Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 662
Island Country in security is very splendid, their agents everywhere are, they will stare at these people who the overseas are coming, so long as which person has made some out of the ordinary or the strange action, will then stare immediately. Once you were discovered does any harms the Island Country matter, then the police will catch you in the shortest time. Therefore the Island Country person almost takes to the streets always not to need to be worried to bump into the thief. However these do not have the big relations with Xia Tian, he when had just alit from the airplane saw Island Country beauty of troop, these beauty uniform small tutus, the upper body X-Ray Vision clothes makes inside inner clothes clothing partly visible. Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye useless control radically, automatic opened. Too beautiful to behold. After he goes out of the airport, discovered the Island Country woman simply is many does not make sense, where arrives at to see the pretty woman, their wear all are specially open that. Island Country makes the clothes certainly very economical material.” Xia Tian looks that these clothing of female putting on said.rascal! Gu Lijing stared Xia Tian one to say. „The Island Country woman puts on this, are they are enticing others crime?” The Xia Tian 11 of X-Ray Vision eye on these females has swept, the Island Country female stature is also generally good, moreover they will put on make-up very much, on the face of everyone has the thick makeup, if downloads the makeup, they absolutely do not have China beauty to be attractive. The makeup that however they draw made them common or very ugly woman turned into beauty from an appearance all of a sudden. Which also with enticing, Island Country woman are many, the man are few, every year many women do not marry, this regarding them is the shame, therefore the Island Country woman must dress up itself, this can guarantee exiting that one marry, in the China family, the status of woman is very high, however in Island Country, you, if dares to take care of the woman at home, they think that liked displaying, snatched their housework.” Gu Lijing has certain understanding to Island Country.

Anomaly, masochism.” Xia Tian says with emotion, his eye looked on the bodies of these females, finally disappointed shaking the head. How?” Asking that Gu Lijing has doubts. I from had seen several thousand women to the present a moment ago, can link maidens not to have.” Xia Tian said. Anomaly, your unexpectedly is looking at this, but the words spoke, how did you see?” Asking that Gu Lijing has doubts. I am a doctor, from many aspects can with looking.” Xia Tian answered. You simply is a holi kare, needs to turn into any role time, you can turn into any role, this simply is domestic-made 007.” Gu Lijing says with emotion. „, The dot sound, have not exposed my status. „, You also really like developing, 007 gentlemen, you did not need to find, Island Country had a custom, if after a girl 13 th birthday, maiden, then regarding them and family members was the greatest shames, the girl had not been broken by oneself before 13 years old, the family member personally will go forth to battle.” Gu Lijing thinks that Xia Tian is cracking a joke, very much therefore coordinates is acting in a play with Xia Tian. „, Is so abnormal.” Only Xia Tian listens to feel that was too terrifying, Island Country this procedure was really the anomaly to the family. Em, is a little truly abnormal, but Island Country is this, although they the common social practice is good, the street environment and health are also very good, however their behavior truly made the person unable to accept.” Gu Lijing is unable to accept such matter, this is simply chaotic. The eye of Xia Tian took a fast look around, the desire of thoroughly not having looked, boarded with ancient Lijing directly goes to Tokyo.

This all the way beauty is still very many: Low key, this time is certainly low-key, proper business, if has annoyed troublesome, the following matter is not easy to do.” Xia Tian has been reminding itself. Gu Lijing acted as the status of tour guide directly, after their first day arrived in Tokyo, started to stroll wantonly. Gu Lijing even really regarded this is one travelled, she has not competed to place that anything at heart, she knows that to steal the day their strength and layout, should have the means to steal the thing, but after Xia Tian went, absolutely did not have that opportunity. Because of the Xia Tian advanced technology, his has not stolen Kungfu to be fierce, is impossible to steal directly the thing from the room of prime minister. On this day, Gu Lijing and Xia Tian in together are the expenses that keeps. After the night falls, Xia Tian and Gu Lijing have eaten the special foods of some places, then they looked for a hotel, on this day lets the Xia Tian most sigh with emotion matter is the Island Country person quality is really not low, so long as they see the ground to have the dirty thing, no matter any person will bend the waist to pick, even if will open several million luxury car people also to do. Moreover they are the wallet place on the avenue some people not to steal. Yeah, although my very repugnant Island Country, but this point must result in studies, each country has own merit and shortcoming, this should be the Island Country merit, as for the Island Country shortcoming, that was really too many, a palm of the hand big place, pasted medicinal plaster to be able with the paper diaper on, when national flag, but must stir up trouble in all directions.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Island Country is very strong on the diplomacy, because they think that their national defense capability is good, moreover there is an America to support to them in behind, therefore they so wild. After returning to the hotel, Xia Tian walked in the hotel to walk directly, he did not play, therefore he plans to have a look at the situation tonight.

In Gu Lijing the room, she these clothes that tries to buy today. This is not good, this? Good, if made him see can the nostril spurt the blood?” Gu Lijing has worn a X-Ray Vision attire of ten points exposition, she wants to entice Xia Tian. Xia Tian is the man who first can make her be have a liking, therefore she planned that takes Xia Tian, because after she was afraid has missed, again unable to find such well. Therefore her careful spending makeup, then directly walked toward the Xia Tian room. Din-dong! Gu Lijing according to making a sound doorbell. But in the room does not have slight response. Does? How to open the door?” Saying that Gu Lijing has doubts, she returned to her room afterward, has taken up the room card of Xia Tian that room. When he brushes the room card enters the Xia Tian room, discovered that the Xia Tian room is completely empty, Gu Lijing angry saying: Paternal grandmother, person? Has my such big beauty to deliver the entrance, his unexpectedly also not.”