Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 663

On a board in China, the board week has sat in a circle in some China at this time most top leadership figure. Island Country now was really more and more wild, they also were recently dissolute.” Snort, if for the world peace, our China already did not destroy completely Island Country, but also has a need for them being so wild?” Destroys completely Island Country not so to be easy, reason that now Island Country dares to be so wild , because they behind have the support of America, moreover their own air-defense forces are also very formidable, in addition marine battleship, therefore they dare to be so secure.” Hateful, if can smash the Island Country air defense system and marine battleship were good, after such Island Country , can only put to cultivate the behavior.” This radically is the impossible matter, only if develops directly, otherwise does not have the least bit opportunity.” Was right, the previous that DR10 matter was not solves Island Country a number of biological weapons, was who does?” DR10 is first under Heaven god day steals secretly, but he wanted to sell to these terrorist organizations internationally, finally by the Hong Kong government intercepting, it is said that war gathered the innumerable elite mercenaries and very many Expert.” „? That Hong Kong does complete by the police forces?” No, by two people, called Bing Chuan, another was called Xia Tian.” „Who are they?” Bing Chuan is east King of Soldiers of Northern Army area, is grandsons of Northern Army ice virtue bosoms China four big Expert, Xia Tian is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher, simultaneously he is also the China four big Expert Xia Tianlong sons.” Good, good, good, is great.”

Bing Chuan, although has also performed very big merit, but that time matter, the Xia Tian merit is biggest, he by strength of direct reverse war a oneself, he also closed right up against his strength to destroy completely the Island Country sharpest Ninja army finally directly, but also all retreated in fear other people, if did not have him, DR10 will not be all able to preserve, when the time comes the China person may lose in a big way, afterward he became the Island Country top war criminal.” Really is the hero has the youth, moreover is the pillars of the state in country.” Em, I have awarded them the top grade meritorious chapter.” They are really eligible for that the top grade meritorious chapter, is great.” My morning time receives information, is the Hong Kong mayors sends, said Hong Kong that robbed the gate congress to end, their decision was steals the hat of Prime Minister Island Country finally.” Interesting.” Xia Tian.” „? Isn't he Island Country top war criminal? How also dares to go to Island Country?” „The Island Country person can only check the Xia Tian material, but actually cannot find the Xia Tian picture, therefore the Hong Kong mayors have made another status to him.” Really was more and more interesting.” Em, this Xia Tian I like very much, perhaps this time he will make any pattern.” Island Country Tokyo!

After Xia Tian left the hotel, walks directly on the avenue, daytime time, although he is also window-shopping, but he already neighbor all street positions and monitoring will write down. The place that now he walks does not have any monitoring. Island Country night wanted to be too more than China crazily, their here night was even livelier than the daytime, because daytime most people must go to work, but in the evening, they actually came out to play. Can see the men to enter small guesthouse everywhere. So long as the Island Country woman has a liking for a man, that will directly follow the man, does not have anything to act with constraint with the moral bottom line. Even if no one will know anyone next morning, they will not have any sad, because this also merely is their physiological drives. Handsome fellow, hello.” After a female stared at Xia Tian, went forward to greet with Xia Tian directly. Hello.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, the vision took a fast look around on the body of female, Xia Tian was proficient in eight country languages, moreover afterward he also had carried on the new language classification practice, therefore this Island Country language did not have any difficulty for him. „A person, or accompanies me very?” The females said that both hands pull up the arm of Xia Tian to rock directly. Good, which do you want to go?” Xia Tian had already seen through this woman, she is Ninja, moreover she tracked afternoon Xia Tian today they. Goes to an amusing place to be what kind of?” Females mysterious smiles to say. Walks!” Xia Tian very impolite directly in hugs the female in the bosom, there is a small advantage not to occupy that is the bastard, especially this delivering wants to plan his person, his right hand profits at the expense of the state on the body of female in both hands wantonly, superficially goes, Xia Tian truly is taking the advantage of female.

In fact Xia Tian has all stolen away on female these Ninjutsu stage props. On the face of female has flashed through a loathing, but vanished immediately, but is saying of face smiling face: Such do not worry, one will have you are happy the time.” Good.” Xia Tian more follows the female is more remote, finally unexpectedly has arrived in deep alley directly: beauty, crisply what this place has?” That female coldly smiles, then has broken free of the bosom of Xia Tian directly: Comes out.” All around went out of two Ninja and ten famous artisans directly with the blade guest of weapon, what Ninja puts on is the specialized Ninja clothing, at this time these people already Xia Tian all round surrounded. beauty, do you want to do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Waited a while you to know, definitely had you were happy the time, wasn't your hand was very a moment ago dishonest? Meets me to make your hand for a lifetime honest!” The Island Country female looks wickedly to Xia Tian. I am not clear, why you must such do, I just am an ordinary tourist.” Xia Tian looks to that several female puzzled saying.Snort, was the tourist one will know, if you were really the tourist, we naturally can put you, will let you matter that forgets tonight to have, if you were not the tourist, you were miserable, I ensure can make you arrive crisply, weren't you were very a moment ago happy? Inside these things can make your crisp suffice. „ Female coldly looks at Xia Tian to say.Originally is this. „ Xia Tian understood finally, robs some gate congress people to divulge a secret, therefore Island Country starts to grasp now entered the Island Country person for these days, extorts evidence, if asked that directly suffers dead, person who if not rob the gate, that use one special medicine, lets them the matter that forgets tonight to have.