air defense unit again, the ability that then they defended did not have, when the time comes, they can personhood of little darling.” Xia Tian knows that is not all countries approaches Island Country to be so militant. Reason that Island Country now dares to be so wild, is now because their military power enough formidable, Xia Tian wants to do directly kills the Island Country air-defense force, this can make Island Country shrink begins to cultivate the behavior. Naturally, Xia Tian this to not cause war, a person speech of country is diplomatically unyielding or not lies in his military power. Now if Xia Tian has beaten the Island Country air defense unit, then Island Country, when facing China, does not dare to be so wild. Everybody Tiantian are many were shouting ****** is China, Xia Tian has not gone to shout, but Xia Tian must prove with the strength now, he has the practical significance compared with the person who these Tiantian shouted. It seems like this time went to Island Country to have is busy.” Xia Tian has inspected own equipment, he knows that this time is very likely a war. Even he suspected that he may encounter the unprecedented danger very much, but he, since has decided that that did not have any means. He is Island Country blacklist figure. Was good because of nobody can find my picture, so long as otherwise I stepped into Island Country time will be killed by the innumerable mechanism (spear|gun)s.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought.

He does not think one can in the situation that in one crowd of mechanism (spear|gun)s strafe can also live. However although Island Country has his name, but does not have his picture, he has made the Hong Kong mayors make a false status and false passport to him. The country acts to do, that cannot say is false. Since you have not gone to Island Country, that this time when I am lead you to go to Island Country to travel.” Gu Lijing does not have the thoughts of competing. She completely gave up. Good, after does not pass Island Country, do not call my name, called under Wareta, otherwise our two were impossible to live is leaving Island Country.” The Xia Tian reminder said. „? Why?” Gu Lijing puzzled asking. Because I in the Island Country blacklist, I am the Island Country top war criminal.” Xia Tian said that after previous time event, Island Country all blamed all crimes in the head of Xia Tian. Xia Tian not only has killed their many Expert, DR10 that but also studies laboriously them has given the person of World Safety Organization. How this makes them be able not to be angry. These Expert lives add on DR10 again, this was considered as is in Island Country these over a hundred years the second largest loss, the first big loss was the World War II time had been thrown an atomic bomb by America. Island Country top war criminal!!” Gu Lijing whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: You are not will be cracking a joke, I only know that steals the day is the Island Country No. 1 most wanted terrorist, I have not listened to the Island Country top war criminal have been anything.”

You looked that my appearance is cracking a joke likely? You told that I draw an analogy, if steals the day in the Island Country monetary reward is 500 million, my again Island Country monetary reward is 5 billion.” Xia Tian answered. Although he with stealing the day is the same, has brought the serious crisis to Island Country, but stole the day to steal away DR10, at that time Island Country can bring DR10. But because of Xia Tian, lets them not only has not gone back the thing belt, instead lost one of the Island Country sharpest armies. Expert of Ninja army. This regarding Island Country is the massive loss. Therefore Xia Tian becomes the Island Country top war criminal, so long as he enters Island Country with Xia Tian this name, that immediately is killed. In the past had China had at the Island Country killed event, this event affected is very big, China acted directly, requesting Island Country must give a view. Island Country had given at that time a very simple processing method, compensated 1 million, then asked those facing the death penalty to take punishment for somebody else casually. After this news passes to China top-quality figure ear inside, China top-quality figure only spoke a few words: I cannot guarantee that in our China prison several million criminals can all kill China within the boundaries all Islander in day.” Hears these words time, Island Country may have a scare, if these words were others said that they will not pay attention, but these words stemmed from the China top-quality figure mouth. This makes Island Country have to this matter processing was more perfect. Finally Island Country decided that the public apology, shoots the to open fire Island Country soldier, moreover compensates the family member 100 million Yuan China coin of that man.

All these are goods that because a name annoys. Then situation was very intense, in the Island Country airport presented Xia Tian this name, a Island Country city directly entered the Rank 1 battle condition, all police complete homing of leave . Moreover the special department was all moved. But no one has thought that finally unexpectedly is such result. Therefore Islander hated Xia Tian. The speed of airplane is quick, only used for two -and-a-half hours to arrive to Tokyo from Jiang Hai City. Next airplane.” Xia Tian that Gu Lijing has patted sleep said. „!” Xia Tian stands up walks toward below directly, to cover their ears and eyes, they are disguise the lover to come together, moreover is taking a big suitcase, actually in the suitcase has anything, Xia Tian has not looked. This is the Hong Kong mayors prepares for them specially, if after all two people anything do not take, definitely will bring to the attention of Island Country agent. The Island Country agent is very famous. „!” When Xia Tian goes down that moment of airplane, the whole person was energetic, his X-Ray Vision eye instantaneous opened automatically.