Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 664

This medicine is the Island Country latest medicine, is called DR9, this medicine is Island Country in the medicine that the World War II studied, but the medicine was not mature at that time, had very big repercussions, but was now good, when it named DR9, it had been developed successfully. This medicine can lose all memories within 24 hours, will make the person produce illusion, resembles is only a dream is the same, after the dream awoke, in dream vanished. This medicine is similar to confusing the huan medicine and so on thing, will look like the normal person sometimes will usually forget own yesterday evening sat any dream, although they can affirm one have certainly had any dream, but will be cannot remember to have any dream. Naturally, this is not that in mysterious small iron bar like movie, shouted 123, then flash, the person forgot beforehand remembering. That pulls the calf. Present is in the 21 st century, the society of science and technology, that type of thing does not exist, even if Earth Grade Expert impossible to contend with the airplane cannon. Even if the Witchcraft Sect ghosts, if meets the high temperature also same to eliminate with the glare. This world does not have absolutely the invincible thing, even if were that pursues the soul master also to be called invincible existence at that time, finally had still been killed three by Xia Tian. If not discover their weakness, they truly are invincible existences, if has discovered their weakness, they compared with normal person many. This looks like with the blade chops water, regardless of you have paid many effort, is impossible to cut off, when once you use the earth to bury, you will discover that you on the useless big strength, levelled the water radically. This is the issue of method. Island Country recently entered the Island Country person to extort evidence to these on use this DR9 medicine now, naturally, they will not have made these people keep the flesh wound, generally, they will choose the use extorting evidence liquid medicines, because this thing can break the toleration limit of person, will not keep the flesh wound.

Really is troublesome, if kills their several directly, that definitely will be discovered that each came to the people in Tokyo certainly to be arranged, is looked by whom, once this person has had an accident, then proved that person who this person tracked had the issue. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. He knows that is not simple can handle this matter, but he, if gets rid to kill these people directly, he exposed.Had, after I can kill them, kills other ambushes again Ninja, after all Ninja I kill, I will not expose. „ Xia Tian thinks on here time face one happy. What do you smile to smile? If you are really these anything robber gate person, you die today.” That female Ninja wicked looked that said to Xia Tian. I usually do not hit woman, however the Island Country woman is not considered as in my eyes a woman, moreover you are so vicious, by you have harmed person, are definitely many, therefore I am enforce justice on behalf of Heaven today.” Xia Tian thinks that the Island Country woman and man are equally hateful, especially female Ninja. They undergo the training time is very brutal, kills people regarding them, that simply is not anything, moreover Islander hates the China person inborn, especially their Ninja armies. Front female does not know that has killed many China people. Loathed the Xia Tian expression to look from her a moment ago, she has repugnant Xia Tian, if Xia Tian does not kill her, after that she is only the evil many China people. Snort, it seems like you really have the problem, begins, killed him to be good directly.” After that female Ninja cold snort, said. Xia Tian has not moved, but is corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, when they arrive at side Xia Tian, body directly soft. What?” Female Ninja whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, afterward she must open directly runs away, such Expert she absolutely is not a match, she must quickly this information tramsmit.

But when she wants to pull out smoke shell, she discovered that own thing all disappears, therefore she without hesitation, turns the head to run directly. Puff! An silver needle injected her cerebellum, afterward her body slowly but actually. Starts to take action.” Xia Tian has dug up Ninja clothes directly, then puts in own body, afterward he hid the corpses of these people. Big Xia Tian unexpectedly puts on such thick thing, Islander is really moron.” After Xia Tian puts on, feels the body to be sultry, he has to radiate using Inner Strength. However is this, he also felt that Islander is pure SB, is all right idle big Xia Tian to put on such thick. Actually reason that Island Country Ninja puts on such thick , because they to conceal own status and appearance, moreover on them has carried many Ninjutsu stage props. Moreover who they can also see this person from the clothes are, because on the clothes of everyone by different symbols. „In first has a look to have person, some words kill together.” Xia Tian has fired into inside goods warehouse directly, inside also really has the person, these people were waiting for the Ninja belt comes back the person, then they interrogate and torture. Xia Tian without demur, came up to kill in goods warehouse these Islander directly. Was right, I am defending here, that comes many people, I can kill many people, 6 p.m. to midnight they can definitely bring, late at night I kill again, they were monitoring at that time certainly, I overran kill them to be good directly.” Xia Tian thinks of this idea time specially excited.

6 p.m. to midnight, Xia Tian altogether has killed more than 100 individuals here, after crossing 12 points, there is close one hour of Ninja to come again, Xia Tian knows that definitely was China comes this other people to rest, but these Ninja have been also monitoring, will not have the person to come again, these China people who he will faint lifted near on the street chair, then he has started the rug -type search. At this time Xia Tian sighed with emotion Tokyo is very really big. He searched for a half hour, a person had not discovered. ! A hawk cry appeared in midair, Xia Tian gained ground the doubts looked to the sky, anything had not discovered. Greater part of the night hawk that which comes?” Xia Tian looked at for quite a while not to discover that existence of eagle, female Ninja arrived at the Xia Tian side at this moment: Sand, you are gawking doing, first goes to the set.” Female Ninja saw that Xia Tian has not moved, has taken up the hand of Xia Tian directly, has placed her upper body: Others know that you have thought that but the set is important, after waiting for the set, others make you well comfortable again.”