Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 665

This sudden happy heart lets a Xia Tian confusedness. Saw that Xia Tian has not spoken, that female Ninja a little worried probably: Do not be angry, meets me certainly to make you well satisfactory, how is casual you to play good.” Female Ninja said that the right hand grasped directly to the body of Xia Tian, when she held the body of Xia Tian they simultaneously gawked. Xia Tian did to understand finally, that Ninja and this female Ninja unexpectedly or cohabitant who originally killed. At this time this female Ninja will regard is that dying male Ninja. „It is not good, if continuation makes her so noisy, I may unable to dominate.” Xia Tian directly maliciously has pushed in that female Ninja body, the meaning is to let her walks to guide first. Oh, repugnant, then makes an effort.” Female Ninja charming saying, guides afterward directly in front, Xia Tian tight following in her behind. The females are bringing Xia Tian fast continuously is leading the way, although her speed was quick, but regarding Xia Tian, absolutely does not have any pressure. Xia Tian such with ease followed. They have been walking forward, finally arrived in a guard stern community, because they wear the Ninja clothing, therefore anybody has not stopped them. This clothes look like the pass are the same. Quick here gathered over a thousand Ninja. unexpectedly has these many.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, but can look according to the signs on these person of clothes, here almost is under endures, only then forefront that row has in part to endure, endures as for on, that is one does not have.

If casual called, more than 1000 people all were on endure, that Island Country may really be too fierce. Does not wait.” Stands is special endures in forefront that person , is endures the strongest person, he is very unsatisfied to this aggregate velocity, but simultaneously he probably also specially worries. All people obey orders, this time is the secret sends under custody, delivers to blow off the area this batch of ammunition and equipment supplies.” That endures to say specially.Really is you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming, unexpectedly goes to the air defense area. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings excited saying, he originally how also in being worried to look for air defense area of Island Country near Tokyo, now their unexpectedly must go to there to deliver the commodity.Gives me carefully, cannot have any mistake, regardless of the middle meets was the enemies kills to me. „ That endures very serious saying specially, regarding this sending under custody mission, is most cannot be careless, in the event of any mistake, he must die family. But air defense area an entire Island Country most paid attention place, there not only guards sternly, but also the position is also extremely secret. Thing that usually in eats and drinks must send under custody with the Ninja army. Because in the world there are the agents in many country to stare at the Island Country air defense area, once the air defense area has exposed, that may by the sneak attack. Actually this time escorted mission to see Island Country to this escorting mission some multi- regarding as important, unexpectedly to deploy over a thousand people of armies directly.These many people escort these things, will some people also sneak attack inadequately? „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, but he has not spoken, he was afraid himself one to expose in a moment. „, Is endured to lead by, each team of 50 people, all around favored to me. „ That endures to open the mouth to say specially.Walks. „ Female comes Xia Tian to walk toward their team, they are the left team.

Enormous and powerful sending under custody team this directly embarked, after embarking, Xia Tian had not spoken, they walk in the rear of team, that female Ninja has held with Xia Tian cluck, as if has not restored to come from the joy. That female Ninja wishes one could to push to the ground now directly Xia Tian, she has not sent under custody the commodity at this time the thoughts, all thoughts entire are many on the body of Xia Tian. „, Such does not get down good, I will sooner or later accidentally discharge, once will accidentally discharge may expose, must try to find a solution. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he worried that he will expose. He was not that type for the female sexual attractiveness the proper business forgetting person.I am so honest, I am so natural, how is so charming can eat meal with the lower part, I must bear, was right, if I use diverting attention big law, she definitely cannot continue to do to blame. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings one happy, as soon as afterward he pushes female Ninja, hints her to look at side.. Female Ninja was such pushed by Xia Tian directly has almost not fallen down, possibly was Xia Tian makes an effort to be too big. The Xia Tian right hand makes an effort. Ah! Female Ninja called directly, she such called to attract the attention of front these people directly.What happened. „ Leading endures to run over hurriedly. The female Ninja complexion immediately changes, she knows that this is the important matter, if by the person of leading is known why she called a moment ago, they all died, she also thinks that was Xia Tian was mad at her, therefore beat to her.Volume... „

Xia Tian has not spoken, flushes away to front directly, afterward, he called to kick on a tree, on that tree fell directly a person.Alert, the enemy raids. „ In that endures to shout hurriedly. Female Ninja relaxed, she also thinks a moment ago one must end, but has not thought that unexpectedly has the enemy to raid, sees to have the enemy, nearby two squads directly flushed, other people continue to go forward. Ships the commodity to delay, once because in time of war, the mistake in any time might incur the massive loss. Even has about the possibility war victory or defeat. Therefore request of Island Country in this aspect is very strict, so long as does not bump into the large-scale blockade, cannot stop, the people who otherwise ships the commodity must commit hara-kiri apologize. The flash, the surroundings presented 40-50 people, these person of uniform choroids, wear a mask, they know that they have exposed, therefore killed directly to the Ninja army. The Xia Tian right hand wields, knocks down that person of his side directly, reason that he has not killed this person , because he does not know that actually these people are any details, but Xia Tian who no matter also they are, can always Islander create troublesome, that is great.You were really too fierce, this unexpectedly can discover. „ Female Ninja worship looked that said to Xia Tian. Bang! An anti-tank grenade sound transmits, Xia Tian looked at the vision immediately to there.